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Sailing For Parkinson's fundraiser for Graham's 80th birthday


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On May 21, 2023, I will turn 80. I plan to do a celebratory cruise in my sailboat “Carlita” around the whole of the Pamlico Sound. A distance of 500 nautical miles (see my route). It has been just over 10 years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I never expected to make it to 80, let alone still have the desire or feel fit enough to attempt this cruise. I believe that Rock Steady Boxing has played a big part in that. I thought it would be good to try to give something back. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to me.
Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact, beneficial fitness class for people with Parkinson’s Disease that helps with mobility, coordination, flexibility, and voice projection in an upbeat, positive atmosphere ...surrounded by energetic and fun coaches and volunteers. Check them out on youtube here.
My idea is to use social media to promote my “Sailing for Parkinson’s” cruise to raise funds and pass it all on to the New Bern chapter of Rock Steady support group which is part of the Michael J Fox Parkinsons’ foundation. Parkinson’s has been around for a long time and the rate of new diagnoses is ever increasing. There is no cure and there have been no real breakthroughs in fifty years, just treating the symptoms. Specialized and regular hard exercise is about the best that we have right now to slow the progression.
In 2021 I made a cruise circumnavigating the Delmarva Peninsula. Here is the link to the trip report from that cruise. I plan to do the same for this cruise.
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I am very pleased to hear that 10 years after diagnosis you are still feeling fit enough for this cruise.

As a medical specialist in the area I know that Parkinson disease, while variable, is often cruel. I've seen some patients doing well after 25 years yet my older brother had a more aggressive variant and was diagnosed at 63 and died from it last year at 71.

As you say we still need to find better treatments/ preventive strategies.

Ready Steady Boxing sounds like a good program - I hope your fund raising is very successful.

Peter HK

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Looks like a great route. I am looking forward to following your progress. What a worthy cause to raise funds for. It checks a lot of boxes, self empowerment, community support, education, and awareness. Fair winds and not too many bugs.

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Life and sometimes longevity  is about mind over matter.  For sure you have the ultimate attitude to manage your current issue. Making the most of what we have at each segment of our life should always be the goal of everyone too. You inspire that each and everyday. It was really nice to see you and catch up a bit over the weekend.  

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