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Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

Don Silsbe

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Ken Potts-- I appreciate your input on my mizzen rig, but I must tell you that I've completely changed it.  There was simply too much fuss & friction for a mizzen.  I recalled Graham saying something to the effect that sheeting the mizzen is almost always a secondary action, and much less important than messing with the main.  My set-up also seemed to have enough friction in it to prevent easy, fluid adjustment.  Seemed like I was always having to push the sail forward, to ease the mizzen.  I've gone back to Graham's simple set-up for the mizzen, and like it much better.  I thought it would be a hassle reaching aft, to make adjustments.  But the clam cleat is right by my leg, most of the time.  I'm thinking of starting a new thread on the subject of "Rigging the Cat Ketch", in hopes that we would all share our variations of rigging.  What do y'all think of this?  I've got several nuances to share.  I've already seen several of yours at earlier mess-abouts.  It might be good for those still building, to have a collection of ideas to pick from.

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We had a couple of May weddings, back in our home state of Michigan.  Since we weren't pulling the travel trailer this time, I was able to take my boat.  This allowed me to fish and sail some home waters.  Here's a video I took of my solo sail on Lake Erie.  This was taken in La Plaisance Bay, near Monroe, MI.  It was an offshore breeze, which kicked up a typical Lake Erie chop.  So, in spite of the fact that my snotters needed a tug (it was windier than I thought it would be), here's a video for your enjoyment.

https://youtu.be/KHGVhMcer8I  and  https://youtu.be/QEW7WNreBqY

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