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  1. I just need a simple 8 foot or 9 foot wooden dinghy. It does not have to be a beauty queen. No sails or set up for sails is needed. It will be a stinkpot to carry a dog. Eastern North Carolina location preferred ...
  2. Since the weather was ideal, I think he was taking a nap this afternoon.
  3. Thanks, So he plans to go thru Salter's Creek or the Thorofare? I was down in Salter's Creek in the fall. And it had trees down across the channel. Hopefully they are now cleared. Maybe we will get down in the sound and check out some of the race participants while they are underway.
  4. I guess he will go back up Long bay after going thru the canal to get to the ramp at Cedar Island?
  5. I just had a chance to scan your thread. You did quite the job and your final product stands tall, as they say in our little corner of the world here. Please give us some speed results and fuel efficiency if you get a chance. And hopefully you can get some in water profile shots with it underway.
  6. Ken that's just too cool. You surely defied the odds while creating a fine craft to enjoy for years. Egbert I have not had to create any trip tracks or tried to do it. Hopefully the trip on the bay region will also be mostly poking around in the creeks and tributaries and done on the fly, where its not really needed. .
  7. FWIW, with my 115 with a three blade prop at 7 to 8 mph this is my average fuel burn. At 4,200 I am averaging 4.2 gph at 22 mph. . At 5,700 rpm. I am running 29 and burning 7 gph. This is the only picture I have showing my NMEA 2000 reading. Maybe you can convert that and compare it when you get your set up like you like it.
  8. There is indeed a trend that we all must think alike these days. But the bigger picture is who should be the final arbiter? I care not to heap scorn or judge someone as less of a seaman for using a time honored measure such as mph. or when talking distance speak about stm. Just this past week I received the new waterway guide for the Chesapeake bay and low and behold right there in their planning page of distances the miles were listed in statute miles and nautical miles. They even listed the cumulative distance in statute miles.
  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong in using mph. Running inland and thru winding rivers, streams and across small bays to creeks, where distance is measured in statured miles, and you are not transiting in a direct route., you do measure your distances over ground. So this is where numerous old pharts accept the terminology. Personally I measure my speed on all inland waters in mph. Of course I still shave with a single edge razor on most occasions. Operating in open water calls for the knot methodology. I still on occasions use dividers when measuring running distances on my charts. And yes I use "charts" in both instances. By the way the ICW charts are in STM.
  10. I know you retired from your day jobs, but as long as you own a boat you never quit working. You guys down that way got hit with the serious winds while Houston was hit with the water that was so slow to move away. My son lost two vehicles and his entire house goods. He paddled out of his house in his son's kayak with a small backpack. It was a time. Thankfully with tons of help he has fully recovered even as his lost tons of family memories. It was a time. We have been boating ourselves as my wife retired a bit early with severe arthritis .But at least we are still able to get on and off the boat on our own. Will chat again in the future and probably will be making a trip to see the grandkids in the near future,,, So maybe if you are up his way we can get together for a hamburger.
  11. Greetings its been a while since we have seen you around these parts for sure. And I am just getting back up to speed myself . I hope you get some time on the water this year without any storms. Keep in touch and give us any updates on any sailing adventures when you finally retire.
  12. It looks like Two Beers is about 16 hours ahead of Alan in the Class 4 group at the second checkpoint.
  13. I am surprised that you have not heard back from the group. Alan and the designer normally logs on here several times of day too and pretty good with feedback.. I will personally call them this morning as it gets to be our local business day. Its still dark on this side of the waters.
  14. Thanks for the info. I looked up the area and it does look pretty, probably more so in the summer time for me anyway not being a snow and cold weather person.
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