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  1. Professing ones faith and wishing people to be blessed is not forcing any religious faith on anyone. This surely does not give you cooties. And on the internet, where each and everyone of us login to read anything, you do have freedom from religion each and every day if you choose. And the Lord does not promise us smooth sailing our entire lives. What he does promise is that he will stand along side of us during the storms. And I actually say a little pray, as your scripture suggests when I float a boat the first time and every follow up trip. And in many cases new boats and even homes gets a blessing upon the original launching too. And that's also done in public.
  2. Part of staying at home means staying busy. I got permission to build a new carriage for the queen. So nice of her Nice post Chick,, and lets just say I am not trying to keep up with you though., but you give inspiration for old pharts, or maybe this young phart from you.
  3. I don't know why you attacked him over expressing a kind jester and a motivational prod to everyone. And heck I sleep with my own quarantined help. So should I social distance with her now? as many others live in the same household with idled kids home from school or partners working from home . Oh FWIW my king size bed almost qualifies, unless she decides to kick me out of that in the near future. Then I will be in strict compliance.
  4. Your location may have something to do with the lack of interest. But the country's situation makes things difficult to travel too, to even consider it and possibly meeting you somewhere close too. So don't be too outdone. I like it and if you were closer it would be a nice project to fill the time away awaiting for things to calm down in the country from the issues of the virus. I have a perfect engine for that boat too.
  5. Wait a minute,, they had engines back when you were a kidling? Hopefully you will be able to use this in your intended use with your camper. Right now most of the public campgrounds are shut down. Maybe they will open up by the time you are ready.
  6. Could that be a sliver of a line right at the front of the opening right along the lip edge? You would think if it was part of a full board even in that area, it would fill a larger portion of the slot, and not just a slight difference along the slot edge. The opening just looked to be so shadowed and dark. You guys surely would know better how the board fills the slot, even when its fully retracted. Hopefully the boat gets recovered and maybe put some closer to what the conditions was on the boat.
  7. Gee, maybe you can do a Boston Whaler like commercial when you are done. What you have done is a cool undertaking.
  8. I would think that the coast guard has video footage of the boat sitting upright upon finding it before they attempted to go down and enter the boat with any swimmer. They may not release it right now. But they normally have video of the swimmers exiting the helos. And if a C-130 was on scene they too should have some documentary on the working rescue and the surroundings.
  9. Yes, But I was just wondering why he would continue to hit the okay button with the boat right side up and then suddenly quit, if he was in the boat and the boat was just drifting. He should have been in the boat when they found it right side up, if he just had a medical issue and sitting in the boat resting. I refined my earlier comments to reflect my thoughts. Its always terrible for people to loose their life doing fun things that they enjoy.
  10. So terrible, reading the story though and looking at the photo, and boat with it not completely upside down it did not look like it was too awash. So given what we know about the previous capsize tests and learning curve and attention to details thanks to Alan and Graham in the past, in response to people talking about a mast head float, it does look like there would be some reserve capability and possibly righting the boat. I do wonder why the centerboard is not showing down though, with the boat just on its side. While it may not have been locked in the down position, I would have thought that the board would not go back in easily unless it was completely upside down. Does anyone know if the centerboard is in tack but inside the boat ? Could he have had a problem with it and he quit sailing and sailing? Of course if he was overboard and with had foul weather gear and even boots on, he was probably not able to swim, but was attempting to get back on the boat it if was right side up and then had a medical problem from physically overstressed. And of course as us men we don't always like to admit defeat. So maybe this is why he just continued to hit the okay button maybe while he was in the water until some medical issue developed.
  11. I thought you has sold the flat back canoe a while back. I would have two people in my current one if I go that route. The moccasin 2 is not that bad. I just don't like paddling distances. But in the rivers out west there is some current, if you want to call it that because of the river flows. So the engine is a must. Now with the lakes and the bride with some wine and cheese, a slow drift at sunset requires little to nothing in the way of effort or petroleum products.
  12. Thanks for the info. I have a 4hp for the inflatable. But the room and wobbly nature with a portable floor has not grown on me yet. But they are surely portable. I also have the 5.8 foot bed. I put together a box that has a divider for the bag and motor storage and this worked well with the locking tailgate. I looked at the nesting dinghy last year and looked to find a used one. That did not happen. So I stuck with the big "balloon" As the commercial says though, it ain't doing it for me. I may end up improving the setup of the box so I can transport the Moccasin 2, which I still have, and do a square stern on it for an engine.
  13. You are having too much fun while executing a great idea. Hope it works out for you. I would be in the same situation if the wifey would allow me right now, out in the shed building a nesting runabout for the camping trip. You have all the luck. Have you figured out your expected weight and power? I may have missed it since I have been told I ain"t the brightest incandescent light bulb sometimes. ;<}
  14. I am going to bump this listing up. We are aging out of full time boating of sorts. Its still for sale if anyone is interested. Its water ready. Open for reasonable offers.
  15. You have done and continue to do a splendid job on your fine craft. That is one of the finest build and designs that's been detailed on here too. Hopefully you will not stay too long on your winter vacation and will get back to work and finish it up before your "six weeks of summer" is upon you. ? And since your boat resides on a trailer, I think you need to consider making it to next year's gathering in the fall of the year on the banks of Chapel Creek. ?
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