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Dawn & Paul’s CS-20 MK3 #16

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It was with heavy hearts that we sold our much loved Core Sound 20 “Dawn Patrol” this past Spring.  Paul, Alan, and I built the boat in 2007 (I really only did sanding and painting).  We  started in Nov with a deadline of March’s 2008 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge.  Alan was in NC State and would come home for marathon building weekends to help Paul.  And yes, they were still working out hardware and rigging on the beach the day before that Challenge.  Over the years we’ve had some great vacations, and Alan and Paul continued to sail it (almost) annually each year in WaterTribe events.  We think we found it a good home, it sure did look good after it was refurbished, thanks Alan. 


We’d already decided last year that we wanted to build the updated Mark3. I loved the larger cabin, and many of the other new features are just too attractive.  This time we’d build from a kit.  Even better, B&B has a new (not yet advertised) service where you can have them put the hull together, with BH1 and BH2 in place along with a few stringers holding it together.  This would save us time, and space.  The hurricane set us all back a bit, but last week we drove down with flatbed trailer and picked up our hull.  We live 3 1/2 hours away from the shop.


This weekend we finally got things started.  I’ve been router-ing some edges and epoxy coat painting some of the pieces needed next. Paul’s building the center board trunk.  We’re trying to get as much ready as possible for this upcoming weekend.  Alan and Taylor will be here and I’m collecting on my birthday present from them.





We’ve started a new build photo album here https://photos.app.goo.gl/x31T1GQgSfhR7eDz8

and we’ll report updates, questions, etc.... as we go. 


Stay tuned.  

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So far this week we’ve had to hit the hardware store everyday for little misc stuff (more brushes, rollers, sandpaper, plywood).  And daily phone calls with questions to Alan.  He assures me it’s ok, he basically answers similar questions most days at work. Paul spent much of last night making a new top with flip-up extension on our workbench for more work surface.  He’s got the centerboard trunk almost completed.  I’m hoping he adds one to the other side too.  Today, I’ll be sanding, sanding, and more sanding various parts and pieces I’ve epoxy coated.



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17 hours ago, Designer said:



Yes the coupon is valid and will be honored by B&B for members of the family which includes you. You just need to present a valid coupon printed on a B&B printer. 


Chick is like a brother to me - Or maybe a crazy uncle.  Here's my coupon.  Thank you Taylor and Alan! :)



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Missed the point? Hey, It's a real copy of a "valid coupon printed on a B&B printer". That outa be good enough.

It must be. The fact that those wonderful B&B folks have ALWAYS provided LOTS of help proves that they DO honor their coupons ---retroactively!


But this particular coupon is for the Young Master, Alan, and his beautiful and talented wife, Miss Taylor, to come for a week month to help with my next project. Room, board, Real Southern Sweet Teaand a working vacation in the Apple-atcha mountains provided. Day trip down the hill to visit Don and Don can also be arranged.


So, now back to Dawn and Paul posts. Sorry for taking it over.


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