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Carlita is off on a new adventure

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We are off to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival in Washington State.

We are off in the morning.


The First leg is to Drummond Island In Northern Michigan where I will visit Gordy who now has a summer place there. I will get to sail in the northern Great Lakes for about a week before pushing west. Maybe Gordy will catch some of those fish that he talks about


I am looking forward to catching up with our west coast group.


It is a long haul of about 7,000 miles round trip the way I am going. We will see if the little Golf is up to the task.


Beth has been hard at work dressing her up with revarnishing and finishing some top coat and I have completed the dodger and the Micro nesting dinghy.


Alan should have uploaded the video of assembling the Micro in the water by now. It is easier to assemble than we had hoped and rows pretty well too. It took Alan just under 30 seconds to put it together and no water in the boat. With 1/2" hollow back down the keel and fendering all around, the front half came out right at 25# and the aft half weighs 20#. Carlita must be about the smallest boat to carry a hard dinghy on deck. It actually fits pretty well and I can go forward easier with it on board than without.


I have been too busy to get some pictures of the dodger but I will get some along the way.

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If your travels bring you through the Milwaukee area, be sure to let me know.  Sounds like you're going the other way, but just in case...

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