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  1. Hi Wommasehn, Thank you for the information on your ePropulsion spirit 1.0. I started reading about it on the internet today. Some nice features, and some good reviews so far. I'm waiting for more information on a U.S. dealer. Seems they are more expensive than the Torqueedo 1003 here, by almost +$1,000 US but that could be a "marketing" experiment. Will do more information searches. We were stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany 1966-69 and really enjoyed our stay. Please send us your impressions/reviews of the motor & battery when you have had a chance to use it for a while. Enjoy your boating and please keep safe, especially with the virus challenges. Rick
  2. Thank you Alan & Others for the thoughts/ideas. Would it be practical to have a thread that would capture in one thread/place all the possible/tried additions/modifications etc. for safely releasing sheets, etc. to slow/stop the boat, practical trailing lines, and deep water re-boarding for solo sailors/crews, especially seniors, of the variety of B&B boats members have, with pictures if possible? Then follow-up with the capsize drills/camps to practice their use. Just thoughts, R
  3. Sounds like a really neat mod/application Rick. Be great if you could share a pic(s) here of the mount when time permits. Thanks, and happy, safe, sailing, R
  4. Looking good Scott and appreciate the thoughts (and Graham's/others) as I'm about finished fairing Amanda's bottom, and considering paints. The BH19, you built so fine, & I enjoyed for a while, is still sailing in WA state. R
  5. Considering same challenge for my Amanda build. A lot of the marina tenders I saw in New England had a double row of "sausage"? fenders strung along each side, stretched tight (possibly with a turnbuckle). I've been using old 2' flea market fire hose with old garden hose insert for dock piling bumpers. Works well & probably last forever, but haven't figured out how to use it "neatly" on the Amanda. Think I like the look of the 3-strand line best & maybe route a cove into the existing rails and mount with 5200 and some buried screws.
  6. Very nice of you to offer the base to another builder. Hope your build is going well. See you on the river. RickZ Sunnyside near Swan Point, Washington NC
  7. I've used a vibrating tool with one of the coarse grout grinding/cutting blades on hard dry excess epoxy. 40 & 60 grit available for ROS too. Fast but have to go easy. Then Quikfair for filler and easy sanding, and an epoxy overcoat(s). R
  8. Thanks Taylor and Alan for great videos and building/finishing tips. We're back on that "Amanda" you Graham and Beth helped us construct a few yrs ago in Washington, and hope to finish her this winter in FL where we have a garage, and bring her back to NC in April. Bottom almost faired out. Happy building and kit making. Stay warm and safe. Mick n RickZ
  9. Looking good Chick, as with all your work. Motivating me to get back to the Amanda here in FL. Hope to finish her by April. Keep safe, warm and dry. RickZ
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for joining us and your comments and ideas on promoting electric propulsion. Lots of fun plans you have developed. Thought of a 20" electric front wheel & LIPO batt like I have planned for wife's Sun3 delta trike, for your delta land sail car for calm days. Might even use studded motorcycle ice racing tires for it on frozen lakes. Built an ice-board years ago from old skate & windsurfer pieces when MD creeks froze over. Hoping to do a less expensiveTorqueedo-like package for my 12' skiff using 55# TM and 100 ah Battleborn 30# LIPOs, or 2 17# 50ah LIPOs for easier battery handling as I age. Please keep us posted on any speed and endurance #s you collect with any boat & electric power combos you create. Keep "sparkin'"safely Thanks, Rick
  11. Thanks for the tip on the Electric Boats book Chick. You might find that 40# handy in wind/current. Hope to get the Amanda hull in the water in FL by Jan and get some detailed numbers with my 55# MK max. Also some data on the old 16# and 12# mini motors I plan to try on wife's 9' Hobie Mirage Sport yak, and my 14' Kevlar canoe. LiPO's discharge curve is a challenge due to the rapid drop-off at the end of charge. Randy's 2 batts almost essential or some very accurate metering scheme. This old dog really needs the ~40-50% battery weight reduction though. Be good to see any numbers anyone can get on their boats when time and weather permits :-). Tks, Rick
  12. Received a quick response from the EP Carry mfg; "Yes, any 24v battery with the same bolt-on type terminals as our K2 Energy batteries have will work with EP Carry. You simply need to order an additional connector cable for $70. That can be ordered via mail or phone. And yes, the EP Carry motor can run continuously without any performance issues." If battery connections the same, and you want to use a larger battery, may be able to order motor at lower cost without the smaller battery (or keep it for back-up). Would have to do our own testing for range with other size LiPO batteries, unless we can find some on the web. Rick
  13. Thank for the addition info Randy. Sounds pretty good. Should then push my CS15 maybe 3-3.5 and our Amanda even more under similar loads. Seems quite a bit of use off a 9+ ah battery, and i like that they're assembled here, hopefully with high quality cells. I emailed EP to see if a heavier 50 ah 24v LiPO (30#, $1K) battery can be used for extra range, and if they have a power cable that can be bolted to a general purpose LiPO battery, e.g. one from Battleborn or a like source instead of their battery. Maybe In your BH19. Will keep all posted as I learn more. Rick
  14. 2014 CORE SOUND 15 #153 ($8800. With 2.3 Honda, custom cover, and trailer) OFF THE MARKET UNTIL MAY 2020 LOA…15′, BEAM 5′-5”, DRAFT…7″ – 2′-8″ @ DWL, Overall length with trailer 21’6”, SAIL Area 100 sq. ft. Hull WEIGHT 300-350 lbs, DISPLACEMENT 750 lbs (340 kg) @ DWL With people and gear, ENGINE 2 – 10 HP; 2 HP for trolling, Capacity 5 Adults Max This Core Sound 15 #153 was expertly built and rigged by Alan Stewart of B&B Yachts to create the construction video available on the B&B Yachts website. She is in very good condition, with main mast tabernacle for fast and safe rigging. Sail track, and B&B sails with two reef points in exc. condition. Two-part epoxy paint. Has stainless rub rail and keel caps, Andersen Bailer, custom oars by Alan, 2.3 hp, air cooled Honda 4 stroke. Only a few hours on motor. New carburetor. Torsion sprung 2015 Magic Tilt galvanized trailer with bunks. Cover has zipper access and openings for both masts raised and rigged. Forward rub rails could use attention. May fit in standard garage at 21’6” overall length with trailer, or shorter if trailer tongue hinge added. She’s the CS15 in Alan’s video on the B&B CS15 web page. B&B kit alone would be ~$5,300. We’re downsizing to a B&B “electric” Amanda skiff we’re building in Florida for birding, wildlifing, exploring. More information at http://bandbyachtdesigns.com/cs15/. She's the one Alan has on the rail. Located Washington, NC. Rick Zablocki, 252-945-4472 Only available until Dec 1, 2019. Then away until May 2020.
  15. Thank you for the info Randy. Seems like a nice light unit. Be great to see some numbers on boat speed and battery duration when time permits for the 17 & 19. I'm going to try and get some more soon on my CS15. Rick
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