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Lapwing 16 Build


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I was going to post a pic of a beautifully(?) painted white hull today. I really was. But, well it turns out Don was right. I was listening to a Pink Floyd song (yes, that dates me) , a long board with a bit of 80 grit on it in hand. I knew I would be getting close to the wood, but stepping back I saw a couple of spots where I had actually gone right through. But there were still some shiny spots nearby too. A gloss finish and a long board is a very sobering experience. There were a few other little dings I was mostly aware of, a few I hadn't seen so... I kept going...


Now most of the wobbles seem to have gone - until next time huh Don? So now I guess I'll fill the dings, and put another gloss coat on. And sand that back. and repeat...? No, I think at some point you have to accept there are going to be imperfections, mistakes even, and remember it's a boat to be sailed, not an heirloom, not a piece of fine furniture. Summer is coming up, I want to get on the water - and there's still a lot of work to do. Delighted to read there is a kit coming... it might be a bit unadventurous but as Dave noted, the Lapwing is a perfect dayboat, so maybe, I can sail this one while building a second... Not sure what the marital committee would have to say about that, but forgiveness is a wonderful thing!

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Then a lick of paint...


I've used a roller on 2 pot Perfection. I've not really done much painting before so I expected a few issues. Getting into the fillets was the tricky bit - and obviously a skill to be acquired. However by the time the recommended three coats are on, it will probably look acceptable. @Hirilonde - I took your advice Dave - if I don't like a varnished transom, I can paint it any old time. 



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On 10/28/2021 at 6:08 PM, Kennneee said:

Murray- What are you planning for masts? Your boat is has me excited to see Lula take shape.  


Well.....! I have some carbon masts ready to go. but the further i get into it, I find i am more accepting that it's not a racing boat, and while carbon is light, it ain't traditional. I happen to have a couple of 6M lengths of yellow cedar that would shape up OK too - so still thinking about the Ken.

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I recently made a couple of new workbenches with Valchromat tops. I had a bit of spare resin at one point so I rolled it on. The valchromat soaked it right up so I put a second coat on - then just for fun a third. By then it was a bit lumpy so I got my sander loaded with 240 grit, smoothed it out quite well. If something is good, more is better, so I raked through the sandpaper drawer and went to 320/500, then for even more fun 800/1200 and finally 1500 grit. it really does feel amazing. So then a mate popped over and suggested i try that on the hull. I did, and yes it's quite interesting; no sheen at all, but super smooth. Downside is it's no-where near as hard, so probably not practical.

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On 10/30/2021 at 9:42 PM, Scott Dunsworth said:

For what's it worth, I built a lap boat, Penobscot 14 , by arch Davis, it was my first. When you paint or leave the transom natural, if you will take the trouble to paint the ends of the planks on the transom the same as the sides it will stand out in an magnificent way! 

I was kinda interested to see the detail of the planking so I haven't done that yet. I probably will since my handiwork leaves a bit to be desired.... I haven't varnished the transom yet, just 3 coats of resin...IMG_8163.thumb.jpeg.a8c7fdc073eba1a652b3e1252bf41032.jpeg


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