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  1. I was wondering how long you let them cure before bending onto the hull. Thx. I am gonna take a look around and see what i can find in the way of a form and see about getting them made during the week. Finishing cloth is on and now it is time for the real sanding to begin in earnest
  2. Thx guys lotus i have checked your lifting strakes out and am looking for a piece of angle to try and do the same. It looked a lot easier than the norm Jay i agree they would be redundant but i just like the look i guess, still on the fence though
  3. Thought i would post up a couple pic's of my progress on the batou. Have finished the first of 2 layers of glass on the exterior. Chines and keel have extra layers. First layer is 1.5 oz per sq ft chopped strand which i have sanded the highs of around the chines and keel then filled the mat to the best of my ability at least. I have a few little spots i want to address as can be seen by the blue painters tape then it will get the 10 oz finishing cloth on. I do hope this is gonna be enough because i have just about had enough of the chopped strand nastyness ? I have hit the bracket with finishing cloth already then applied a coat of plain epoxy to fill the weave and it looks good to me so i am hopefull. Other than two little hollow spots up in the bow flare area it all looks great to me right now but i have not got it wet yet so fingers crossed. My next thing to overthink is gonna be to build it with a splash rail on the chine or not. I think they look nice but it look's like it might be a bit of work, but i am telling myself i have to install the lifting strakes and a tumblehome bumper so why not just do it all one time. All in all i am very happy with the boat so far.
  4. WOW that looks great.. Yup my arms are feeling it but i got a long way to go, i still have to add a layer of finishing cloth yet
  5. Ditto that sir I have been asking myself the same question. I have it marked on the inside but forgot to transfer it to the outside like a wally. You are looking good there, i can see you have been working out with the long board.
  6. Finally planked out. i am going on the drink now
  7. You are looking good there sir. I am right about there myself and starting to wonder what is the best glass for the hull. Allen did tell me but i failed to write it down( typical me) What did you go with. I seem to remember Allen saying Biax 1708 but for the life of me cannot remember. I like you also like to over build a little for some reason.
  8. Few pics from the build. Took the advice from Designer and used SYP on the shear clamp. Am now starting in on the side planking
  9. Dave. That's exactly what i did with my Marissa. I picked up the wiring harnes and the network bits along with my steering hoses and fuel line throttle and gearshift cables ETC from the dealer and rigged them before the deck went in. then when it came time to drill holes i took it to them we made marks on the transom where it needed to be drilled then i took it home drill and glassed ETC and took it back for the final rigging. Worked out quite well i think although was a bit of a hassel. Hope this helps
  10. thx i am pleased with it myself
  11. Yup glassed with 10 oz cloth then hit it a couple times with resin and a drywall knife to fill the weave. Finished with marine paint with the non slip business in it
  12. Lastly the second layer of 1/4" on the bottom
  13. The first layer of 1/4" on the forward section
  14. So the bottom is on and am now looking forward. What is the thoughts on using that same old heart pine from said roof deck for the shear clamp. It is old but strait and can be made to fit the bill. Other than that the bottom went on very well and it is really starting to look like a boat Eye am watchin you
  15. Thanks again. The only reason i was looking at the cypress was a fellow locally said it was flexible and folks round here used to use it in that kinda situation. i can find SYP in clear and machine for a much cheaper cost so that is what i will be doing. Working on the chine battons at the minite.
  16. Here are a few pics of my progress so far.
  17. I had heard the glue aspect but not the moisture angle . Thks both for the input .
  18. Technical question. I have started looking for some wood for the shear clamp and have found a couple rough sawn 3"x12"x12' pieces of clear white cypress. They are not cheap and my question is. Is it worth the cost to make life a little better on myself for the shear clamp. i figure i can resaw and end up with the grain going in my favor.
  19. Started in on setting up the frames, transom, keel and such. so far everything is working out nicly. Had a mad brain fart when i realized i had machined up the keel a little to wide but after a little thinking it has all worked out i believe. I have had to shim up the first bulkhead by approx 3/8" but as i go aft temp frame 3 needs about 1/4 and down to nothing. Other than that it all seems to be going very well. Gonna start in on some stringers next.
  20. thank you sir. I have had a good few compliments on the lines already. Will be looking to get her wet soon and report back as to my findings.
  21. She is back from the motor Guys Have the state coming by to issue some numbers then it might get wet
  22. A few pics. The bracket is a beast . Transfered the bearding line onto the keel and cut it without to much grief. started cutting a few frames, temp frames, doublers ETC. Heading out to New Orleans on Friday am to pic up the rest of the ply i cannot find in town right now thanks to a suggestion from Allen @ B+B. Other than that it looks like it has all been very well thought out and is moving along in a rather nice fashion.
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