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  1. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    But according to some folk plywood is reported to be just as bad.
  2. Outboard advice

    The Suzuki 90 has a gear ratio of 2.59 versus the Yamaha that has a 2.33 gear. Your Suzuki can use at the least a 14 x 17 wheel, The weight of the 90 Suzuki is 341 versus the Yamaha is 353 20 shaft and 362 for the 25" shaft. Its important that you have a dealer close by with a good service department. This way they have parts for general maintenance bits.
  3. Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    There is a fellow that lives in Jensen Beach that you may want to chat with. I bet you can get ahold of him thru the designer. You can also get some feedback on the handling and ride with the tiller handle set up too. The bow bottom is probably the hardest if you have never worked with that type of shape and transition before. But its not an impossible task. The transition of the forefoot to the flat panels is probably the most confusing, until you get into the build itself.
  4. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Great reply. later on I will address some of the details pertaining to the engines that you describe. I actually went a different direction, larger engine even though the weight was more. Of course I highly modified the original 22 plans to the point that mild scorn was heaped upon me. And I made a few more mistakes that also created a slightly different bottom. So please forgive me of my sins when my direction and requirements are not really the same. But the proper power is really important as you go with a larger hull as with the 26. People start out with an ideal setup only to find themselves loading their boats to the point that even fuel burn is increased right along with the speed decreasing.
  5. Everglades Challenge time again

    Has anyone heard from Mister Moon? If anyone sees him, get him to check on and give us an update.
  6. Light at end of tunnel

    We attempted to wonder onto the water today and hit a wall of fog at the inlet. It was still nice inland. I surely need to brush up on my dead reckoning skills for the occasional times that this happens.
  7. Engine Footprint (FLAT AREA)

    This is my footprint for a 115 Suzuki. This is 14 wide by 16 high. I think the 90 fits the same footprint. Of course you will need to figure out your curve and then mount your wedges accordingly. Then when you get your engine, you can drill your holes to fit being mindful of the height for your cavitation plate when using a 20 or 25 inch shaft engine. Note that my engine does not sit flat on the transom cap. So you may want to increase the height a bit depending on how you do your final mounting.
  8. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Sure nuff folks laugh all the time when I tell them that I use it all the time, since the mid 1980s over epoxy glassed hulls as my main go to primer. You can always go back with a coat of quality primer slated for your topcoat paints after you have faired and sanded properly the Kilz. 15 bucks a gallon and simple recoating multiple coats after each one has cured over works like a charm. Just let the multiple coats cure properly before sanding and it sands as slick as a skinned onion.
  9. Meet Belhaven 19 - Clementine

    When you go to bed at night and close your eyes, just think about the boat being a "Mellow Yellow" now. I really don't mind the added height to the cabin. And the wood and color really compliments each other. And that shop looks like a great place to have done the project, with all that room.
  10. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    Many years ago Mister Moon built one, AF4 and used it when his kids were very young. I have attempted to contact him thru the site and email in the past year but with no reply. I hope he is okay. If anyone has his contact number you may get some great feedback from him. I know he was active around the EC races. I think it would be an easy build to quickly get on the water.
  11. Outboard flushing

    A simple overboard live well pump submerged in a five gallon bucket will work well with alligator clips on a battery, if you have them in the cockpit region. Rig a quick disconnect on the flush out hose bib with the shut off in line and then just use a male fitting to the female quick disconnect. I actually have one that remains on the Simmons Yamaha, zip tied to the controls instead of screwing it back onto the dummy fitting on the engine.
  12. Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    Heck I got you beat when it comes to goofy boats. I used to pick up dumpster scraps from a local lumberyard and glue the scraps together, slop some stain sealer on them and go to the water. I thought I was in high cotton. I guess ignunt is bliss, or so they say.
  13. Merry Christmas

    The same back at you,,, But gee wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no pictures, since you did not sail naked anyway
  14. Utah OB20

    Outside of having the extra area outside of the metal, its important that the end grain of the hull plywood be sealed for long term durability. Personally I use some hardwood to cap the sanded edge and then shape that before tabbing over the added finished edge. Its really important that you be mindful of using quality bedding compound for the metal and screws. While we think that the screwed bedded in 5200 type bedding will never leak, this is not always the case, especially where repeated bumping for loading on rollers on a trailer takes place. This will allow some creeping and wicking over time for dampness to follow the fasteners into the wood grain of the hull. But you can see some discoloring over time around the areas of the heads if you check those areas on occasions down the road.
  15. Marissa # 63

    Its that Monster drink that caused that. +9 Looking forward to the sea trial and performance reports. What engine are you planning on using?

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