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  1. Mark Baumgaertner

    unfolding my CS 20 MK3

    Hey guys I'm unfolding my Boat this evening and I was looking for the measurement for the centering of the boat on the Cradle?? I can't find it anywhere. Maybe its not critical initially? I"m thinking its not but if anybody has any info I'd appreciate it.
  2. Mark Baumgaertner

    Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly 2"

    Hey Guys, My name is Mark Baumgaertner, and I've been looking for a micro cruiser for a few years now. I almost bought the CLC Pocketship Kit recently until I ran across the B and B's CS 17 MK3 which I quickly fell in love with the design. I live in Port Townsend, WA and have been wanting to downsize from my Clipper 33' Cheoy Lee. One question I have is how much space is in the cuddy cabin and will I be able to move my 6'5" 240 lb 54 year old body around? I know it will be small and the space is for getting out of the weather and sleeping primarily. Can any of you guys shed some light on my question?

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