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  1. Steamed the coaming cap this evening.
  2. Front windscreen ready to glue up
  3. Thanks Murry.. your build is coming alomg nicely also. And te anau was a shifty place to sail i found. plenty of lifts and knocks goin on. Inraced lasers representing Southland in the nationals for a few years. Fun boats fo sail!
  4. Couple progress photos and one of tye boat I just built a new wheelhouse and have abit of a refit/ spruce up
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Here is some photos of were im at with the build. Slowed up since im busy with my real job unfortunately.
  6. Got Battery compartment hatch and coaming finished this week.
  7. Mahogany stem bends quite well.. the general rule for the amount of time steaming required is up to 1 hour per inch of thickness.
  8. Thanks Carter. yes i have to admit ive been involved with boats and boat building from and early age. my dad was a shipwright and a man of the sea and naturally while growing up around that i wanted to follow in his foot steps. He comes to quality control quite often haha. Regarding the seating, im goin to stick with the design but make the port side as big as the space allows, it will be turned into a built in free draining insulated cooler/icebox to keep the beers cold while we troll for trout?. Your build is coming slong nicely also. Cheers. below is a photo of the boat im working on In her final stages of a 1.5 year long full rebuild/restoration.
  9. A few progress photos from convid lockdown here in nz before i ran out of epoxy. Slowy getting back some normality. Pleased to have the underfloor glassing and seal coats done. Decided on having a battery compartment underfloor basically right over the lcb to free up the aft storage and keep some weight out of the back aft end of the boat. I Have a draining flush hatch comming to make for that and Waiting on a alloy fuel tank before i glue the cockpit sole down. Deck framing is finished and just needs fairing to take the plywood.
  10. Bunk tops glued down n head lockers are all finished apart from a fiddle rail around the edges at a later date. Laminated sapele deck beams got glued in lastnight. Time to start fitting the king plank and glue the hanging knees in place.
  11. Building bunk tops and storage lids
  12. Ive made a start at fiberglassing inside the hull, what a bear of a job. I figured id started with the shitty area's first, im sure ill be over it near the end Haha.
  13. Roll over went without a hitch or scratch
  14. Today's efforts. Bottom paint finished. Ill Let it cure for a week or so before i climb on it and screw and urethane down the stainless keel strap
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