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  1. Great video! It almost looks like downwind sailing but that can't be right! ?
  2. On my CS-17, I used hollowback on the bow and the rest of the keel has a strip of epoxy soaked nylon webbing. I remember lots of skeptics when I did this but it has held up fine after many a beaching.
  3. There were moments every day that I wanted to quit. I hope you come back and give it another go. Every year that I have done this has been...well...challenging, but this year was the toughest.
  4. Paul, it was great to meet you and your team of fellow Wisconsonites before the event. That video is a good representation of our experience. We figured we were close hauled 90% of the time and rowed the other 20%!
  5. If you haven’t seen it already, check out Small Craft Advisor No. 130! Great article by Paul Bargren about cruising his CS17. Way to go Paul!
  6. That looks like an incredible adventure! How many miles does it total?
  7. Hate hearing this but glad everyone is ok. We were hearing coast guard reports on the vhf of a capsized 20 foot sailboat off Naples and feared it was one of the racers. I hope it’s recovered intact.
  8. Pinkdog and Changbizi (that’s us) dropped out at Chokoloskee as did Sponge Bob in the cool and capable kayak tri. The wind was getting to be a bit over our pay grade and forecast showed no relenting for 2-3 days. We did, however have 3 glorious, adventure filled days of sailing. A few highlights: - Tampa bay was all sport as the wind and waves built just minutes after the start - Made the mistake (again) of going inside at Venice and drifting thru the ditch instead waiting for Stump Pass - Thrilling down wind run on Gasparilla, Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound with tons of surfing. Realizing that being “inside” along here is probably rougher and no safer than being outside with NE winds. Nearing inlet at Boca Grand was especially gnarly! - Chill sunset sail past Naples heading to Big Marco Pass - Wind picked up fast behind Marco Island with zero visibility, sailing for shelter by feel (GPS) with only double reefed mizzen and no main and tied up for a few hours to some mangroves. Waking up realizing the boat is no longer rocking gently because we were stuck hard in the mud (again). - Approaching Indian Key Pass with 7 other tribers of 4 different classes all within view. - Tacking up Indian Key pass with the wind only coming in strong gusts, swinging wildly - Finally seeing Chokoloskee in daylight and enjoying an amazing Cuban sandwich at the garden oasis of Havana Cafe
  9. Yeah, I guess the resultant (right word?) points right to where your block was. I am trying to think of a reason not to like this and all I can come up with is the friction in your cleat when playing the mainsail since the angle coming out of the cleat is now variable. If you tend to shorten sail early in weather, maybe this isn’t an issue for you.
  10. That really cleared up a lot of space! I have a feeling you are going to have trouble sailing close to the wind though. I never thought of this before and it would help my situation on my CS17 as well, but what if you installed some quick disconnect pulleys where your cleats used to be?
  11. We camped on the beach just across from the northern tip of Cape Island. It was a good spot. We maybe saw two other boats the whole weekend we were there.
  12. I’ve done only one trip to that area that you speak of near Charleston but I’d like to go back. We sailed from McClellandville and set up up a base camp on Murphy Island which you are allowed to land camp on. From there we explored the fun grid of marsh islands.
  13. Nice pics! I can’t wait to get down there again for some more exploring.
  14. Thanks, Alan, for all of this useful info. I have a question about this particular comment. When I am sailing to windward, I usually sheet both sails to where they start to luff at the same time and steer just on the other side of luffing. Do you tend to oversheet your mizzen slightly so there is room to sheet out slightly and not luff? Is that trim more efficient with a cat ketch?
  15. I finally made it down to that area this past October after much exploring via Google Earth. It was a lot of fun and I hope to get back some day. We launched from McClellanville and sailed through the twisty creeks to Murphy Island where we set up a base camp for a couple nights. Lots of solitude. I'd love to join this trip but I am getting ready to blow all of my marital points for a while to go do the EC in a couple of weeks.
  16. Hey Thrillsbe, I realize this is an old thread but I was wondering did you make it down to the SC coast? I am planning a trip down there with my brother at the end of October.
  17. I think this is the one I use. It works well but if you have the aft deck like I do, some sort of extra handhold on the deck would be helpful to make the first step. https://www.amazon.com/Amarine-made-Polished-Stainless-Transom-position/dp/B077P5Y3VS
  18. These boats move pretty well with a canoe paddle which I use as a back up for my oars. Oars are a step above but not a huge step.
  19. I am looking forward to this! Thanks to B&B for hosting this valuable event! I expect to arrive on sight around 2:00 on Friday with my CS17 MK1 loaded to the gills. Anyone attending without a boat is welcome to catch a ride as I will be singlehanded.
  20. When this team calls it a "tough day", I don't take it lightly! They crushed the NCC last year in what I considered very challenging conditions. I wonder how the other teams are faring?
  21. Looking like some hard earned miles today!
  22. I'll be there with my CS17. Looking forward to it!
  23. This sounds like a fun event and I am glad someone is stepping up to try and fill the void since the Watertribe NC events are no more. I’d be all over it but unfortunately that is a busy few weeks at work for me. Here’s to there being a next year!
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