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  1. Building bunk tops and storage lids
  2. Ive made a start at fiberglassing inside the hull, what a bear of a job. I figured id started with the shitty area's first, im sure ill be over it near the end Haha.
  3. Roll over went without a hitch or scratch
  4. Today's efforts. Bottom paint finished. Ill Let it cure for a week or so before i climb on it and screw and urethane down the stainless keel strap
  5. Two thick coats of High build epoxy surfacer/ undercoat sprayed on yesterday. Top coat on her bum is only a 280grit sand away
  6. Got the first coat of epoxy primer paint sprayed on today after countless hours of sanding. A painter im not.. but im very happy with my fairing on the other hand. Next is two coats of a white sand able epoxy barrier undercoat. Then one more block with a guide coat with 220grit down to 280 grit before its ready for top coats.. racing to beat santa!!!
  7. Some photos from the week
  8. I did flick through your blog keen, you made a good job?. ill be beaching my boat etc from time to time so it was a no brainer. Sure it looks nice sharpened, till it gets dented and you have to fix it! I wasnt to worried about speed or efficiency. Are you happy with the 70 tohatsu? Im looking at that option myself in new zealand. Hard to justify 13grand for a 4stroke when its 10 to 15kgs heavier and 10 less hp.
  9. Sapele outer keel and stem cap glued and screwed in place. Now to pre fit the stainless strap.
  10. Sanding marathon back underway
  11. Almost done applying the fairing compound today. Nice to nice some color for a change?
  12. Thanks fot the complements everyone. What is everybody thoughts in relation to radius chines v s sharp chines. I use to race sailing dinghys and i know sharp chines are more slippery tha rounded chines. I also think it looks nicer sharp if they are true and fair. But they also damage easy, and its hard to build up paint on the edge and have it last. I guess im asking for everyones preference, i cant make up my mind..
  13. Entire hull Epoxy fill coat and laps all sanded with 60 grit. ready for a skim coat of fairing compound. Glad thats over with?
  14. Thrillsbe clean up equals beer time? And thanks.. taking longer than first anticipated with work and a newborn keeping hands full but ill get there
  15. Rattus the rainbow trout in our lakes migrate into tributaries that flow into the lake to spawn. there are 3 larger rivers and dozens of smaller streams and creeks scattered around the lake. I also practice catch and release. Its More of a sport and excuse to get out of the house and use the boat?
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