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Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Skeena"

Steve W

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Coast Guard or not, you really want to set up your nav lights as accurate as you can. You want to let other craft know what type of vessel you are and what your heading is so that they and you can take appropriate action. The tabernacle does prevent mast rotation but remember that we wedge the tabernacle 2 degrees so that the main mast comes down clear of the mizzen mast, I like to account for that. 

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Steve, it works fine, appears well made, and was easy to mount. I thought I was ordering the version for two wires where you switch polarity to change from nav. to anchor lights. After fussing with the supplier because the posting wasn't clear about how to order the right one, I finally gave up and just ran an extra wire. No big deal. I like the light and just added a switch to change from one mode to the other. I looked on Amazon and Ebay yesterday to try to find it fr you, but it doesn't appear to be there anymore. I don't remember the company name now. I'll dig through my files and see if I can find the receipt. If I do, I'll let you know.

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I really liked Jays light but it was priced above my comfort zone. I trolled the cruising forums for owner satisfaction and found that there was a high failure rate with expensive return freight and time delays. I am glad that Jay has had good service from his light, hopefully they have corrected the problem. Beside the two wire feature It was small and light.


I had not heard of Chick's light when I bought mine. I chose Aqua-Signal because they have a good reputation and warranty and the light is very strong and our local wholesaler delivers them free. The downside is that they are very tall, even taller with the anchor light. They have a clever removal system which I removed and modified to reduce the height. By modifying my light I probably voided my warranty but I was impressed with how well it was potted in epoxy. I did test that the light did indeed work before I messed with it. It has been very good so far but having an anchor light built in would be nice.


Yes I do account for the tabernacle offset when installing the track.

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Just learned an interesting trick down here for an anchor light that I hope to try out in the next few weeks when I (finally) launch Petunia and get her out to her new mooring ( a loooong story there, which WILL follow in time...). People down here who don't want to hassle with the wiring, switches,etc. to connect an anchor light simply go to the local big box store(actually there IS no "local" big box store near Loreto so they have friends bring them down in their baggage..OR drive the 200 plus miles down to LaPaz.)and buy one of those "solar walk way lights" that look light landing strips for alien craft in driveways everywhere. It already HAS a solar cell built in to charge it during the day, and it automatically turns itself on at night. NO battery drain, NO wires to screw around with, etc...Figure out a way to clamp, or suspend it from the topping lift,etc. so you have a 360 degree field of view.

Might be a quick solution for occasional usage...

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 Down here ANY light is considered better than none, and with little background harbor lighting, "city" lights etc. you can see things from greater distances.

I'd bet there's less of a chance of getting a fine, than there is of the CG/ local authorities  pacing off 2 miles to check your light...

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Bill, I like the idea and I am going to look into it. While I am fussy about my nav lights I am more interested in being seen by a power boat running faster than common sense should dictate, not to mention an aggressive marine patrol cop. I do not care about meeting the 2 mile rule but would prefer to light up some of the boat with the light rather than looking like a star at the top of the mast. I had a coastal freighter captain once tell me that he only saw me anchored in an open roadstead at the last minute as he thought that my masthead light was a star. 


I once had a client who was asleep in his 38 foot Garden ketch in a designated anchorage with his mast head light on. He was thrown out of his bunk when a Sea Ox ran into him at full speed. The Sea Ox climbed up and over the rather high freeboard and tore up the mizzen mast and drove the entire cabin forward a couple of inches. The client was okay after getting stitches for the gash over his right eye. The ketch was totaled due to neglect and incompetence over a long protracted law suit.


Like Steve I mostly anchor in out of the way places but that is not always possible. My recent cruise in the Pacific Northwest  was an example. With their high tides and signs in some places showing EEL GRASS, NO ANCHORING. The shoreline is often boulders or cliffs.

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3 hours ago, Designer said:

 I do not care about meeting the 2 mile rule but would prefer to light up some of the boat with the light rather than looking like a star at the top of the mast.


This is exactly why I liked the cockpit light in a busy harbor and used my miner's lantern as well as the "star" on the top of my mast.  I can't read much by it, but it gives the cockpit a soft glow for ambience and safety.

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We have a friend that swears he had his anchor light on, and he was in a charted anchorage hit by a large pushboat pushing 4 barges in the middle of the night.  They survived but his  Chris Craft Apache didn’t.  He was somewhat backlit and his anchor light blended into the background light field.  On our CS20.3 we have a anchor light and a tiny  blue LED light in the cockpit.  The little light gives the boat some “definition “ from background clutter.  Both because it is blue and lights up the cockpit a little.  Odd color makes it notable too!  We have “sneaky” barges here!  Painted black, barely lit and the pushboat is 600 feet back you just hear a shushing sound from the barge bow wake and they are on you!  

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A bit of progress to show. First, I decide the bunk was just a bit narrow for me. I sleep on my back with my arms at my side, so I decided to add a little filler. Here is the "bunk" side.



And here is the "hard tack and water" serving side. More likely fine Scotch and cheese.



Here is the simple support. It can be stood on or knelt on should you need to go out the hatch with it still in place.



Here is the start of my mizzen tabernacle. I can't glue it in until she comes out of the basement.



And while I'm showing progress, here is my tiller handle before varnish!


Tonight I am going to work on the electrical stuff!

2017-12-17 08.42.23.jpg

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