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Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

Don Silsbe

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Last night, I got her all painted. I don’t like painting in the dark (artificial lighting), but I had to do it.  We leave on a trip today, and I wanted to give the paint time to firm up before I do anything more.  When I get home, I just need to paint my fwd hatch lid, d/b and rudder, and attach hardware.  I can’t wait!




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I’m just about ready to launch!  I still need to attach the forward compartment hatch, and varnish a few bits.  I also need to see what needs adjusting with my sail rig.  Other than that, she’s ready!  Good thing, because we go camping (with her) on Wednesday.






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We have a house guest from Japan right now.  It’s keeping me from launching.  We will leave for Cadillac, MI on Wednesday.  She’ll probably get launched first on that camping trip.  That would be most appropriate, anyway.  That’s her main purpose in life.


Here’s a funny story for y’all.  My friend Shohei Toyoda comes from Japan every July for a week. We make it a point to go for a sail in my BRS15 every year.  July in the Carolina foothills, this usually means light and variable winds.  When we get becalmed, as we did yesterday, I hand my crew the paddle.  So, yesterday, my boat was not powered by a Suzuki, but by a Toyoda.  


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I launched Two Bits today, and it was great.  I got to row her, and motor her. The winds were gusting over 20, so I chickened out on the sailing bit.  The Quick Connect hardware worked great.  I can’t wait to sail her, but that will probably have to wait a day or two.  This forum doesn’t like the taste of my videos.  You’ll find them on Facebook today, and eventually on YouTube.  But here are some photos.







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Yes, Paul, it is incredible how easy the parts drop together.


Also, I got her out under sail power today.  It as pretty calm after a thundercloud went through.  Then it piped up.  Holy Cow!  I need to improve my snotter system, but golly Moses was I honking!  I think it was because I relocated the pennant.  Again, my video upload failed.  Oh well...



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