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  1. After much pulling of hair i figured why not check there web site Duh. Above and below water line hi build primer yes it works
  2. I put another coat of epoxy on for weave filling purposes today and am now looking towards a hi build filler. My brother told me hit it with awlgrip hi build primer then sand but to be honest i really do not want to spray in there as the clean up would take to long. I took of to the store today and found some Petit protect hi build primer which i took home with me. Now i am looking at it it tell me is for the bottom. Anyone here ever used it or better yet can i use it all over not just the bottom? Have been looking on line and can not find an answer
  3. The build looks great. Location is to much On the screw end i pretty much use those square headed pocket screws all over they are great
  4. Finished up applying and wetting out the mat this weekend. Spent a while knocking of the high spots today and put a coat of resin on for the purpose of filling the weave with a flat spreader. Not sure if i accomplished anything or not. Will have a look in the morning and see
  5. Nice one !! Looking forward to that day myself
  6. I kinda golden for a while as i just finished building her a she shed She is an artist and now has her own studio. On another vain i am starting to think about turning this over. I am an army of one so have to plan. In my shop i have two 16 1/2 " x 7 1/4 " beams overhead. I placed em when i built it with this in mind What do you guys think about two comalongs and a swivel on the bow to lift and turn off those two beams
  7. Really she fairly good about it. But it was funny
  8. Airco unit went down early in the week so after replacing both main boards inside and out it is back up so Glass work is underway. Not my fav as it is just plain messy. Oneside of the bottom on and will go from there.
  9. I got busted using the wife's dyson to dust the hull Pic is blurry but still busted
  10. side are on and am now starting to fair a little before fibreglass. Needs a little more work here and there specially on the bow. The Ply i bought was not cheap by anymeans but i cannot believe how thin that last veneer is. Barly touch it with a sander and you are into the next layer.
  11. When it comes to possum removal i have one of these. I do not have possums as she hates them
  12. A few pics of the progress the last few days. Mayor problem reared it's ugly head today. My AC went down After thinking about a little reinforcement to the chine flats i realized that was a bad idea and that i was being a wally so i have given up on that idea. My issue now is trying to figure planing the chine flat and sheeting at the bow so as to achieve a nice finish. I see the tool required used in Grahams build pics but i do not have one. I am trying to think of sommit else the would achieve the same result.
  13. Got some ply glued down and am working on the chine flats. That ply was making me a little worried as i was bending it into shape but all is well and it has stopped creaking and groaning finally I am thinking about adding a little 1x to the outside of the chine flat to aid in the sides going on. Thoughts
  14. Ahhhh Man Three weeks... No giant hairdryer You have more patience than i
  15. Wow! That is a thing of beauty. Well done sir
  16. This is the dreaded chine baton were it kept breaking . Also a few pics of the sea dory
  17. Few pics of the last few days. The dreaded chine batton finally worked on the third try( after i let the glue cure properly) Traced out and cut the bottom and the chine flats and got them glued up. I keep seeing a flat spot on the chine at frame two which has me a little stressed i have misplaced something. I hope it is a result of the chine flat not being in place yet and just a illusion. I am looking to get the bottom on in the next few days and am gonna be thinking about how to deal with it on my own as that is how i roll My wife also suggested that i post a few pics of a boat i have up for sale. It is a C-Dory Angler 22' from 1992. Lots of extras but is not the right kinda boat for round here and from what i see from a little research is more a north east or north west kinda boat. Sorry to be pimping myself out but have to keep wife happy right now
  18. Wow thx guys. The joint failed due to my inpatients i think both times It is a 10:1( or close as i made a little jig for my table saw) scarf using Caskamite powdered resin glue. I have always had very good luck with it but i am reasonably sure it just did not get the cure time. Both times it failed after about 20 mins under stress. This time i have placed the scarf in a better local and will give it the cure time. On the plywood scarf now it is explained it seems simple enough to stack em and hit them with a plane. I will be cutting the plywood for the bottom, chine and sides over the next few days while i let my glue dry then see about getting some plywood onto the bones Thx again for the advise and i get some batterys today so i can bore you guys with some pics
  19. No photos today. Camera battery died and i have no replacement. I have added a little material to the side stringer and sorted that issue out, have glued up a total of 3 chine batons for the starboard side so far as 2 have just plain failed at the glue joint on a scarf. The third i have placed the scarf on frame 2. I will also give it a couple days to cure. I am now starting to over think the bottom and side sheeting. My question is what is the best method of joining the sheets of 3/8"ply. I have no way to scarf them in an accurate fashion and i do not really like a strait butt joint. That being said i would really appreciate any input you folks might have
  20. That is my thoughts exactly. I will add some material and plan it back i think. Thx for the advise guys
  21. I saw you had another chase in your Marissa lotus and i do think it was a good idea and planned on doing the same myself Lotus and Smccormick i guess my photo was no good. By the time i fair the frame and side stringer there will not be much left if that makes sense. I will try and get another photo to show what i mean. Today i worked on the chin flats milled them up out of 1x6 spruce then scarfed and glued them up but was inpatient and did not give it enough time to cure. Glue joint failed once i had it all cut and clamped in place . Typical me . So now they both sit all recut and clued and will go in on the morrow
  22. A few more pics from today. Last boat i built was back in 1986. A 24 Halfish which still lives and works out of Whitstable under the name of Danny Boy. Reason i am going here is we used to mix polyester resin and sawdust to try and make fillets for later glassing. I am very much liking the B+B mix I have a couple of the side stringers in and the others are all glued up waiting to go in. I am using Spruce for these and they seem to be not exploding so far. Other than that working on some fillets and bud light. Think i am gonna have to add a little more meat to the side stringers forward. Thoughts anyone ?
  23. Sadly i just do not see it due to eclipse blindness
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