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  1. Wow! Another CS in western Virginia? We should start a fleet!
  2. mattp

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    Excellent! I confirmed that I want one of these when I climbed aboard Greybeard's MK3 after the EC. I was surprised that the cabin is roomier than I expected. Motivation to take on another major project is lacking, however, when there is so much right with the MK1.
  3. I thought I needed a mizzen staysail but now maybe I need this! This looks like a lot of bang but also a lot of buck (bow sprit, back stays, etc.). Can you comment on the benefit of one vs the other?
  4. mattp

    CS 17 #191 build

    Nice build! I'm interested in your grippy mats in the bilge. Can you share some info on the material and your source?
  5. mattp

    Petunia in Baja

    Great post! I hope you'll share more of your adventures down there.
  6. mattp

    CS 17

    Those are some cute dishes there! I like the countertop too. Did you make it? What kind of wood?
  7. mattp

    B&B Messabout 2017

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Hopefully I'll make it next year.
  8. mattp

    CS 17

    Great pics Paul and congratulations on the launch!
  9. mattp

    Carlita is off on a new adventure

    Sounds like a fun adventure! Looking forward to the photographic documentation! 😀
  10. mattp

    sail trim

    Thats how mine is set up too. I guess this is like a jiffy reefing setup which could be helpful. I've had some stressful moments trying to thread the snotter end into a madly thrashing sail loop. Can it be done with a single line or are 3 lines needed for double reefs?
  11. mattp

    sail trim

    Reefing line = downhaul?
  12. mattp

    What is the deal with that

    That muddy CS17 was ours! Thanks for the pic Mr. Oyster and what a lovely boat you have. We got to Harlowe Canal a few hours after Alan and Taylor and found the mouth of the canal impassable for low water and stopped for the night. Other than Alan and Taylor, only a kayak made it through the Harlowe. We awoke the next morning stranded in a sea of mud with two late night kayaker arrivals who also slept aboard (Note: Graham, you may want to update website to mention the CS17 sleeps 4 adults.) Around 9:30am, high tide brought just enough water to wrestle the boat out of the thigh deep mud and get on the newly available route option of heading down Adam's Creek. "Down" Adam's creek (ICW) took 177 grueling tacks into the punchy and shifty gusts right on the nose. Eventually we figured out how to ride the lifts at the edge of the channel and make a little better headway. So I think the drop out rate was mostly the heavy head winds and only partly the mud bog. We did consider dropping out a couple times. The boat gave us no good excuses though and we continued on. The only boat issue we had was loosing 2 battens from the main sail while reefing in the rough Neuse near Oriental. I have some pics and videos I'll share at some point.
  13. mattp

    CS15 with a lug yawl rig

    I love it!
  14. I also had to extend both of my sprits though I feel silly not swapping and extending only one like Dnjost describes! 🤔 My issue may have been with using a different sail plan than what the drawings were for. I do recommend testing before commuting to the cut.
  15. mattp

    Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Nice work! Looks very roomy.

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