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  1. Thanks Dave, Challenge is to find a small efficient waterproof (and not too $$$) solar panel/charger that will keep maybe a small 5ah lithium battery charged for the pump. Boat doesn't leak yet, just worry heavy rain, until I can have a proper cover made that I can easily set and remove from one side from the dock. R
  2. Hi, Just acquired a neat Acorn Skiff, built at the Landing School, for rowing, and occasional sail. Want to keep her nearby in the water at a small local lake. Any knowledge of a home made or commercial solar/battery powered portable auto bailer the pickup of which would fit into the 5" wide slot of the removable floorboard section behind the daggerboard slot, to remove rain water? Have found a couple of self-contained units but their ~10x10 boxes too big to submerge in the bilge. Had plans for a home made battery powered "bilge stick" once but can't find them. Tks, Rick
  3. Really enjoyed following your adventure and so glad you're home safe. Tks, Rick
  4. Thinking of sailing of course, that fine lad. Congratulations Taylor and Alan and all the family.
  5. Great thread for the event Alan tks, and fun safe sailing to all the competitors. R
  6. Wanted to share this with those who may not have seen in the Town Dock. Traditional open boat and adventure. https://towndock.net/shippingnews/brother-sister-dory-story
  7. Thanks for the tip on shortening cables. The ones that came with my 2nd hand 55# TM are thick and very long from a canoe application, but using lighter LIPOs mid ships on the Amanda will allow them to be shortened a good bit.
  8. Friends :-). I cradled my Amanda on a couple of lines from 2 ceiling hooks in my garage and rotated it in the "cradle" but your build room looks too nice for this method. Build is looking good. Alan has some great taping tips this B&B site. I've been using "Quick Fair" on taped seams and coming out ok for a impatient amateur. Where in Scotland? We spent 3.5 yrs at Edzell Base, near Brechin with a U.S. Navy operation '76-'79. Best tour in 20 years of travels. Great Folks. Have a safe fun build! RickZ
  9. Thanks for the feedback Joe and results with your Torquedo 1103 and EC22. Nice speed and range. Safe sailing. RickZ
  10. Hi, Interest growing on electric propulsion. FYI There are some new discussions on the B and B Forum in recent days (Nov 2020) and pending applications for 10-12' small craft. As these plans hit the water hopefully we'll gather more data on different (and maybe new) brands/models, configurations, speeds and ranges. Be Safe, R
  11. I used a 55# Minn Kota with a 27 Deep Cycle AGM on your CS15 and it worked well in windless calm lake water for a few hours messing around, and very little battery use. Couldn't drag a swamped 14 and skipper very well to the beach that day though. I'd try to borrow some 35-45# MKs/MGs to try on one of your similar small craft and see how they do. The 27 AGM is very heavy though, and I'm thinking a much lighter 50ah (17#) -100ah Lithiums with the 55# MK for my upcoming Amanda 12 this spring. Or, maybe 2 55ah for our paddlecraft (with their small MKs), that I can wire in parallel for the Amanda. Just thoughts. I have read good reviews on the EP,but not much data on actual duration/performance in wind and waves, and I think its battery is only about 10ah. Ok for short trips between dock and moorings, etc. I plan to experiment a lot more in FL this winter. Enjoy your notes on family sailing the CS15. Great of you to help the young builder/sailer. Just thoughts, Be Safe. R
  12. Good Old 12' Generation III Porta-Bote with plywood seats. Handy utility boat/explorer. Had small crack in one upper transom fold so sealed all transom folds with flex tape in and out. Foam flotation on interior sides and seat tops, includes original aluminum factory oars, kayak-style dolly, & home-built floor panels. Folds flat to about 7" with seats removed. Easy to assemble. Hull weighs about 75# with seats removed. Well traveled, then In storage many years. No telling how many folds/unfolds she has left. Google Porta-Bote for more details. Now assembled. Sold as package only. Still located near Washington NC for now. In mid Feb probably to Lake Royale near Bunn NC.
  13. Tks for the updates. Hope Graham will be enjoying good weather and "tight lines". Nice number on the 3 nmg, at 18Kts.
  14. Welcome to NC and the CS and B&B Family. Wishing you and Sophie great safe sailing fun around Oriental and beyond. Mick n RickZ
  15. Great recap of these family adventures with Norma T. Safe & happy sailing. Tks, RickZ
  16. Looks Great! Wishing you all fun and safe adventures. R
  17. She's looking great! Tks for sharing. Love the lettering on the dock. Everyone should copy it. Have a fun safe fall sailing season. R
  18. Nice build. Graham or Alan at B&B may be able to cut you a boom CB & Rudder within your budget. Then would just have to do the finish sanding. Hate to have you miss out sailing her after all the work. Just thoughts, R
  19. Hi, Thank you for the data on your motor and battery use. Your results are similar to other portable electric auxiliary motors on small boats I've read about Joe's comments on wind and current use are very valuable, and cautionary, if venturing offshore or even in windy/high current inshore adventures. The small solar panel (~12"x12") on the roof of my motor home automatically trickle charges my 12v house batteries 24/7 and apparently the charging current goes through a controller within the motor home's electrical system. My readings indicate a solar charge controller is required. Will check around and see what kind of controller advisable for charging a 1 Kw (100 ah?) as I'm planning a similar set up for my sailboat (55# thrust trolling motor & 100 ah LIPO battery) when it sits on a small riverside lift where there is no electricity. Maybe someone here will know.
  20. Thanks Alan, I think we all appreciate B&B going the extra mile to help with challenges and create best possible experiences for the B&B "Bunch'. R
  21. She really looks great! Nice work on the features you created, and she really seems to like the water :-). Special family attachments too. Happy and safe sailing, Rick
  22. Many thanks for the information, pictures, and performance data on the Epropulsion and battery mounting. Seems like 3-5 kts is about normal for light small sailboats/skiffs with easily portable E motors. I also believe at least some of the E motor claims are exaggerated when comparing them to gas OBs. I also have the 2.3 Honda, reliable, but too noisy for me. What sailboat do you have it mounted on? I've heard one option for less expensive extension cable wire is a heavy set of auto jumper cables with clips cut off and new terminals put on as needed. What size/type battery are you using? 10 kgs is only a bit heavier than the dual 7 kgs, 50ah each, Lithiums I'm planning to use. From your pictures, it looks like props are easy to refit in different sizes if needed, but don't know if pitch alternatives are offered by Epropusion. Will check around.
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