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  1. Bee doing a little more on the OC20-B dry fitting the gunwhales, decks and fore deck. made some hatches and am generally just beavering away at it. I have a little bit of concern over the profile on the fore deck but i think if i remove it and cut away a little more on the shear right up by the bow it should sort itself out. My wife say's i am just over thinking it but i am sure there is a little and i mean little run of. The first second and third pictures show it. The forth is my new helper sleeping on the job
  2. Looks like you are off and running. Looks great and i gotta love the chair for kicking back and viewing the days work
  3. Well after a rather long break from boat building ( I was going rather fibreglass crazy ?) also had a few things around the house to tend to i am back on the OC 20B . After a good dusting it was back into the bilge to finish out glassing the interior. Also i have cut the shear clamp back to allow the fordeck and gunwhales to go on and am starting to think about foaming in under the deck so as to get it in and myself alot more comfortable when working in there. Anyone know of a good product for a liquid foam? it is a first for me. Personally i am thrilled to be out of the bilge. Next task is gonna be a right good sanding of the bulwarks before priming. Then a trip to New Orleans to pickup the last of the ply for deck, fishbox and combings ETC.
  4. Hey dale what prop do run on salty? i am running the same engine and going through the prop sizing thing.

  5. Well it got wet today, only took me 6 months to do it LOL. Pics are not great as they were taken from the deck by my step mom on her phone but the general idea is there. Boat ran very well in my mind, gets a little slippery in the turn but i think that might be due to the fact that right now it has a 13" prop on it for the maiden voyage. not very good numbers due to tiny prop. 3200 rpm it planned out at 18 knots. 4000 rpm 21knots and 5200 30knots. Now i have run it for 4 or 5 hrs i will go to the motor riggers with those numbers and come back with a proper prop and will get some far better numbers i think. All in all was fun and the boat ran great
  6. That's looking very nice there sir... Very dusty ?
  7. No problem Big Spark just drop me a PM when you are in the area. Mobile is about 60 or 70 miles to the East of me. I would be happy to show you the boat
  8. Thank you thank you The boat is gonna be a fishing machine. Folks round here think nothing about doing round trips in excess of 150 miles. Run out to the oil rigs then east and west along the coast looking for the fish. As soon as i get a quote back on a gas tank i will have some real idea of fuel range capacity.
  9. That looks a whole heap easier than my go around. Good to see it right side up Now the fun starts
  10. Yes lenm it will be self draining. My issue is in my wisdom i have placed a fish box, live well and electrical compartment across the entire transom. My plan is to use 2 Ball type scuppers through the transom into the compartment below the live well and the same on the starboard side, then with pipe bring them through the bulkhead onto the deck level of the boat. It looks to me like there is a good few inch's right next to the bracket web's. The pics show were i am planning on the pipe that will come through the bulkhead which is not there yet ?. If anyone has a better idea please please tell me.
  11. Thank you both Lotus and Lenm. I am leaning towards a 115 yamaha for the fuel burn. 3.5 gph@3500 RPM giving me a huge fuel range but want the bigger tank for possible bigger motor. A lot of folks who look at the boat are sumwhat stunned at the motor size. Do not think they get the whole cold moulded boat being lite thing, but i would like the boat to be able to make those off shore rigs with fuel to spare. As to all the thinking it makes my brain hurt ? right now i am trying to find the fittings for the hydraulics in the swim deck so as to make for a nice neat connection to motor not knowing what to call them makes for a hard search.
  12. Working on a little pipework. Looking towards a fuel tank now. My math tells me i can shoehorn 85 gallons in under the console amidships. Those oil rigs are far Right now i am trying to figure how to drain live well and fish box overboard and not into the bilge, then out through hull drain. Then is some sort of scupper arrangement through the live well and electrical box then out under the swim deck. Think i gonna try some underwater lights also
  13. Ditto that, especially the paintwork
  14. She has a luvly home there. Really is a tasty piece of boat that
  15. So after a rather nasty week. ( I had to put my hound to sleep due to her fear of thunderstorms which has been ongoing for 4 years, she was getting very destructive and my wife and i were hostages in our own home. ) Nuff whining The Boat has been turned over which was a task in itself but only due to my gravel driveway. Turning it over was not very hard but the piano dolly's i had under it did not do well when they ran of the plywood onto the gravel. That being said it is done and i am very happy with the end result. I think we had a bout 9 or 10 body's . here are a few pic's I think this might be the largest 20' boat i have seen and is starting to look right sexy like
  16. That worked out very well lotus. Is also very tidy looking
  17. It does look rather good sir I bet it was hard attaching it to the deckhead like that though but it made the painting easier i am sure
  18. Fibreglass done for the exterior ? Now for something new. More Sanding ? Have a gallon kit of fairing compound inbound along with a fair amount of Beer ? Anyone wanna come help ?
  19. She is looking GREAT Lotus. Will look even better with a bikini top... Sorry Bimini ?
  20. I just spent a couple hrs wondering around my local Home Depot then Lowe's and did not find anything that fits the bill. Might have to fabricate something or use wood. Will look around online and see what turns up there
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