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  1. War a beautiful colour Doug Fir is.... AYC is a lovely timber, but the colour ain't as nice.
  2. I was going to post a pic of a beautifully(?) painted white hull today. I really was. But, well it turns out Don was right. I was listening to a Pink Floyd song (yes, that dates me) , a long board with a bit of 80 grit on it in hand. I knew I would be getting close to the wood, but stepping back I saw a couple of spots where I had actually gone right through. But there were still some shiny spots nearby too. A gloss finish and a long board is a very sobering experience. There were a few other little dings I was mostly aware of, a few I hadn't seen so... I kept going... Now most of the wobbles seem to have gone - until next time huh Don? So now I guess I'll fill the dings, and put another gloss coat on. And sand that back. and repeat...? No, I think at some point you have to accept there are going to be imperfections, mistakes even, and remember it's a boat to be sailed, not an heirloom, not a piece of fine furniture. Summer is coming up, I want to get on the water - and there's still a lot of work to do. Delighted to read there is a kit coming... it might be a bit unadventurous but as Dave noted, the Lapwing is a perfect dayboat, so maybe, I can sail this one while building a second... Not sure what the marital committee would have to say about that, but forgiveness is a wonderful thing!
  3. I'll start with a coat of paint this Friday - see if Don is right - too many more undulations that i can't just ignore them! Really looking forward to turn the beastie over and starting too put some more wood in.... Thanks guys for the comments - advice gratefully received.
  4. So I think I have pretty much got the exterior of the hull as good as I am prepared to go. Seems you could go on forever, but there are fair winds coming, and I want to catch a few of them while there is life in the limbs. And get some fresh air in the lungs rather than epoxy fumes!
  5. I just applied a coat of epoxy - see pics - yes - you are right - a few more undulations. Hard to know where to stop really....
  6. Nice too see another Lapwing! I'm slowly grinding away on mine, and as Dave notes, spiling takes a lot of work and it's not easy to get right. I think a kit makes great sense. Still, I'll get the first coat of paint on the hull this week, then we can turn her over and start the inside. Keep posting!
  7. bend the strip first - excellent piece off advice - i wouldn't have thought of that...
  8. A couple of shots of the false stem. Occurs to me that the laminated stem will be immensely strong, adding the the stiffness fo the boat. Still I was surprised at the amount of time it's taken so far to finish it - still needs a little more filleting. However we are close now to putting on the final layer of epoxy. After that I think I'll put one or two coats of white paint on, putting the final two coats after turning the boat over and finishing the topsides. excuse the knobbly knees...
  9. Your workmanship is both inspiring and intimidating - respect! Avery pretty part of the world is Te Anau - very much enjoyed a regatta there with a bunch of mates in our Lasers - back in the 70's.
  10. I like they way you ask good questions of us Dave. Why steam? Well I don't have access to a band saw, nor actually a coping saw, although they are pretty cheap so not a reason. The simple answer is, I want to. And in the process, I'll get some experience for when I need to steam some of the decorative trim which I'll make in Jarrah. I tried to bend some Jarrah for the rub rail - early lesson; it doesn't bend.
  11. I've been plodding along - very slowly I might add. Two coats of epoxy on the hull, now sanded ready for a final coat - with just a couple of little dents to fill first. Fillets done so nearing the end of hull prep. I finally found a steamer (covid delay) so I'll make up a steam box and steam the false stem. When fitted, final coat of epoxy then paint. I wasn't going to, but I might clear finish the transom - there are a couple of filler lines when the timber was damaged, but it's still a nice piece of ply. I have had the boat t'other way up - just to see how it looked - y'know sitting with a pretend tiller in my hand, faraway look in the eyes... Dreamer. While right way up, I filleted all the planks internally although they are still to be sanded...
  12. Dave I see in your build, you have a batten running under the top plank - or perhaps along the bottom edge of the 87th plank - like a lower gunwale. At what point did you put this on and is it just glued? Certainly helps clean up any wobble in the plank.
  13. I was thinking of it, but after many an hour looking at it, I decided it wasn't as fair as I'd like, so I've put rather a lot of filler to build some bits up a little. It looks better, I think, but after a while I find bits that I thought were low, might now actually be a little high. I'm confusing myself I guess. So to answer your question, no, since there is 410 filler in places, I think I'll either go with an off white / grey, with clear topsides.
  14. Words of encouragement most welcome!
  15. Sanded myself to a standstill today, 80 grit, 120 - back to 80 grit. I love sanding - it brings out the black humour; "I haven't had so much fun since... " ...put in your own line. The wardrobe knobs on the long board have taught my hands a new resting position... And at the end of the day, the obvious becomes obvious; do the edges first before tackling any of the high bits on your planks - once the edges are (sort of) straight, the highs and lows are a little different... Still, I think I think I got the stern half of the starboard side half way there. plenty of time for the black humour left...!
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