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Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

Don Silsbe

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Do I have a wonderful wife, OR WHAT?? She allowed me to glue up my centerboard on the kitchen countertop. (I needed a 52" long perfectly flat surface, and stone countertop is as flat as it gets.). I also finished up my forward compartment.



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Well, I am back from frolicking around in Austria in my Lederhosen, and it is time to get back to work.  Before I left, I installed the c/b trunk, and gave everything a couple of coats of clear stuff.  Now I'm faced with the fun of sanding half of it off!  I do a little at a time, and reward myself by working on the masts and rudder.  Today I finally finished the rough sanding.  Now, I'll use fairing compound on my taped seams, and sand some more.  Instead of using the specified 1-5/8" closet pole, I found a gorgeous clear 2X6 at my local lumber yard.  It is currently being transformed into a tapered round top section.  Here are some photos.






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I've attached the keel now, with the help of my bride of 45 years.  I've got a little fairing to do, and a lot of sanding.  Next comes the big adventure-- spray painting!  Advice and prayers are both welcomed.


I also took my sprits to the next step.  They are now tapered, and the center sections have been touched with a quarter-round router bit.  I'm going to round off the ends.  You may notice a funky end on the long stick.  This was the last of my Sitka Spruce, so I was forced into a little exercise in lamination.  This end will rest against the mast (and forward of it), which is the lowest stress area for the sprit.




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Don, every year millions of children under the age of five die from starvation and preventable disease.  Many of their parents and other family members pray for help and receive none.  And you ask for prayers for help with your spray painting skill?  And you expect that your god might actually listen?

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Sorry Dave, God isn't the Great Santa Clause who exists just to answer our prayers and give us all that we want. I suggest you get a Bible and learn all that it says about who God is, what He does and does not do, who we are, why we are here, when, why, and how He does or doesn't answer prayer. And as you point out in your statement, why those terrible things are in a world that He created. Isn't God supposed to be Love??? Once you've done that, c'mon back and let's talk about it all and how it all applies to you and me. By the way, all of the questions I list and many more can be found with their answers in the Bible. Let me ask you one question. What do you think is the main theme of the Bible?

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Hurricane Joaquin has been kicking my butt these past few days.  I know that some have said that the ideal conditions for applying WR-LPU is low temps and high humidity.  Well, I'm here to tell you that I've had Uber-Ideal conditions-- 58 degrees, 110% humidity.  Impossible you say?  I gave up when I started toweling "humidity" off the boat!  (You can see the rain drip line in the first photo.) So, I went into Plan B, and worked indoors on sprits.  Since I used up the last of my Sitka Spruce, I had to do a little laminating, which will be evident in the photos.  I plan to give the forward ends a wrap of glass, which will be concealed beneath the leathers.  You also see my epoxy seal coat.  This is partly due to the glassing I'll do, and partly due to my personal preference.  (Canoe and kayak builders varnish over epoxy every day.)  The last photo should answer the question "what's the hole for?"  I love these Ronstan Orbit blocks!


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Looks like it has been a length of time, since I updated y'all on my build.  


Well, let's just say that I wish I'd really understood PAR's negative comments on WR-LPU earlier.  I couldn't get it to go on without either a)running or B) leaving brush marks.  Once I discovered that "other" 2-part epoxies were compatible (if one used the cross-linker), I switched to Epifanes 2--part poly.  It is going better, but still requires a little caution. I'm currently waiting for the ideal day to apply the final coat(s).  For the interior, I'm switching to Interlux Brightsides.  (Yes, I'm a coward.)


In the meantime, I've been working on my deck and thwarts, as well as my rudder.  The deck will be built up of 1/4" X 3/4" strips of black walnut.  If this works out, it ought to be gorgeous.  Otherwise...


The rudder will be a result of wisdom gleaned from the 2015 Messabout.(I know that the rudder is turned around in this photo, btw.)


Here are some photos:






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