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  1. Oyster

    Real Southern Fried Chicken

    Now I am not capable of really stretching the truth like the master OP. But one thing is for sure, Mr. Harland disclosed his amateur ability early on in the area of yard bird culinary arts when he attempted to cut up a chicken. Does anyone know how many pieces he gets out of one chicken? Because the establishment manages to sell some mighty strange pieces from what Granny came up with, which was the authority of lard and iron skillet chicken that I grew up on. And yes we would wring the necks and then hang them on the outdoor clothes line to bleed out. Now back to the movie series of "Chick goes out on a limb without a leg to stand on."
  2. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    Fantastic pictures and report. I wonder if there can be a spring messabout, next year. This will give some from the north a jump on their boating season by coming down during a more predictable weather while even wondering out a bit further. We have a great region for poking around so many undeveloped regions.
  3. Oyster

    Old Codger's Keowee Misadventure

    Thanks for this great write up and photos. When you get to rebuilding the bow pulpit, do that is some hardwood for the next time. But that will do double duty for "ballast while not folding up the next time you get side tracked. We all have done that from time to time. I know, I know, the designer cringes when we talk about adding additional weight. Between that and the cooler for the tea up forward you never know you may increase your speed and lower the trim angle too and even remove the whale tail.. [okay running for the hills now.]
  4. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    I don't know of another, but I have not explored the idea because I have not heard of anyone speaking about another one. Just look for the dead tree. LOL This is a current video that shows someone has placed a cross on the beach marking the entrance of the graveyard.
  5. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    Funny that you mention the site on Shack....
  6. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    The vultures were probably looking for old buzzards in the area. Can you tell us what part of the creek the grave was located? Those are things that the bride likes to rummage around. If you get back to the South River area, Lukens Island has a really old one that's neat to wonder about. It has a small dock, unless a storm has taken it out.
  7. Oyster

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Good luck with your up and coming ventures and enjoy. You have earned a lot of time on the water. And we always look forward to your well written stories and tales of your ventures.
  8. Oyster

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    You must have me confused with someone else. I don't think I have ever discussed performance as it relates to the whale tail. I will state again that they look ugly even though when in the water most of it is hidden unless you are looking for it. I do think with an esthetically pleasing looking hull[kind of hard to say, I know] when on the hard it takes away some of the "look". Your boat and workmanship is top shelf. Glad that it worked out well for you. Thankfully my cranial cad program has allowed me to bat a 1,000 as it relates to ever needing one though. Hope your health issues subside and you can get out and enjoy the snow that's expected in the coming months, as we catch trout.[thumbs up] And the bride enjoyed chatting with you on the boat. She said she finally was able to talk to someone with some smarts.
  9. Oyster

    Ocracoke 24 #7

    Very nice work .. Do you have any running shots available? I really like the rear seating set up.
  10. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    A great group of folks gathered and a few words were spoken between filling their faces and bellies with fine food. There was probably 15 or more boats of assorted species there. By the way the food included sweet and unsweetened tea to wash down the fried chicken. Even with the one day of drizzle rain a few wondered onto the water. On Sunday its expected to be sunny and plenty of winds for anyone staying around. I was able to take a few pictures even though the darker hulls do not show up as well. But maybe these will do until others come along with better shots. Oh I forgot to say that the Old Codger looked mighty nice from the outside. But he did not give me a pass to get on board to check and see if he had added the beer cooler ballast though..
  11. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    If someone needs some additional camping gear or additional chairs for sitting around the farm, I can bring it to the dinner on Friday.
  12. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    Probably a good reply would be come when you want, stay as long as you like and while you are there, do some sanding with the gang that may be hanging out around the joint..
  13. Oyster

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    I don't know where you are getting your weather forecast for Friday. But two outlets says sunny and partially sunny and about 5 to 10 mph winds. Sat is cloudy and about 50 percent chance of rain with 15 mph winds. At least its going to be warm, in the 70s in the daytime.

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