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  1. Kevin dropped it of for a few little finishing bits
  2. Thought I would post a couple pics of my current build. The Oc 20-B is coming out of paint soon .
  3. 20% VAT E gads i would rather eat worms
  4. Outstanding Lenm. Looks right sexy. I would be getting a little bent about the motor issue also
  5. Nice !!!! Looks very very sexy
  6. Awlgrip . He is doing a great job in my mind. When done i am told he will rub it down with wet and dry and buff out to get rid of any orange peel
  7. I just got a few pics from the paint shop i thought i would post.
  8. Yeah me to but my wife and i are thinking very hard about buying a live aboard sail boat in the UK. I see the Med in my future so it is not all bad
  9. I have an unfinished OC 20-B hull for sale. It is basically ready for paint and rigging. Has a 72 gallon aluminum under deck tank, a live well and a fishbox built into the transom. I need to sell as i am leaving the country and cannot take back with me . You can contact me here or email me @ rigbymorgan@yahoo.com
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