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  1. You have done and continue to do a splendid job on your fine craft. That is one of the finest build and designs that's been detailed on here too. Hopefully you will not stay too long on your winter vacation and will get back to work and finish it up before your "six weeks of summer" is upon you. ? And since your boat resides on a trailer, I think you need to consider making it to next year's gathering in the fall of the year on the banks of Chapel Creek. ?
  2. edited to remove related comments pertaining to aluminum. Cheers.
  3. I have a 90 etec on a 22 Simmons with the same vibration issue at idle. Of course its one of the same linage of your engine. Its my understanding that they have updated the engines and they are better. Thxs
  4. Egbert, now that you have your boat loaded to the hilt and your boat has some hours on it now in a wide variety of conditions, can you post your performance numbers, fuel burn, speeds and the likes? Thxs
  5. The matt goes down against the fillet and wood.
  6. Oyster


    You are going to need to build a larger boat to hold your boat awards. Show us your current one. :<}}}
  7. This event is always one of the finest get boat together, and way too laid back for most yachty socialites, which makes it top shelf. But I wonder how much faster the fleet would go if you would delay the Friday night and mid day sat eating event until the last thing on sat. Oh from scanning the photos, it does look like the chicken and tea stock was spared a big hit by not seeing the westerner wanderer not being there. [just kidding Sir Chick]
  8. At the very least I incorporate a cheap microwave in the dead of winter to deal with epoxy mixes. You can also store your materials in a large cooler with a small light bulb to address the cooler and thicker resin that is always the case in cooler temps. I hit the epoxy only in my cup for approx. 20 seconds , depending on the amount. But working by myself and using your typical mixing containers, that's about 1 1'/2 to two inches of resin for the bigger jobs. For smaller amounts, 10 seconds works just fine. I then use my standard hardener, which in my case is 2 to 1 ratio. You can use the slow to medium hardener or mix the combination of slow and fast hardener of the same ratio for your brand. Then blend in the cabosil for fillets and gluing up bits and pieces.
  9. There is nothing wrong with creating a small glass skeg using several layers of biaxall glass. You don't need to go too high and still have some protection to the hull and something for rollers to rest on when in a trailer. Of course if you wish for weight savings, use high density foam or cossa board and then glass it, even doing several layers of the biaxall on top. Then personally that's the sacrificial layer for repeated beaching. I have used this method for years and then use multiple layers of Interprotect 2000. You can remove the topcoat paint and still have protection. That's some tough stuff. On these types of builds I am not a big fan of a full of running metal skegs where fasteners are used. Over time the screws will also find a way of creating a small channel for water to creep in any wooden skegs, even with the best of beddings. .10 worth anyway. And Microlight when mixed correctly is a piece of cake to sand. Then apply a good quality primer, which seals up the really porous surface created by the tiny beads with marginal amounts of resin that's required for that brand. The microballons is denser though, but harder to sand. And Awlgrip awlfair 1 to 1 is wonderful even at its cost.
  10. Short of going with a straight inboard engine, which restricts some of the shallow water cruising, thee are trolling motors that's mounted to outboard legs and mounted on trim tabs for sportfishing boats. This gives you the motor underwater with a controller in hand or mounted to a bracket on deck. This still comes down to battery life. Of course when using on saltwater there can be some drawbacks when selecting most of the well known trolling motor setups that can be modified for use to push the boat. This may be the cheapest direction. I personally would think about just how many times and hours I will be using it to justify going in the direction of the upper priced ranged units and setup. If you have time to kill, follow some of these links , which the units can be modified for remote mounts to the transom and removal too. https://www.amazon.com/Minn-Kota-Engine-Mounted-Trolling/dp/B07P3NLB8D/ref=pd_sbs_200_2/145-7763118-0553641?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07P3NLB8D&pd_rd_r=ed37758a-0b28-4fb5-8882-6e274ad85415&pd_rd_w=1TaO6&pd_rd_wg=wb5nh&pf_rd_p=d66372fe-68a6-48a3-90ec-41d7f64212be&pf_rd_r=D9KMM7VM0YHRZBC6M708&refRID=D9KMM7VM0YHRZBC6M708#customerReviews https://www.trollingmotors.net/collections/engine-mount-trolling-motor https://laterallineco.com/blog/lenco-trim-tab-trolling-motors-review-and-feedback/ https://mk.factoryoutletstore.com/cat/20870-33438/Minn-Kota-Engine-Mount-Freshwater.html?cid=55001&chid=4272&msclkid=ba00eb8be3a91d062697b601ff687647 I don't anything about these units. But I have seen them mentioned in the past on the web. It does look like they do cost a bit more than I would spend for an occasional cruise for bird watching. Ray electric outboard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEKl1xVIF4c&feature=player%5Fembedded&controls=0&autohide=0&fs=1&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&rel=0 When all else fails, contact the owner here and see what he uses for his inboard setup and charging arrangement. https://www.budsin.com/en/
  11. What an awesome job. You are lucky to be able to spend a lot of time on fun projects . You must have a lot of time built up from the long list of finished honey do projects.
  12. Great photos and report as usual.... You are on a lake. So buy a bass boat , which lets you go fast. But seriously electric boats have a certain draw about them. They are a step above a sailboat for sure. for older folks their lure increases too, IMHO. But the downside is the requirement for added battery weight if you want any range. But with the smaller hulls and shorter trips why not just add a pedal prop for those times that you just want to cruise along the shore bank and sip on your wine and eat your brie? Now let me run and get my bag of popcorn.
  13. I just need a simple 8 foot or 9 foot wooden dinghy. It does not have to be a beauty queen. No sails or set up for sails is needed. It will be a stinkpot to carry a dog. Eastern North Carolina location preferred ...
  14. Since the weather was ideal, I think he was taking a nap this afternoon.
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