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  1. Kevin dropped it of for a few little finishing bits
  2. Thought I would post a couple pics of my current build. The Oc 20-B is coming out of paint soon .
  3. 20% VAT E gads i would rather eat worms
  4. Outstanding Lenm. Looks right sexy. I would be getting a little bent about the motor issue also
  5. Nice !!!! Looks very very sexy
  6. Awlgrip . He is doing a great job in my mind. When done i am told he will rub it down with wet and dry and buff out to get rid of any orange peel
  7. I just got a few pics from the paint shop i thought i would post.
  8. Yeah me to but my wife and i are thinking very hard about buying a live aboard sail boat in the UK. I see the Med in my future so it is not all bad
  9. I have an unfinished OC 20-B hull for sale. It is basically ready for paint and rigging. Has a 72 gallon aluminum under deck tank, a live well and a fishbox built into the transom. I need to sell as i am leaving the country and cannot take back with me . You can contact me here or email me @ rigbymorgan@yahoo.com
  10. Thanks. Sadly i have the boat up for sale right now as i am leaving the USA and going back to England. Cannot take it it is a little big
  11. Wow Lotus. She looks wonderful. Congrats on an outstanding build
  12. Wish my compressor was big enough to handle spraying. Mine is rolled and tipped on. Thinking about sending it out for paint. Yours looks way better being sprayed
  13. That is looking very nice!! You really are not mucking about with this build are you? Will be eagerly waiting for the flip and internals
  14. Wow !! I like it.. You look about ready to get wet
  15. Looking very nice Lenm. It really starts to look like something when those gunwhales start coming into play. I am just waiting on my gastank before i can get the console in seems to be taking the guy a while
  16. Looking very good Lotus. I do like that radar arch in the fact that it comes down nice and simple like.
  17. That is looking very nice there
  18. That looks good. I wish i had done the same on my marrisa. Like you said nice sharp bow untill dented..
  19. To build a boat one must be a MASTER Sander LOL. Must say your shop is looking a bit messy there today
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