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Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build


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Steve- It is always a good idea to step back and see all the great work you have done. I struggle sometimes trying not to think of all that I still have to do. It can overwhelm. Nothing like taking on a project like this to make you feel so good and then so bad sometimes. A while back I had a life changing incident and was told I wouldn’t ever finish my boat. Seeing her in the water meant more to me than I ever imagined.  When you step back and see the reflection of the water in that beautiful hull you might forget some of the dust and aching arms. But don’t forget completely or you might build another boat.....

Your boat is gorgeous and the only one in the world just like it. You created it and money can’t buy that!! 



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Steve - I think deep down it is many a man's dream to build a boat (or something similar) - however never materialises due to a wife who says NO, money, lazy man syndrome, motivation etc?

You would be an idol to many if they saw the masterpiece you have created to-date.  

Keep up the great work

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Steve, great info from your build. Your project has been fun to watch. I’m using VC Performance on my hull also an ocracoke 256.

Did you wet sand the bottom flat before burnishing? And did you burnish with bronze wool or something else? Wet or dry? I tried a small area with wool and seems to leave a metallic residue on the surface hard to wash off. 


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Please edumacate me...


Why the platforms for the outboards, rather than simply extending the hulls, and cutting down the transom to accommodate, with a bulkhead to contain possible water ingress?


I imagine a fair amount of locker space could be liberated then for lightweight items like fenders, shade canvas, and PFDs along the sides, without much added structural weight, even with a stepped hull.


Help me understand. I sail, don't power.

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I can't answer the why part but can say this. The platform on our 256 is just the best thing for boarding, jumping off, throwing your snorkelling gear on to when getting out of the water etc.etc.

I had the plans for the Ocracoke 24 and had started but as soon as the 256 came out with that platform there was no way I was going to have anything else.

We load passengers of all ages and abilities from the beach and they can just step on that platform from knee deep water. It's one of the coolest things about the boat and I like the way the engine looks back there. You can sit your gear on there without having to drop it over on to the deck. I could go on and already have but I can't imagine the boat without it.

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