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  1. Hello Samantha, hope your build is progressing nicely, I purchased my SS piano hinges from Fisherman's Supply in Seattle Fisheries Supply: Marine Supplies & Boat Supplies Since 1928 . They were 20' long and I cut them to length using a portable right angle grinder with a cut off disc.
  2. I installed the same ladder on my boat, I think it will be perfect!
  3. Yes Alan, I agree with you I think the centerboard is painted the same color as the hull, a dark blue. Making it hard to see in the photo but the top leading edge is just barely visible. After reading the article I couldn't stop wondering if maybe Jim had suffered from a some medical issue and was unconscious inside the cabin of the boat. since the boat capsized before the swimmer had a chance to gain entry into the boat. Swimmers are specifically not permitted to swim under and into capsized boats for good reason. But that would be an explanation why the PLB was never activated and why a PFD was never found. Troubling to be sure and a good reminder to us all that sailing solo offshore is a high risk sport for which we should take every safety precaution possible.
  4. Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions on how best to strike a waterline on my hull. I think I will go with the B and B tape method. I plan to flip my boat right side up and mark the waterline then flip it back upside down and paint the bottom. Hopefully this method will give me the best looking waterline possible.
  5. So, I am nearing the completion of glassing my hull with fairing and sanding left to be done. I'm going to be applying a coating called Wetlander" to the bottom areas waterline down. The coating is a highly durable slippery compound used primarily on flat bottom boats that frequent the shallows of rivers and swamps. Enabling the watercraft to slide easily over sand and gravel bars. I'm hoping it will enable me to self launch my CS 20MK3 off of beaches etc. My question is what is the best way to draw my waterline? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  6. Does the race organizers require participants to carry an EPIRB or a PLA? Having spent 23 years in the CG and been involved in 100s of Rescues, I know that having an EPIRB and wearing a PFD and a Drysuit drastically increases your chances of being rescued. Personally I would never engage in coastal sailing without those items that I consider the bare minimum. This is a tragic situation that could have been avoided. My heart goes out to his family and friends. On a separate note I saw that the centerboard was not sticking out of the boat making re-righting next to impossible, water ballast? mast float installed? All questions I have since I am building a CS 20MK3. I hope we as a community can come up with a workable solution to ensure the centerboard stays down during inclement weather.
  7. So Alan, do you recommend a keel strip or not? I'm getting ready to flip my boat upside down and begin the bottom glassing. What are the disadvantages of a keel strip? And why did you decide against it?
  8. Ahhhhhh just what I need some moral support! Alan your timing is impeccable.
  9. How many people does it take to flip your CS20 MK3, I'm almost ready to flip mine too.
  10. Lovely video! Is that a jetboil stove?
  11. Beautiful name Amos. I am curious to know if you have rowed your boat much, I'm not as strong as I used to be and trying to figure out if it's worth leaving the cockpit coaming open for oar storage or just closing it off permanently for added buoyancy and storage up front for misc. gear? A imagine a 20' boat would not be easy, I've rowed a 16' Aluminum boat about a mile when I was in my 20s now I'm in my 50s and it doesn't sound like fun! I've been combing the internet for pedal powered propulsion system and found a couple I might try. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I've just started fitting my inwales and cockpit sides.
  12. Haha Steve I feel your pain, my wife Linda will come out and help me only when I ask her to hold something etc. But no volunteering to lay a fillet or sand.
  13. Extremely informative videos Alan, keep them coming I'm right behind you in the build of my CS MK3. I just fitted my anchor locker deck and cut my forward inwales and cabin top stringers.
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