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  1. Hi Lotus, Many thanks for the info and pics - thats exactly what I was hoping to achieve (either a front or rear opening).
  2. Thanks Riggs. You must be getting close to finishing yours? I am relieved to get the anchor locker finished.. Very confined space with lots of tight corners. I know 3 coats of epoxy is good enough but I can't help myself - ended up filleting, glassing and flow coating the lot. Also created some solid glass sections in the gunnels for the fuel filler and flush rod holders. Im thinking this will save the hassle of needing to seal edges of ply after holesawing. One of the constraints for my project is the request for a head/toilet from the wife. Not so easy on a 20 footer as a console could get so big it detracts from the appearance of the boat. I have come up with low profile design (43" above deck) but leaves enough head high to squeeze into when you step down into the hull. I hope it looks ok on the boat..
  3. Looking good lotus! The sides of your cabin look to be at least 2 inches thick. May I ask how you achieve thickness? Hollow on inside with a backing plate/washers for radar arch?
  4. Hi Alan, Please let us know how these turn out. I'd like to try if you have success (sound perfect for my front casting deck/hatch). Another material I have considered is Innegra.
  5. My attempt at a hatch to stop water dripping into the main storage compartment. Quite a lot of room in there (I can climb into it)! Currently tabbing in the decks and glassing inner topsides.
  6. Looking great riggs!! Not far off that milestone myself. Whats your plans for cockpit drainage? Is the design hight enough for self draining via suppers?
  7. Steve - I think deep down it is many a man's dream to build a boat (or something similar) - however never materialises due to a wife who says NO, money, lazy man syndrome, motivation etc? You would be an idol to many if they saw the masterpiece you have created to-date. Keep up the great work
  8. looking good Riggs! Are you thinking anchor/rope forward of bulkhead #1?
  9. Nice colour! should look great against the wood trim
  10. Thanks guys. Steve, your's must be nearing completion now?
  11. Slight deviation from the plans from now as I require an elevated deck for fly fishing. Front deck has a freeboard around ankle height and lower one just above knees (for rougher water) - perfect. Went with a H90 20mm foam to try and gain some weight back due to the modifications. Deck panels were vacuum bagged on a piece of 30mm MDF board/table and beams using cryovac bag rolls.
  12. looks fantastic and great colour scheme
  13. Good to see your back on the job Riggs👍
  14. Broken windsurfing masts (scavenged from shops for free) have been so useful for me over the years. Have used them for dingy masts, booms, support posts, outrigger and VHF aerial bases and now bulkhead penetrations. Ready made carbon fibre tubing - and having a tapered shape - there is always a section which is the perfect diameter for a particular job. Hoping to have the decks down this week. Seems to be endless opinions on aluminium fuel tank installation. I have just tried to eliminate the possibility of water trapped between the tank and another surface. Have gone with twin tanks so I can play with boat trim. Have managed to route the tubing without need to cut into any longitudinal stringers. Motor wiring and hydraulic steering lines will be up underneath the starboard gunnel for access purposes. Depth sounder (transducer) cable will be port side to avoid 'noise' interference from other wiring.
  15. Hi all, Many thanks for the comments and nice to hear everyone's take on custom boatbuilding. Incidentally I read a great book the other day - It suggested the answer to life's problem are usually found somewhere in the 'middle' - not at either ends of the spectrum. I couldn't help think about how this relates to boat building and obsessing over certain tasks. Perhaps putting the tools down when things are 'good enough' is the best ethos as Chick mentioned 🙂
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