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  1. Thanks riggs. Yes all my pervious fiberglass ventures have been dry method, but always open to ideas..
  2. Ready for fiberglass. I decided to laminate a 25×25mm outer keel around stem and forefoot that will scarf onto the existing keel design which ill screw a 25×3mm stainless band to finish off. Ive also lightly skimmed the side strakes with fairing compound and longboarded smooth and fair. Whats everyones train of thought when it comes to fiberglassing..wet method? Or dy method? Or sealed and sanded then glass. Any advice would be appreciated
  3. Got a chance to finish the side strakes this week. Ready to fill screw holes and have a preliminary fair up on the strakes before she gets glassed.
  4. Finally got the Port side strakes done, and trimmed the chine and sheer. made a start on the starboard side Not looking forward to filling all the screw holes🥴🍺
  5. Finally got a chance to make a start on the second layer. Unfortunately work comes first, boat build second.
  6. Love the hand rails. Your works nice and tidy. Not to sure about the mast though. Different blokes different strokes 🙂. I've been following your build. I think your hull #55? I'm hull# 54. You're way ahead of me but I had to build a shop to build the boat first Haha. Keep up the good work. What are you doing for fuel tanks? Just using 25ltr totes? And what are your going to push her with. Casey.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement. I started in January this year. I had the plans one year prior to then, but couldn't start as I had a speed bump in the form of building a new 10.5m x 7m shed to build her in. And every man needs a beer chair in his shead! Cheers Casey.
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