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Everglades Challenge 2019

Alan Stewart

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Lots of B&B boats in the race this year. 3 CS-17 Mk3s and 2 CS-17s. My Dad and I are sailing Souther Skimmer but the Forecast for the 1st couple of days does not look that great lots of light and fluky wind.  This year we have outfitted the boat with new wishbone booms to help with better sail shape and as a test for the new rig on Randys larger walkabout cat ketch boat. We are also borrowing grams top down furling gear from his core sound 17 mark 3 to furl the spinnaker. You can follow us on the water tribe tracker or directly on our spot page in case that Web site goes down during the race.

Waterteibe tracker. Make sure to choose class 4 or core sound 17 class to see the sailboats.


See the roster here to see who's sailing what boat.



Direct spot link for Alan and Paul.




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Bumpy & Machoman finished about 0200 in a cat

Twobeers & Moresailesed are about an hour from finishing first in Class 4

Alan and Paul have been fighting two 70+ year old Gordon Douglass designs: SkinnyGenes & SkinnyJeans (Thistle 1945)

 and Andyman & NateDog (Highlander 1949). The three were less than an hour apart at checkpoint 1 and have been close to each other all the way and were at checkpoint 2 at dawn.

No other Class 4 boats are close.

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The winds have now gone west so they now have  a nice fair wind. Windy is now showing 9 knots. It will be fair for the next couple of days. If I was near the rear of the fleet I would want to get a hustle on to cross the Bay before it turns foul. Florida Bay is wonderful in a westerly.


The Thistle and Highlander have very large rigs which suits this light air. Greybeard is approaching check point 2  in his mk3 and Bones and Pink dog in their CS17 M3 and 1 respectively are approaching Marco Island.


I do not know what happened to Swimboy in his CS17 but he returned to the start on the first day.

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Swimboy's notes on the roster page said he capsized off Sarasota c. 7 p.m. Saturday evening, was able to get righted, then returned to DeSoto.  And his spot track shows he made it back to the DeSoto ramp.  That's a long haul back north in the dark.  Winds apparently were relatively light at the time of his turnaround.  I bet he has a tale to tell.

Having capsized this summer, I'd be interested in hearing from Swimboy.  I still owe you all my tale.

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Alan still has a slight edge on the Highlander as they turn the corner for Flamingo.  I suspect the race will come down to navigation, local knowledge and boat handling as much as anything at this point.  Alan and Dad should have the upper hand there?!

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This is getting exciting, certainly better than watching grass grow. Alan is in charge now, he has opened up better than  a mile and is exactly on course. The Highlander is well north of the correct course. There is a northerly route called Crocodile Dragover but it is too early to head north yet.

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It must have been a dead calm for them to do that much rowing.  As I found out in the informal Messabout "race", the EC22 doesn't need much wind to move well.


Congratulations to Alan and Paul; after some sleep I have a feeling they will enjoy attacking their calorie deficit.



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We had the original green/white/yellow assym spinnaker. It worked well except for our homemeade torque line for top down furling. It had too much twist and would roll the sail unevenly top to bottom causing the sail to hang up when we tried to unroll it. Rolling it up while it just flogged (no sheet load) worked the best. Other than that we wished wed had a bit more luff tension or had adjustable luff tension but we gave that up with our diy top down furling setup. It was worth the trade off but just needs tweaking and maybe a less twistable torque line. 

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