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  1. Outboard advice

    Awhile back I owned a marine towing/salvage company in Key West. In nine years we never towed in a boat with a Yamaha on it...
  2. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, For some reason this just popped up on FB and it seemed appropriate to drop it here: http://www.rhinegold.co.uk/music_teacher/jazz-hands/
  3. Everglades Challenge time again

    Ken, They put new wheels on it too ! What NICE people....!
  4. "There be whales Cap'n...!"

    Graham, I needed to squeeze this in before the Everglades Challenge kicked off next weekend !
  5. "There be whales Cap'n...!"

    Tom, San Ignacio is actually further North than we were, but the setting is very similar. The Mexican name for the area we were in is now Magdalena Bay. I had NO idea that Captain Scammon was such an "opportunist" as once he discovered that the grey whales would return every year to the bay to breed, he also returned every year and slaughtered them while they were then trapped inside the lagoon. One of the best parts of the day was seeing how many Mexican families came to the bay to show their kids the whales. These families, and their kids will have a say in the future treatment of the local environment, and the whales as well. You didn't even need to go out on a boat as the lagoon isn't very wide so you could actually sit on the dock and watch them as they swam by... Graham, I needed to do this before the Everglades Challenge kicked off this weekend !
  6. "There be whales Cap'n...!"

    And the last one with the baby showing off-
  7. "There be whales Cap'n...!"

    Here they are in motion...
  8. Drove across the peninsula yesterday and went to what was formerly called "Scammon's lagoon". Now it's the town of Adolfo Lopez Mateos ( turns out that Scammon was not a very nice guy as he discovered the grey whales breeding here and sailed into the lagoon to slaughter them....) . Luckily the locals have now formed a cooperative and ONLY their boats ( NO private boats are allowed) can be in the lagoon for breeding season which runs up to the end of March/early April. We chartered a Panga and went out to find whales. Took all of 20 minutes before we found "Olivia' pictured in this video and her 3 week old calf. Olivia has become acquainted with a few captain's/boats and will swim right up to the boat to let you pet her ! The calf was like most kids, playing, rolling around, etc. Very surreal experience having a 40 foot animal watching you as you rub her head... Throughout the day we sighted about 25 whales, many of which would let you get up close, but not touch them. In fact at times we were surrounded by whales of all sizes ! The lagoon itself is a pretty special place with sand dunes on one shore, and mangroves on the other. I'd like to bring Petunia over in the "off season"and spend some time here....
  9. Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    VERY nice.....!
  10. Two quick videos of a great day on the water with a friend. We scouted the coast for future camp sites. As you can see by these videos there isn't a lot of boat traffic in the area.. https://youtu.be/2f1jspk80BU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFbrwag-8po&feature=youtu.be
  11. Petunia in Baja

    Return leg of the cruise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFbrwag-8po&feature=youtu.be
  12. Petunia in Baja

    Had a beautiful day on the water today as a Buddy and I sailed our boats down the coast looking for prospective places to cruise/camp. 8-10 knots of breeze kept us moving, but we had the problem of a lee shore and falling tide which kept me from getting in too close to the beach. Even so the Sun kept me from spotting an underwater rock and luckily the "breakaway centerboard cam cleat" did exactly what it was supposed to do and kept me from dealing with more than a wet speed bump... Still haven't quite figured out how to take videos, but I will keep practicing. Here's a short one..:
  13. Petunia in Baja

    After a bunch of repairs due to the road trip down here I finally sank my mooring and hung Petunia on her this week. Puerto Escondido is the local hurricane hole and very well protected inside the harbor (see attached ), but there can be a bunch of boats anchored in there when the weather kicks up so I decided to stay outside the main harbor to get some privacy, and have less traffic running past us constantly. I had scouted this location in the Spring and it's between Puerto Escondido marina, and Rattle snake beach,18 miles South of Loreto . ALL of the East coast of Baja is a lee shore in the Winter so I decided to swing from a mooring rather than launch/retrieve on a daily basis. We're in 18 feet of water, and I've got three 22 pound Danforths set in a pattern similar to the Mercedes logo with swivels on the bottom and top of the "up chain". Anchors are oriented North, East, and South. There's a sizeable hill blocking all winds from the West. Weather patterns down here are from the North in the Winter, and South in the Summer which is the hurricane season locally. I will not be here in the Summer so even though I'm somewhat exposed to that direction it's not a problem. As you'll see in the attached pix I'm only about 30 yards off of the beach/rocks at low tide but the water is deep right up to those rocks. I bought a 58 year old wooden dinghy ( now named "Peaches")and I put wheels on her transom so I can flip and roll her to the water's edge at low tide instead of dragging her all the way. Weather runs in cycles down here with "Nortes" blowing in for a few days with winds anywhere from 15-45, and then periods of beautiful, Sunny days and breezes between 5-15. Daytime temps are currently running in the upper 70's, nights are low 60's. Locals think it's humid, I don't. This time of year there are usually large cruisers, power, and sail hanging in the area. Local "Pangeros" use 24 foot power boats and beach launch, or use the ramp in town for access to the Sea of Cortez. Much of this area is part of a national marine park now and large scale commercial fishing boats aren't allowed anywhere near here. Minimal, if any "official" presence on the water too. There is a small naval station nearby, but I've only seen one vessel at their pier in the 2 months I've been here. NO services such as Sea Tow, BoatUS etc., so it's very real out there. You get into trouble, you get your self out of it. As in many places more people carry cell phones than VHF but once you're out of range..... And even if you can raise someone you need at least basic Spanish to expect results. My goal for the next four months is to try and hit a few more of the off shore islands, and do some exploring, beach camping, and a little snorkeling. I was in the water doing the mooring this week and with a 3mm farmer john wet suit it was tolerable. When I go back to Mendocino for the Summer, Petunia is going to stay in Baja! I got a 10 year "import permit" before coming down here so I'll just find a storage yard and throw her cover on her. I don't want to run her back and forth again after this last trip, and she's not the right boat for the Northern California coast anyway. Damn, I guess that means I'll need another boat for California... Attached pix are all from today which was cloudy, and windless most of the time. I took shots from different angles so you can get a relative feel of the location, area. If I can figure out how to use my video camera I'll try to get some footage as we start exploring the coast/off shore islands. Feliz año nuevo to all...You can see what I'll be having for dinner tonight....
  14. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Down here ANY light is considered better than none, and with little background harbor lighting, "city" lights etc. you can see things from greater distances. I'd bet there's less of a chance of getting a fine, than there is of the CG/ local authorities pacing off 2 miles to check your light...
  15. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Just learned an interesting trick down here for an anchor light that I hope to try out in the next few weeks when I (finally) launch Petunia and get her out to her new mooring ( a loooong story there, which WILL follow in time...). People down here who don't want to hassle with the wiring, switches,etc. to connect an anchor light simply go to the local big box store(actually there IS no "local" big box store near Loreto so they have friends bring them down in their baggage..OR drive the 200 plus miles down to LaPaz.)and buy one of those "solar walk way lights" that look light landing strips for alien craft in driveways everywhere. It already HAS a solar cell built in to charge it during the day, and it automatically turns itself on at night. NO battery drain, NO wires to screw around with, etc...Figure out a way to clamp, or suspend it from the topping lift,etc. so you have a 360 degree field of view. Might be a quick solution for occasional usage...

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