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  1. Congrats! Good things come to all who wait. Looks like it's just in time for a certain kidly individual to share the joy with you! A sailing report might be nice ;-)
  2. Gorgeous boat, outstanding workmanship. Beautiful photos! My only criticism of the layout is no seating with your honey on the aft deck. ;-)
  3. Fall just hit us with a vengeance - best leaf peeping weekend, and now dropping like, well, leaves. Nice sail - can you comment on wind vs. boat speed/angle?
  4. Damn, they say you can never have enough clamps, or friends.You, Sir, may have crossed that threshold. I am jealous - keep us up on the progress! Thanks, Mike
  5. Need to double the aft beam, and add a scow bow. It'll be the Mini-mini Transat. Lifting foils come next. Specification creep much?
  6. ...and how about an alt cat ketch version, equal sail area, without standing rigging? ;-)
  7. Please edumacate me... Why the platforms for the outboards, rather than simply extending the hulls, and cutting down the transom to accommodate, with a bulkhead to contain possible water ingress? I imagine a fair amount of locker space could be liberated then for lightweight items like fenders, shade canvas, and PFDs along the sides, without much added structural weight, even with a stepped hull. Help me understand. I sail, don't power.
  8. You can never have enough friends, or clamps. Excellent craftsmanship!
  9. Steve, who makes that ladder? Also, I'm surprised that harmonica hasn't somehow found its way overboard... ;-)
  10. To continue the slaughter of the language, it snew 4' in October by us. And our kids experienced exactly 1 snow day during their entire school careers, when the power was shut down and the heat wouldn't come up. Life at 8000'+ in a ski resort (Vail). ? But I grew up in upstate NY, and have been in NH the last few weeks helping my folks out, and there really is no cold like Northeast cold. In CO it's usually dry, bright and sunny even when we have many feet of snow underfoot - here it's bare at the moment but that humid, frozen wind just cuts right through you. So Steve, the end of your season makes sense. May it resume on time next year.
  11. You call that snow? Pfft. But gorgeous boat, nice flick, *really* nice speeds. Congrats. ?
  12. Completely off-topic, but inspirational nevertheless: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/13/us/hurricane-dorian-cows.html
  13. Finally found a link on "Rainbow Jack" - turns out it's either a NA native rainbow trout if it spends its entire life in fresh water, or what we call a steelhead if it spends part of its life in salt water. Steelhead flesh tends orange, and rainbow, white/beige. AFAIK, the NZ populations don't inhabit salt water, so that was a very large rainbow trout. Very impressive. The ones we catch (and release) here or buy (usually farmed) are rarely over 1kg. My rule is 1 per person. Applied to grill weekly. Bet that grilled well!
  14. Clean and quality work. Congrats. As an aside, that fish looks like some cross of a rainbow trout and a salmon - what's it called?
  15. You won't necessarily need a reversible pump; a 2-posiion 4-way double angled "L" crossover valve could do the trick, like this: where the left side is overboard, the right to the tank, the bottom to the pump input, and the top the pump output.
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