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  1. ricknriver

    B&B Preps for Florence

    Glad to hear all ok, and hopefully shop/boats not badly damaged. Had about 4' + some wave action in our yard & 6' crawlspace east of Washington, no power till yesterday, and cable/inet today. Bottom of the #12 day mark was only about 18" from the surface. Water still very high. No structural damage but big mess like everyone. RickZ
  2. ricknriver

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Many thanks to all that participated and for all the shared information and suggestions. Mick n RickZ
  3. ricknriver

    Sail Battens

    Just noticed my second batten (CS15) fits about 1/2" short allowing a curl too. Going to just add stitching to the front of the pocket to shorten it a bit & try for a better fit. Rick
  4. ricknriver

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Many thanks for all the information and pictures on the details of your build(s). Like taking boatbuilding classes. She's looking great. Rick
  5. ricknriver

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Hi, Planning to come with our CS15 #153, and shared info with a really nice, new to them, CS17 owners/neighbors on the Pamlico so hope they'll join us too. Rick n MickZ Leaving the boat home but coming Sat to watch and learn and see new stuff. R Ooops, family stuff now overrides our coming to the camp. Have safe fun. R
  6. ricknriver

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Hi, Becoming snowbirds. Winters near Cape Canaveral at Viera, FL summers NC. Found a nice batch of big gators 8-10's+ paddling at a county park lake & campground near Plant City. Probably be out your way this summer visiting Grandson's in Asheville. Keep sanding :-). Rick
  7. ricknriver

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Great to see you back building Chick and looking forward to seeing her evolve. Still finishing up the Amanda in FL for gator chasing and exploring. Hoping to go electric for quiet. Will be back in NC in April for summer. Watch those fingers. RickZ
  8. ricknriver

    CS17 #339 launched

    Fine work, fun sailing. Hope to sail our CS15 more on the Pamlico come summer. We're in Washington about 7 miles east of town on the Pamlico from mid-April to late fall. See you on the river. Rick
  9. ricknriver

    Motor Canoe project

    Thank you Chick and Graham for the cautions and great build tips. RickZ
  10. ricknriver

    Carlita's new adventure

    Smooth sailing Graham. I'll be in FL month of Feb around Titusville, but free to go anywhere down there if you need any help. 252-945-4472. Mick n RickZ
  11. ricknriver

    Sailing Kayak

    Good thoughts. I believe Dawn Stewart, aka Sandy Bottom, sails her Diva, and has done some long hauls, and son Allan's expedition yak is really neat. R
  12. ricknriver

    Expedition Canoe

    Me too, for our "senior's explorer". Maybe with removable and "folding" ama bars and trolling motor mount. Strong ama mounts on/in hull would add a bit of weight but hopefully only a couple of pounds to hopefully keep bare hull weight ~40# for cartopping/truck bed. R.
  13. ricknriver

    Official Watertribe EC/UFC 2016 event discussion.

    Wishing you all fine winds and kind seas! Rick
  14. ricknriver

    Mocasin 2 Square Stern for Trolling Motor?

    Graham, Alan and your Mom and Dad, Mister Moon, and all other sailors & paddlers - Safe sailing and great fun in the EC. Rick
  15. ricknriver

    Mocasin 2 Square Stern for Trolling Motor?

    Good thoughts. Only challenge I see with a broader, deeper stern is efficiency in reverse exiting long narrow dead end sloughs (too narrow to turn around). That's why I thought the wine glass stern - keeping the canoe stern at the waterline with motor mount above - kind of wherry-like, and shifting my weight forward? I'm sure Graham and Alan are busy with the EC. No hurry. Tks, Rick

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