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B & B Messabout


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At 6:15 this evening I was driving Westbound on I40 near exit 273 in Durham, NC when I saw a yellow Belhaven being towed in the opposite direction.  I wonder where Scott is going...

Sorry, folks - I didn't get a picture.  We were closing at a combined 130 mph or so.  :cool:

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The weather forecast is improving and looking good for the weekend.  I will not be there with Lapwing until late afternoon on Saturday but Sunday looks good.  Going racing Saturday in Oriental for the first time since the pacemaker job.  Racing on my favorite boat, an OPB34.

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Regrettably, Anna and I won't be able to come this year. We were hoping to make up for missing last year's messabout (we missed due to a car accident), but this time I have to take my Humanities class to the museum over the weekend (and a few other duties I can't shirk). Oh well...

We'll be wishing you all well. Hopefully, we can come next year.

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Here are the directions for the messabout. It is a bit experimental so I hope that it works.

I used my Spot GPS tracker and put a waypoint at each turn. Click on the link and you should see a Google earth map, it is interactive, you can get the lat. and long. of each waypoint.

It starts with waypoint 1 about 12 miles east of New Bern on highway 55. WP4 shows the turn on to highway 304, WP5 shows the turn onto Lynch's Beach Loop Road, WP6 to Swan Point road, WP7 to Chapel Creek Drive, WP8 you have arrived #342, there will be a B&B sign and you will see a bunch of boat trailers. Park anywhere on the left side of the drive, we don't want anyone to drive on Randy's septic field.



You will have a choice of street maps, satellite or hybrid, I prefer hybrid but the lesser street names are left off.

For anyone plugging the address in their GPS it is 342 Chapel Creek Drive Maribel NC 28515.

The mapping source for all GPS mapping for our address is off by about 600 yards to the north. Your GPS will want you to turn around on Swan Point Road, just ignore it and go by the road signs and by my map.

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Same here. However I think most of us will be able to find the place. I was looking for the map you had posted last year to show someone else but can't find that thread.....I'm gonna take the "scenic coastal route" down from NJ via the Cape May ferry, etc. so I hope to get there before dark/dinner to set up camp.

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hello everyone,

I have not posted previously, (nothing yet to say).

I will be driving up from Columbia SC, early Friday morning (~6 hour trip). I will be bringing an extremely rustic (as in beat up) compac 16 with me. It's all I have until I have up enough courage to start belhaven hull #38.

Any passengers welcome!

If someone can spare the time to improve my atrocious sailing skills over the w/end, I'd much appreciate it. I have an affinity with lee shores and drifting.



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The wind was a plenty! The stories were a plenty. The food was more than a plenty! The sun was a shining and sunset was just another beauty, all making for a grand time. I left at sundown while about 30 plus folks were still stuffing their faces and non stop talking between the bites continued. Thanks especially goes to Carla and her daughter and the kids for effort to set up and provide the buffet.

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