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  1. Ahhhhhh just what I need some moral support! Alan your timing is impeccable.
  2. How many people does it take to flip your CS20 MK3, I'm almost ready to flip mine too.
  3. Lovely video! Is that a jetboil stove?
  4. Beautiful name Amos. I am curious to know if you have rowed your boat much, I'm not as strong as I used to be and trying to figure out if it's worth leaving the cockpit coaming open for oar storage or just closing it off permanently for added buoyancy and storage up front for misc. gear? A imagine a 20' boat would not be easy, I've rowed a 16' Aluminum boat about a mile when I was in my 20s now I'm in my 50s and it doesn't sound like fun! I've been combing the internet for pedal powered propulsion system and found a couple I might try. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I've just started fitting my inwales and cockpit sides.
  5. Haha Steve I feel your pain, my wife Linda will come out and help me only when I ask her to hold something etc. But no volunteering to lay a fillet or sand.
  6. Extremely informative videos Alan, keep them coming I'm right behind you in the build of my CS MK3. I just fitted my anchor locker deck and cut my forward inwales and cabin top stringers.
  7. Very nice looking boat on your video! What type of paint did you use on the hull sides and what color is it?
  8. Pete, Nice job on all your boat alterations! I'm particularly interested in your OBM and motor well/mount. I've read and studied your pictures and plan to build something similar. I haven't purchased an outboard for my CS 20 MK3 yet, I was hoping to get by with an electric trolling motor since I'm not fond of the noise and mess of gas. But I am coming to the realization that if I'm going to venture into near coastal waters and safely navigate high currents and shipping traffic I will need to be able to maneuver when the winds die. I am at the stage in my build just prior to installing the hatches and stringer material for the cockpit seating and I wanted to get my motor well mounted, my telescoping Garlick ladder mounted and backing supports for my eventual windvane. Therefore I will need to purchase an adequate outboard. I was wondering if your OB was a Suzuki 4 or 5 hp ? I think they are basically the same overall dimensions? And if so does it fit and store inside your cockpit locker? I think I remember you saying it was a short shaft 15"? Is the wash plate below your transom? What are the dimensions of your well and height of OB mount above transom? Thanks, Mark
  9. I sure love that you thought about us big guys Graham !!
  10. I'm jealous! I'm also a big guy at 6'5" 230 lbs and I'm building a CS 20MK3 hoping it will be big enough for my wife and me, probably more me than her (hehehe). Time will tell, I've had bigger boats and wanted something that was easily trailered and stored for the winter, yet still provided some protection from the elements and seaworthy enough for some coastal sailing. But this new design sure looks sweet! would love to see more drawings and will be watching your build closely.
  11. She's looking good! I've been trying to decide what size to make my motor well on my CS 20 MK3. I don't have a small gas motor yet, I have a trolling motor which I hope to use mostly but on longer trips I think I may need the extended capability of the gas engine like a Honda 2.3 or something. So I need to make sure I make the motor well large enough for that. I also will be mounting a ladder from Garlick that fits in a tube and deploys out the transom. Apparently Amos and someone else installed one too. My dilemma is I want to install Graham's wind vane too, I'm just not sure there is enough room on the transom for it all to work as designed, LOL.
  12. Yes Alan, I appreciate your very helpful insight on how to sail the cat ketch rig with a spinnaker
  13. I also love the green color, I have been thinking about painting my CS 20MK3 with green sides and a yellow pin stripe and maybe beige topsides.
  14. Which GPS plotter do you guys like for small boat sailing?
  15. Interesting how you guys refer to it as VMG instead of what most Mariners at least on the west coast refer to it as SMG (speed made good) or CMG (course made good). As a licensed deck officer and 23 years as a Coast Guard rescue boat operator I had never heard of VMG. Anyways thank you for your explanation. After looking the term up on google search it is a sailing yacht term to describe upwind sailing as you guys previously stated, which might be why I wasn't familiar with the term, even though I'm no stranger to sailing either. Learn something every day!
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