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  1. Looking very nice Lenm. It really starts to look like something when those gunwhales start coming into play. I am just waiting on my gastank before i can get the console in seems to be taking the guy a while
  2. Looking very good Lotus. I do like that radar arch in the fact that it comes down nice and simple like.
  3. That is looking very nice there
  4. That looks good. I wish i had done the same on my marrisa. Like you said nice sharp bow untill dented..
  5. To build a boat one must be a MASTER Sander LOL. Must say your shop is looking a bit messy there today
  6. That's looking right nice to be sure
  7. Really looking very good Lotus. I like the idea of the VHF frame thing
  8. I leave mine rounded for the simple fact it is easier to me
  9. That's looking great !! Congrats on being done with that stage
  10. Looks like a fun trip. On a side note i cannot believe what a neat and tidy workspace you keep.
  11. Yeah the whole hatch has started to cup so to speak. It was nice and strait when all finished but over the period of a few days it has distorted . Had thought about going for and aft but prefer the look this way. Maybe this pic better shows my grumble
  12. Wow that is looking very nice!! Outstanding if i do say so
  13. Thanks Lotus. I kinda modeled it of of some of the lines from your Marrisa console I am having a bit of a fit with those hatches as they seem to be fighting me. I machined up 3/4" Sapelle stock then steamed it for a couple hrs and clamped onto a jig to dry. When dry i biscuited them into board big enough for the job ( 3 separate boards) Which had a nice curve to them and when those had dried cut to shape and clued the edge on. All was fine for 3 or 4 days until they started to curl up . I am leaving them alone in clamps for a while to think about there future
  14. Thanks for the comments Lenm I have two 1" pipes that pass through the battery box and the live well and exit through the transom under the swim deck. Then over those holes are two ball style scuppers.
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