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Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

Don Silsbe

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The last few weeks I've been focusing on details, like those intricate seat hatches. What a challenge! I've also filleted and taped my seat tank sides. Today, I'm coating the tanks with epoxy. My rod-holder tubes are ready for final coats of epoxy ,too. All of this has been going on in-between visits from friends and family! Alan's video on the hatches has been a real boon-- thanks so much for that! Any wisdom from y'all on these hatches would be greatly appreciated.




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Using a router to cut the flange down to suit the gasket after installing the hatch landing in the seats works great. Be sure to remove the glue on the gasket strip and epoxying the strip in place per instruction too. Actually, I used 3M gasket adhesive instead of epoxy and it seemed to work fine. I'm not sure that your BR-15 plan has the notation about this.


You're making good progress in spite of that pesky thing that keeps coming up called "life".

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WHATTTTT???? Going on a vacation is more important than working on your boat? May it never be!!! Change plans! Tell your wife that you'd rather stay home and BUILD your BOAT!  Yeah, I know better. mine would "kill" me too. But WE know what's important.


Well, actually, if you'll be with  friends and/or family, that IS more important. Hey, why not stay a bit LONGER. Maybe i can catch up with you in MY build then...


Have a great trip and don't forget to bring me TURTLES.

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Today was Inwale Day.  I spent the whole day trimming, tweaking, and gluing two 16' long pieces of 1X2 black walnut.  I'm exhausted, but so happy to have this behind me.  And I also siliconed my boarding ladder in place.  I am anxious to close up the seat tanks, but need to do all the preliminary work.  I think I'm finally there!  Previously, I attached my stem & transom knees.  The stem knee is what I did instead of the mast step "T".  It is a combination reinforcing knee, mast step, and support for the forepeak flotation chamber.  These White Oak members are glued AND screwed, btw.





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