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Building “Joe” — 15’ ski boat — Stiletto


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I got a first epoxy fill-coat on the glassed hull yesterday, using microbeads to slightly thicken it. I will let the coat cure for another day or so before sanding it and applying another fill coat.  The ski slopes will be great today ⛷ and I have some family things the next day. 

BUT, I got an email this morning about my paint order... it was shipped already (instead of in a couple weeks) and should arrive in three days.  That might be a way the company enhances its “legacy” with customers, “ We were able to fulfill your order 10 days early!”  ?

YES!  Onward ho!  ?

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The paint was delivered today. ?

I sanded the first fill coat and then applied thickened epoxy to just the glass-cloth overlap areas to even out the cloth edges. Once hardened enough, I will sand everything again and apply another fill coat... then we’ll see if things are ready for primer. 


The next day: The cloth overlap areas are getting there.  (I need to see my centerline — plywood seam — to mark/drill holes to eventually install the skid fin... I put clear epoxy on the spots that let me see it again after the sanding obscured it.)

Since I’m waiting for epoxy to harden, my wife and I took a venture downstate to visit three of our kids plus the three grandkids.  There was a lot more snow downstate Wisconsin this year than we received 150 miles further north.  Even with quite a few warm “melting” days the piles are good sized. Some sidewalk art in the 50 degree sunshine ?:


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The epoxy is a bit gummy when sanding so I will give it another day or so.  Time for a little side project. 

When I visited my daughter yesterday she expressed interest in having a few Leopold benches to put around her new fire pit.  I found a plan on line:


Having nothing to do do on the boat today, I went out and bought five 10 foot pressure treated boards to cut the bench parts.  I also got the needed hardware. Unfortunately, the 2”x10” board for the three seats was the best of the two dozen boards in a very picked-over pile (kinda rough, but at least straight and not too knotty)... I had to belt-sand the rough seat boards (I’m about to cut the 2nd and 3rd board below.)  The other boards looked good. 


On a whim I had picked up a Lowe’s router and router table set when I began working on my boat. I’ve used it for a number of boat-build tasks... and today, I used it to put nice 1/2” round-overs on all the edges of the pieces that I cut for my daughter’s benches (the edges for the joint areas and the “feet” were left square.)  Yes, I’m glad I bought the tool... (it’s good to have projects that “justify” buying tools.  ?)

And, for your entertainment:


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Starting the “Coloring” Process

When is the prep “enough”?

I decided, when sanding yesterday, that adding another epoxy coat wasn’t going to improve things much for priming... and that the few spots that are a little rough still can be managed with a few coats of primer. 

SO... the first coat of primer is on. Now it’s a matter of working only a couple hours a day and then just waiting for at least another day. ?


So... Sixty plus degrees out today... a new record... a good chance for us to get our bike batteries out of their winter storage place and use them for a little ebike-ride in this afternoon’s sunshine. (Tomorrow is rain.)


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It’s Red. 
The two primer coats were sanded and I decided it was sufficiently smooth to start with my paint. 


The first coat is on... yes, first coats are blotchy. But I found with my sailboat that the next coat evened things out nicely. I plan on three coats of Interlux Brightsides. 




I will pattern the color scheme after the sailboat I built last year (a B&B Yachts Core Sound 15.)


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(The Next Day)

I wasn’t satisfied with how the first red paint coat was coming out on the surface. I did a “roll and tip” approach (roll out a small area with a paint roller and run a bristle brush over it to “convert” the rolled-on surface to a smoother paintbrush surface.)  


The first coat looked too rolled-on. I’m guessing my single once-over with a paintbrush was too light and/or a second pass would be helpful. 

I sanded the first coat and decided to mix an equal part of primer into some red paint (I’d already added to the primer a couple spoons of micro-beads.)  I also added some paint thinner.  The color is a bit darker (with the grey primer) and I was a little firmer with a couple brush passes on everything.  We’ll see tomorrow what the results are. 

(So far, I think the finish is looking better; I’m optimistic.)


(The next morning): Oh yes, much better. 

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No boat work today, but I helped my daughter assemble three Leopold benches for her little back yard space where she will put her new Solo Stove fire pit. We were going to sit around it’s first fire tonight (we thought that when it was 50 degrees) but snow is coming and it got cold... sort of wimpy, I know... another day.)  I cut the pieces last week and rounded the edges. 







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I might have put on a final coat of red today. 
Total: 2 coats of primer, 1 coat of paint, 1 coat of paint and primer mixed, 3 coats of paint on the bottom and sides, 1 more coat of paint on the sides. 
I might take a shot at painting the planned white stripe on the sides, patterned after my sailboat. I only have a plans-drawing of the “boat-sitting-in-water” to go by.  It’s a to-scale drawing so I can take some measurements from it.  I suppose if a stripe doesn’t come out like I hope, I could repaint as needed after after the boat finally makes it into the water. 

I invoke the “10 foot Inspection Rule.”  ?


As my son began his third canoe build he posted this cartoon:



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No Boat Work Today

But lots of recreation.  Beautiful day with 40-50 degree temps and full sunshine!

I started the day with a couple hours of downhill skiing in the excellent spring conditions. 



I came home for lunch and my wife and I rode our bikes about 18 miles, most of it in woods on crushed granite bike trails and the rest in the new bike lanes (our city added about 15 miles of painted bike lanes to main roads last summer... 4 lane roads were reduced to 2 lanes to make more safe space for bicycles... wow!)



The ice is receding and I’ll get my new Core Sound 15 sailboat out of storage within a month. 

Then, I took a couple hours to ride both of my motorcycles for the first time this year. 


A great day. ?

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10 hours ago, Chick Ludwig said:

The red looks GREAT! But, too bad it's so hard to see. (Little joke)

Thanks, Chick. I liked how the red, white, and bright sections came together in the CS15 (Norma T) and, since this boat is a “partner” I thought I would replicate the scheme. 

My last project before flipping the boat and placing it onto the trailer will be to paint a bootstripe on Joe.  I will attempt to use the measurements from a drawing on a page of the plans.  There are no given dimensions. Glen-L couldn’t provide them and they assumed that “dad” got the drawing correct since it was his design. (If you didn’t know, Glen-L was turned over to Duckworks last week.)


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I’m hoping that the line will be just above the water at rest. The motor might dip it down in the back, but, hey, that would be OK to me... kind of a “wanting to get up and GET GOING” look?  And, I think a couple people sitting in the boat would make it a bit more even. 

This is what I’m trying to replicate on my ski-boat, a very different hull. 

This was my process of setting up the tape:



The blue will be the white painted line, I will make the line flare into the bow. 


Removed the blue tape. 



Added wide blue tape to the outside (in case my painting gets sloppy.)



Oh, and I installed rollers onto my trailer bunks.  The boat will have a six inch skid fin on the bottom and the rollers give things a bit more clearance.  ?



And I just got this photo of my daughter visiting with my son’s family in her back yard with her new Leopold benches that we assembled last week.  Great to see them being used as she hoped. ?





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Flipped and on its Trailer

The Wheezer (a 9th grade girl across the street building a Spindrift 10)... I’m mentoring her in this) wasn’t around this afternoon to help my wife and me flip my boat over, but her parents and sister made themselves available.  Yay!

So, it’s now right side up and I can begin the next phase of the build.  (I’ll need to get the trailer adjusted into a better fit.)

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