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  1. Nice pics! I can’t wait to get down there again for some more exploring.
  2. Thanks, Alan, for all of this useful info. I have a question about this particular comment. When I am sailing to windward, I usually sheet both sails to where they start to luff at the same time and steer just on the other side of luffing. Do you tend to oversheet your mizzen slightly so there is room to sheet out slightly and not luff? Is that trim more efficient with a cat ketch?
  3. I finally made it down to that area this past October after much exploring via Google Earth. It was a lot of fun and I hope to get back some day. We launched from McClellanville and sailed through the twisty creeks to Murphy Island where we set up a base camp for a couple nights. Lots of solitude. I'd love to join this trip but I am getting ready to blow all of my marital points for a while to go do the EC in a couple of weeks.
  4. Hey Thrillsbe, I realize this is an old thread but I was wondering did you make it down to the SC coast? I am planning a trip down there with my brother at the end of October.
  5. I think this is the one I use. It works well but if you have the aft deck like I do, some sort of extra handhold on the deck would be helpful to make the first step. https://www.amazon.com/Amarine-made-Polished-Stainless-Transom-position/dp/B077P5Y3VS
  6. These boats move pretty well with a canoe paddle which I use as a back up for my oars. Oars are a step above but not a huge step.
  7. I am looking forward to this! Thanks to B&B for hosting this valuable event! I expect to arrive on sight around 2:00 on Friday with my CS17 MK1 loaded to the gills. Anyone attending without a boat is welcome to catch a ride as I will be singlehanded.
  8. When this team calls it a "tough day", I don't take it lightly! They crushed the NCC last year in what I considered very challenging conditions. I wonder how the other teams are faring?
  9. Looking like some hard earned miles today!
  10. I'll be there with my CS17. Looking forward to it!
  11. This sounds like a fun event and I am glad someone is stepping up to try and fill the void since the Watertribe NC events are no more. I’d be all over it but unfortunately that is a busy few weeks at work for me. Here’s to there being a next year!
  12. Wow! Another CS in western Virginia? We should start a fleet!
  13. Excellent! I confirmed that I want one of these when I climbed aboard Greybeard's MK3 after the EC. I was surprised that the cabin is roomier than I expected. Motivation to take on another major project is lacking, however, when there is so much right with the MK1.
  14. I thought I needed a mizzen staysail but now maybe I need this! This looks like a lot of bang but also a lot of buck (bow sprit, back stays, etc.). Can you comment on the benefit of one vs the other?
  15. Nice build! I'm interested in your grippy mats in the bilge. Can you share some info on the material and your source?
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