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  1. Many thanks to Paul and all the other contributors for the comprehensive and probably life & boat saving ideas and thoughts. Will be adding appropriate items to my CS15 and Amanda, and practicing a lot. RickZ
  2. Hi, Glad you got her. Hope the mods and resale work out for you. Graham and Allen surely covered all the options with you. I kind of miss the simple roll-on sail reefing & storage of my past BRS15 and its 3rd mast hole, on my current CS15, but I'm a lazy, wandering sailor. May also have to add reef ties and sprit loops to her sails with the new mast tracks. Guess it may depend on how much performance one desires/hopes to get with the changes. Just thoughts, Rick
  3. Sounds fun. Look forward to it and whatever boats we have about then 😊. Rick
  4. Thanks for the offer Don. Nice collection of clamps :-). We're way east of I-95, but visit Grandson's in Asheville so may take you up on it this summer. Yes, I have a small kayak trailer that I'll modify for a couple of yaks and the Amanda, but would like a car top boat too, and wife and I can probably still stack two 35# sections. OR could use that loader you showed - have a plan for it. Want to go electric but waiting for prices of lithium to come down. Tks, Rick
  5. I'll be following too. Like Chick, I'm always trying to get lighter as I get older and have thought a lot about a two-paw. Might sell my almost done Amanda in FL for the two-paw kit, or finish her and try her out first as a gator/bird chaser this winter. Thank for the thread and pictures. Rick
  6. Thanks Graham, I was just padding the crutch Alan built for my CS15, but I like yours with slots for the sprits and ability to keep them attached. Will send email for the .pdf. Rick
  7. Great story Chick. Glad the damage wasn't too serious. Thanks, RickZ
  8. Bit late but the Raleigh Traditional Small Craft Association is having an Asphalt Boat Show at Cabella's parking lot, 210 Cabella Dr., Carey on Sat Nov 3. Will have a variety of their boat builds there. I'll be taking my CS15. POC is Don Dill of Spartime Boatworks. RickZ
  9. Thanks for the info Don & Bob, Will be great when we're adventuring in FL too. Sound like it may be good to add some lat/long notes to some charts before binding/laminating. RickZ
  10. Nice looking Core Sound 17 on ENC Craigslist in Beaufort. No sail # though? Just FYI. Rick
  11. Glad to hear all ok, and hopefully shop/boats not badly damaged. Had about 4' + some wave action in our yard & 6' crawlspace east of Washington, no power till yesterday, and cable/inet today. Bottom of the #12 day mark was only about 18" from the surface. Water still very high. No structural damage but big mess like everyone. RickZ
  12. Many thanks to all that participated and for all the shared information and suggestions. Mick n RickZ
  13. Just noticed my second batten (CS15) fits about 1/2" short allowing a curl too. Going to just add stitching to the front of the pocket to shorten it a bit & try for a better fit. Rick
  14. Many thanks for all the information and pictures on the details of your build(s). Like taking boatbuilding classes. She's looking great. Rick
  15. Hi, Planning to come with our CS15 #153, and shared info with a really nice, new to them, CS17 owners/neighbors on the Pamlico so hope they'll join us too. Rick n MickZ Leaving the boat home but coming Sat to watch and learn and see new stuff. R Ooops, family stuff now overrides our coming to the camp. Have safe fun. R
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