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Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

Don Silsbe

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I've decided on a boat name and colors. She will have a yellow exterior, and white interior. Her name will be "Local Honey". Part of the name is attributable to the use of local hardwoods in the boat, namely White Oak and Black Walnut.

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I'm nearing the point where I turn this boat over, and work on the bottom. The question before me is which material to make the keel out of. I have been offered a fine, clear 16' length of spruce. White oak is also available at a good price (free), but would probably require scarfing. At a local saw mill I can purchase poplar and sapele. Lowe's has clear pine. My question to y'all is-- which of these would YOU use, with or without those pricey stainless rub strips?

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