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  1. Great recap of these family adventures with Norma T. Safe & happy sailing. Tks, RickZ
  2. Looks Great! Wishing you all fun and safe adventures. R
  3. She's looking great! Tks for sharing. Love the lettering on the dock. Everyone should copy it. Have a fun safe fall sailing season. R
  4. Nice build. Graham or Alan at B&B may be able to cut you a boom CB & Rudder within your budget. Then would just have to do the finish sanding. Hate to have you miss out sailing her after all the work. Just thoughts, R
  5. Hi, Thank you for the data on your motor and battery use. Your results are similar to other portable electric auxiliary motors on small boats I've read about Joe's comments on wind and current use are very valuable, and cautionary, if venturing offshore or even in windy/high current inshore adventures. The small solar panel (~12"x12") on the roof of my motor home automatically trickle charges my 12v house batteries 24/7 and apparently the charging current goes through a controller within the motor home's electrical system. My readings indicate a solar charge controller is required. Will ch
  6. Thanks Alan, I think we all appreciate B&B going the extra mile to help with challenges and create best possible experiences for the B&B "Bunch'. R
  7. She really looks great! Nice work on the features you created, and she really seems to like the water :-). Special family attachments too. Happy and safe sailing, Rick
  8. Many thanks for the information, pictures, and performance data on the Epropulsion and battery mounting. Seems like 3-5 kts is about normal for light small sailboats/skiffs with easily portable E motors. I also believe at least some of the E motor claims are exaggerated when comparing them to gas OBs. I also have the 2.3 Honda, reliable, but too noisy for me. What sailboat do you have it mounted on? I've heard one option for less expensive extension cable wire is a heavy set of auto jumper cables with clips cut off and new terminals put on as needed. What size/type battery are you using?
  9. Really nice build Scott. My first boat was an abandoned 14' strip planked ob skiff my uncle "rescued" from Jamaica Bay NY in 1952, hauled to NJ, and I spent winters caulking, sanding & painting to have a good boat for the summers with an old 7.5 hp Elgin OB that you had to hold a button down on the recoil starter to engage it. Lots of fun days on Jersey's Metedeconk River. Happy new build!
  10. Would really like that Chick. Will ring when we get there. Rick
  11. Hope all are well and keeping safe. Going to treat myself to a 50 ah, 15# weight Battleborn LIPO for Wife's yak and old 16# thrust trolling motor on her 50+# Hobie Mirage Sport. Hopefully get 3-4 hrs exploring/charge. Motor gave me 3-4 kts last winter on choppy river with a heavy, too heavy 😞, AGM deep cycle. If it works ok, will get a second 50 ah LIPO for my very light solo canoe and old 10# thrust trolling motor, then tie the two batts in parallel to power a 55# trolling motor on our 12' wood sailing skiff. LIPOs not submersible, and couldn't find a proper sized/shaped waterproof plasti
  12. She looks really sweet Chick like all your builds. Probably copy your bimini and mount for my Amanda "winter project" in FL, but with addition mounts so I can still row her in calm with top up. W'll be at Lake Lure 14-19 Jun and maybe catch up if you're around then. Rick
  13. Great looking build. Graham shared this mast & sprit storage/trailering alternative a while back. Keeps the foremast/tabernacle clear for just running rigging. Also have you considered a alternate mizzen step in the forward thwart to stow the mizzen and clear it for rowing from the mid thwart? I had one on my BRS15, and I'm going to add one to my CS15. Just thoughts. R
  14. Neat restoration, especially with its family ties! CS15 coming along very nice too. R
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