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  1. Them trindadian girls
  2. Friday went well i think. Did a little dry fitting. On another note the Epoxy and Matt ETC landed as promised so i have no excuse I do seem to have cocked up bulkhead #2 but i am not stressed as i like a little reveal. So far it is all going well and i am starting to see the thought that has gone into this from the crew at B+B.
  3. Jay I lived on Nevis in the Carribean for about 5 years with my wife. The Carib Sign came from the brewery on St Kitts
  4. The Tyvek stops any thing bonding to the floor as i have not sealed it yet. Probly never will either Thx for the compliments also. Lotus your Marissa build is what tipped the scale for me , you did a bangup job sir. I have a lot of time on my hands at the minite so it should progress in a timely fashion
  5. Plans landed. Things are happening :). I am liking all i encounter.
  6. That finish is really starting to look very good sir gonna need sunglasses to check it soon
  7. Mine is #63. Yes that is why i purchased it. I can build it in my shop, outfit it myself and when finished i can run it without having to take a second mortgage in adition to having the satisfaction of having built it myself. I did a lot of research and a similar glass boat outfitted the way i am planning would be at least 30k which i find obsurd
  8. I gotcha. Alen did also send me a screen shot showing the jig so i will think about it and go from there. I also think a Marissa would just about finish the shop. Am looking forward to getting started . Thx for the help
  9. Arh Thx guys you make me blush. I promise it does not always look like that. It normally looks like an sragend lumber and used beercan bomb went of. It is only clean as of now due to no project. This is what it looks like most of the time.
  10. Hi guys and girls. Am new here so just wanted to say hello. I have recently finished building my wife and I's last home and workshop and now have found myself looking for another project. That being said i have purchased a set of drawings for Marissa and am very eagerly awaiting there arrival. Shop is for the fist time in it's short life clean and all is in order ( this is not acceptable in my mind ) so here is my first question Do any of you fine folk that have built the Marissa have the dimensions for the framework on the floor on which it is built as i would like to get that underway while i await the drawings, i did not purchase the kit and from what i can glean from all the fine builds i have seen, no CNC kit means frame to build upon. As can be seen from pic there is a big space that needs to be filled with a budding boat.
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