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  1. I used a long shaft Honda air cooled 2HP motor on my CS17, and never had any issues with cavitation. Previously I had used a Minn Kota RT55 long shaft, which was great, but the 100AH battery that I used weighed over 30KG, and that was mounted in the aft locker, making the stern pretty much always sit in the water. I changed over to the Honda because of the weight, and the ability to top up the motor while out on the water... Peter
  2. The weather has been great in Melbourne, and I'm looking forward to getting a bit more sailing done over the next few months. Earlier this week we were able to go for a sail in company with my old CS17. You can see a video of both boats sailing, at https://www.batchelors.net/boats/building-a-b-b-yacht-designs-lapwing-16 Unfortunately, the footage was just from our respective boats, so there isn't any that shows us together... I really like the CS17, but I think the Lapwing is a far prettier boat... Peter
  3. Looking great Murray! When do you expect to have her on the water? Peter
  4. I was able to watch them by downloading them John. Looks like you had fantastic conditions! Peter
  5. Looking great Murray! Are you planning on a clear finish? Peter
  6. Looks like you had great conditions John. The photos are great, but I can't see the videos, just hear them. Peter
  7. I'll second David's advice. I don't think a strip of fibreglass over the top would solve the problem. A piece glued to the bottom of the seat, covering the split area by at least a few inches, would be your best option. Then, perhaps you could send back the top of the seat, scrape out along the crack to open it up a bit more, wet it with epoxy, and then fill it with a fairly runny mix of thickened epoxy. Wait an hour or two, and scrape off any excess so that you don't have to sand it off later. You might need to repeat the process, perhaps with some sanding filler instead of a glue filler, and then sand again, before coating the area with clear epoxy, and then repainting. Peter
  8. Murray, the paint was Aquacote, from Boatcraft Pacific. The colour is Sand. You can see a colour chart at https://boatcraft.com.au/informationpages/aquacotecolourcard.htm. I’ve used Aquacote on a couple of boats now and I am very happy with it. Peter
  9. Really hoping for a day with better wind before we stop for Winter...
  10. Looking good Murray! Great to see more progress on another Lapwing... Peter
  11. We got out on the water again on Sunday. Still not a great deal of wind, but more than the first sail... The photo shows how I store the booms whilst the sails are furled. The snotters are released until the head of the booms are below the foot of the sail, and then the sails are furled, and then the boom is held to the mast by the shock-cord equivalent of a soft shackle. Here's some footage of us (slowly) sailing around another boat on the lake... Cheers, Peter
  12. Don, have you thought about using parrel beads on the loops you use on your main? You said that you didn't like the knots. Thinking back to when I was water-skiing as a teenager, we used hollow, floating ropes, and made a loop by feeding the end through the outside of the rope into the centre about a foot from the end, and then slid the end further into the rope. Tension stopped it from coming out, or we could pass the end back to the outside of the rope and then feed the bitter end of the rope right through it, to stop it from sliding at all. You could do that sort of thing, and combine it with some parrel beads and a toggle to make a quick-release loop, like my sketch. For Pitthirrit, I'm planning on lowering the snotter below the foot of the sail, still attached to the wishbone, furling the sails, and then standing the wishbone up against the sail, using a strap to keep it in place. We're sailing again next Sunday if the weather cooperates, and I'll take a photo then. Peter After writing this, I wondered if there was anything about loops and toggles online, and it turns out that "soft shackles" are not new ? Have a look at the video on https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/gear/softshackles-38323
  13. Thanks for going to the trouble of taking the photos Don. Lots to think about ? Peter
  14. Thanks Steve, Skeena looks like a great boat as well ? Peter
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