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  1. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Happy new year to all. Some update pics.. Local regulations here require a 'builders plate' for vessel registration - which required me to engage a marine surveyor. Also, a condition/integrity certificate (for future insurance purposes) and buoyancy (going with 'Level' category flotation rather than 'Basic'). Happily she has passed 1st inspection! Taking my time to make sure everything is well and truly 'waterproof' such as transitioning any penetrations/screw holes to solid fibreglass..
  2. lenm

    dutch OB 20

    Further to Grahams advise - I noticed Appendix E of the Gougeon Brothers Boat Building Book also merit use of inner layers of composites on plywood. Section also covers Aramid/Kevlar inc some test panel comparisons - with suggestion to utilise on inside where it can be put in tension (kevlar's main advantage over other fabrics). Back to original topic - I have used this particular hybrid fabric before and have successfully pulled it over a 'pencil round' edge with no bubbling (utilising peel ply). My suggestion would be to always utilise peel ply with this fabric - as is can end up somewhat 'textured' finish/surface if you don't.
  3. lenm

    dutch OB 20

    I agree - strength can have different meaning depending on context. I find there is a lot of 'anecdotal' information floating around on the internet when it comes to composites. Lots of opinions and theory with no physical tests to back up their statements. Back to the subject composite, I have some test panels somewhere where I tested this hybrid variant against some benchmarks. Will see if I can find results, however, not relevant here as involved PVC sandwich rather than plywood.
  4. lenm

    dutch OB 20

    Either method will work with this fabric as it is not too thick at 200gm. When compared to a typical 200gm glass - I find this hybrid takes more epoxy to wet out. It is much stronger than a 200gm glass though. I had a layer of this fabric on a SUP which fell off the roof racks on my truck. It bounced off the pavement with minimal damage (skin still waterproof). Make sure to protect it with a UV clear coat or paint because kevlar can degraded under UV I believe.
  5. lenm

    dutch OB 20

    I have used plenty. What do you want to know?
  6. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    What happens when females get involved.. This will be challenging on a 20' cc sportfish
  7. lenm

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Nice finishing touch Steve
  8. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks Steve, the clay is a good idea. Re glassing interior - was thinking the same - a little difficult to put a time frame on things. I'm trying to knock one over each day when I get home from work.
  9. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks Lotus, I checked and it does measure 1"x1". I think the photo is a bit deceptive as the moulds are very large as far as a hatch goes. No drain fittings though as you mention.
  10. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    A friend lent me some commercial moulds for making some deck hatches. He has never used nor remembers how they work.. Please can anyone offer any suggestions Am I correct in assuming they are a female mould for the water channel/ gutter? Mostly, I can't figure out what the recesses are on the outer sides.
  11. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks for easing the pain. Working with messy epoxy goo in confined spaces is not fun..
  12. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Been a while since an update The last couple of months have been filleting and laminating the inside of hull.
  13. lenm

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Looking good Steve! Are those pre-drilled holes in the engine bracket photo?
  14. lenm

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Had some fun flipping the boat today.. After an attempt to rollover her over under the shelter I decided to abort (too confined). The backup plan was to put her on castors and roll her out of the shelter, perform a 90 degree turn then traverse down a narrow sloping section of my yard to reach a point where a crane could collect and flip. What a tight squeeze - I got stuck coming out of the shed and also sheared two castors off the jig when we got bogged, however the remainder went relatively smoothly. I'm glad I didn't end up building an OC 24 or 256 as these would have been a ship in a bottle literally due to their size. My neighbour (school teacher) told me one of her students told her that they saw a boat 'flying' over her house on the way in to school this morning.
  15. lenm

    OC20/B in Biloxi MS USA

    Riggs I hear you re pondering, I think I have spent more time doing this than hands on work. Were you planning a self draining deck? Is there enough deck height on the OC's for a gravity type arrangement or will have to be pumped out via bilge?

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