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  1. Also called a tumble home bumper for the reasons outlined above. If you can find a photo with that parallel to the water, it makes the boat look trimmed by the bow so you can't win. Now that all the "experts" have weighed in on the obvious and fatal design flaws in this boat I have decided to burn my build rather that waste anymore time and money on it. Stay tuned for the bonfire videos.
  2. Making good progress, looks very nice. Thanks for the full album.
  3. Congratulations, sure is a beautiful boat. Looking forward to more pictures and reports on its performance.
  4. Glad you all had a good time. Thanks for sharing all the photos, very nice shots.
  5. Amazing progress. Very nice.
  6. I've knocked them off then put them back on. When I looked at the cost and time to bag everything vs. radiusing, I just couldn't justify it. I have, on the other hand, glassed internal, non-structural, low wear edges with a strip of glass. I don't have any problem with running the glass up the sides of a piece and then applying another piece on the edge/face. I am just careful when I sand to avoid going through the sharp edge. I wouldn't do this with hull bottom/chine areas, but bulkhead edges I wouldn't hesitate.
  7. All the hatch rings installed. Sole and transom glassed
  8. I don't see why you can't use threaded rod embedded as you have suggested. I would suggest using bronze rod for the studs for the best corrosion protection. If you are interested in a bit more tensile strength, you can widen the bottom of the hole so that the epoxy forms a wedge (cone). Although the forward location will see shear and compression loading for the most part.
  9. Sole installation locations readied. Sticking them in. One left to do.
  10. Forward 2/3's of the ceilings planked, and glassed, and rough faired,
  11. You're right the lower position looks off, I like the taller position.
  12. Thanks for showing this. Nice to see what others are thinking.
  13. Nice, what changes did you have to make to the mould?
  14. My dad would use sandbags to hold the sheet to the mould while it cooled, rotating the mould if necessary.
  15. Glad you're enjoying the fruits of your labor. Would enjoy some running photos if you have them.
  16. I like your style. I would have moved along but it was hot and I had epoxy going off and a cluster fork going on with my clamping blocks. Rushing, it'll get me every time. Just glad I didn't have a saw in my hand.
  17. We've all done it, I've gotten bagged too... but not every time.
  18. I have photographic evidence that I "throw myself into my work".
  19. I was just about to go on about how to cut the gains without a rabbet plane and I scroll down to see the side planking done. Well done. You are certainly making quick work of this.
  20. I have no idea how I missed your launch post, congratulations. Looks very nice in the water. BTW, you definitely beat me to the water. You're the first as far as I can tell.
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