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  1. Carlins sorted, a little shaping left to do on the transom top to blend all the differing angles in, next on the list was Gunwales. I had thought I'd scarf two bits of Jarrah together, and have a single piece I'd bend to the inhales. Jarrah is so short grained though, it wasn't long until I heard the unmistakable sound of a single piece of wood becoming two bits of wood again. So I resorted to laminating strips together. Makes a glue-up and positioning of 12 pieces (???) against the boat a lot more complicated, and the 3mm bite the tablesaw blade takes meant I was not sure I'd have enough wood to get it done. I did, but that was all that was left over. Oh - a man can clearly never have enough clamps... I've taken the gunwales off to sand clean, hope to complete that tomorrow, then the decks can go on.... Still a long list but we are getting there.
  2. As Dave ( @Hirilonde ) says, the plans call for it to go through the hull, after thinking on it, I thought why not?
  3. Time to stop procrastinating.... Carlin in.
  4. But necessary. I found a piece of rubber tube in the garage, no idea where it came from but after wrapping cloth and resin around it, it makes a good fibreglass tube to drain the mast step outside the hull. It was a good little project that has allowed me to avoid doing the carlins. I can't quite see how to get these things set up - with 15 degrees of 'backrest' - when you pull them against the hull, they twist and rise up at the ends. what else can I do next to avoid this...
  5. This really feels wrong....
  6. I’ll use that quote - very apt!
  7. The resin on the transom yielded to the gentle persuasion of 80 grit, but it was astonishingly hard. Still it sanded off and now with some stain in place it will probably look OK when varnished. I guess also with the white paint going over onto the edge of the planks, a rudder and other things going on to distract the eye from small blemishes, it will look fine. Suddenly I am at the point where the list of tasks is becoming manageable; Carlin supports tomorrow, then carlins can go in, hatch covers, decks, then sanding for a few weeks... Then tipped over for final coats of hull paint, gunwales, rubbing strips, a rebuild of the rudder stock, oh then.... actually still quite a list...
  8. ...Nah - still just a boy! I should have asked at the time I saw the post, but I think it was in reference to sitting on the sidedeck, and needing some foot strap arrangement to prevent falling over the side?
  9. You are so right; one look at my stem issues prove that point. You mentioned somewhere Dave, that you put footsteps in - where did you locate them?
  10. That's interesting. In the plans he specifies screwing the mast steps as well as gluing. Maybe the screws add sheering strength. I wonder maybe differing coefficients of expansion between the screws and the epoxy could see a joint working over time?
  11. Thanks for this comment Graham @Designer- that was the pathway to solve the problem.
  12. Well - belt and braces. I don't know the loads on the mast steps, but I'd guess as shock loads - approx plenty. So making sure for sure, I'd start with hoping the epoxy bond is good. Then the four screws in the step are more good. Then the four screws under the bearing give even more mechanical security - so more good. If redundant, then it's just four screws.
  13. I had decided to use a resin bearing in the mast step to allow easy mast rotation. As I was about the pour the resin I pondered that since the mast step can be subjected to significant and sometimes shock loads, I might bury 4 screws into the keel plate under the bearing. With these, the four screws in the mast step itself, and then gluing, filleting and taping the maststep to the centre case at the side and the the keel plate underneath, well it hopefully will stand the loads...
  14. Checking the masts are plumb athwartship. I'd say that's as close as I am going to get. IMG_2848.MOV
  15. WRC - assume that is Red Cedar Ken? Certainly a great result. I'll have to look up book matched panels to see how this is done. Meantime I'm thinking of going cheap and painting the transom white, running just a vertical strip of maybe Jarrah as pretend runner support, maybe a cap on the transom in Jarrah as well so it hopefully ties together. There will still be paint/timber contrast. Sanding back the resin on the transom brings the fear of going through the outer skin of ply, and as noted, timber stains I've tried (so far) are not convincing.
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