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  1. We sent an email to your listed email address.
  2. We have sent you an email to your listed email address in your ad posted in the classified section. If this is incorrect shoot me a pm with any updated information and we will reply.
  3. Yes I continue to try and clean out my garage with accumulated stuff that I know longer plan on using. This is old stock that's left over. Its approx. 329 bd. ft. The boards are 6, 7, 8 an 10 inch wide stock and 9 to 10 foot in length. Located eastern North Carolina and can deliver regionally if you want the entire lot. I will let it go for 9 bucks a bd. ft. I surfaced planed the entire lot.
  4. So The folks hanging out in and around Chapel Creek have snuck in a new one on us. Come out of the closet Alan and tell us a bit more about how this one came about.
  5. I have a 2018 inflatable that I purchased to use with my cabin hull that has been sold. It has a current registration and can be transferred. Its in the carry bag. 400 bucks, located in eastern North Carolina,, I also have a brand new 4hp Yamaha short shaft that has 15 minutes of run time on the sawhorse on it. Its never been in salt or freshwater. 1,200 bucks, two years left on warranty.
  6. Wow, what a nice project and workmanship.. I really like the colors and the built in facilities. Hope your daughter stays say and enjoys herself too as she travels and works at the same time. I have a DIL that did that for a while before settling down with my son. An adventure while making great money, what more can you ask for in your youth.. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
  7. That looks like a nice tear drop. Any more details on that one? Brent that used to be active on the forum and built and sailed several of B&B designs sailed extensively by himself on the lake. Maybe seek out his profile here and send him a private message. Maybe he is still available that way. Or maybe Graham has his number. I lost his regular email.
  8. I am not a big guy. But I found that 16 inches on small row boats works for me. I also use 9 foot oars.
  9. You will have a complete package that compliments each other while being usable. Great job as always. And I like the name too.
  10. Those small skiffs are very practical for inshore creek fishing and birding. If you are in the panhandle, then the boat would work great for redfish and trout. Adam is very responsive to your questions . If you run into a problem let me know too. I am sure that I can share an opinion or two, which may confuse you even more.
  11. Yes the scarf fir plywood was readily available back then. And the red stuff is resorcinol glue. And you needed good fitting seams and joints when using that. But it was some great stuff. Looking forward to both your finished products.
  12. Now that's a cool story and a good break from the goings on in the world. I bet you built your boat using good quality fir plywood back then. And like many folks back then they used polyester resin for any and all glass work. Cant wait to see an hear more about that design as you progress along on your new boat building project. Things have surely changed in the small backyard boat building industry since 68, even though the addiction stays the same. People built small boats from pictures in Popular Mechanic magazines. Now we got youngens designing small craft without the use of lofting tables and tireless hours of fine point pencils. Of course some folks never change their ways and use a hatchet , some pine and a string to lay up boats.
  13. If the 80 works okay, I would sand off as much as possible and start over, even if you do use the Kirby topcoat paint. The topcoat is only a good as what its bonding to, of course. just my .02 worth
  14. Can we get an update sir? How are things?
  15. The only water based paint I have ever used on boats is on commercial boats. And using water based paint on our stuff is some feel good approach for something that is not complicated at all. Many of us use rustoleum or equivalent oil based enamels in lieu of spending big bucks on two part paints and the added work that's really needed to make that type of paint look correct. Unless you use a flattening agent in the two part your prep work needs to be close to perfect. So for 9.99 give or take a few pennies now I can buy one quart of the Rustoleum or equivalent and paint my skiffs and it does what I need and last three to four years without a problem to my eye and soul. Not even Brightside will do that unless you apply many more coats from the start, of course my opinion and observation. If you can't find the right color, then just make it using the smaller pint sized for colorant in the base color of white. That's what I do. Just make sure you keep your formula or make up an extra quart for down the road that matches. That's my story anyway. FWIW, I use True Value Hardware's equivalent called XO Rust for my topcoats on most all of my personal boats.
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