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  1. The WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge started about 7am this morning off the Beach at Cedar Island. 19 boats according to the rooster, 2 are B&B sailboats. A Core Sound 17 with KDubs and Maggers (Kevin Wenger and daughter), and a Core Sound 17 Mark 3 with Chief (Steve Isaac) and SOS (our own Alan Stewart). With only 19 boats it’s easy to see the tracking map with all boats, you will have to zoom in and click on icon to see who they are. tracking map is https://watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx rooster of participants and their boats can be found here https://watertribe.com/Events/ShowRosters.aspx looks like our Guys are now on the Neuse. Dawn
  2. Here is where we are in our build The anchor well floor has been glued in. The forward locker is constructed. The cabin bunks are done. We just finished glueing in the hanging knees. Epoxy coating of cabin bunks and sides will be next. In the cabin, the lids for the bunk storage compartment are held down by magnets. We recessed 4 magnets in the inside corners of the lids, and the underside of the hatch rings. The battery box in front of ballast tank waiting on electrical planning. We plan for the boat to be all solar, including an electric motor, so some planning needed on how to run the wires. The baffles in the ballast tank have been installed. The tops are not glued in yet as plumbing decisions still needed. Might wait to see what Alan plans for that. Bulkhead 3 (cabin door) not installed yet. Much of the cockpit structure is complete and epoxy coated. Still need to make hatch and hatch rings, and cleats for cockpit seat tops. We plan to use electric motor, installed inboard at the transom locker. Need to buy the electric motor in order to work on that. The idea is that the motor will installed in a well in the transom locker. Lots more to do. And more pics updated at https://photos.app.goo.gl/x31T1GQgSfhR7eDz8 IMG_0869.MOV
  3. So..... even though very silent, Paul and I are now building. Life got in the way for awhile, I think we took about a 6 month break, and, we are very slow. Alan insists we won’t win the award for slowest build if we’d get at it. It just seems like so much more fun to sit with a beer and watch Alan’s videos on “how to” then to actually do it But we are back at it. Reacher I don’t know about any deleted photos, our photo album is here https://photos.app.goo.gl/x31T1GQgSfhR7eDz8 We have not been very good lately at taking pictures, but we do plan to take a bunch this evening and write up a report on where we are, and some of the creative things we’ve done and plan. So stay tuned.
  4. So far this week we’ve had to hit the hardware store everyday for little misc stuff (more brushes, rollers, sandpaper, plywood). And daily phone calls with questions to Alan. He assures me it’s ok, he basically answers similar questions most days at work. Paul spent much of last night making a new top with flip-up extension on our workbench for more work surface. He’s got the centerboard trunk almost completed. I’m hoping he adds one to the other side too. Today, I’ll be sanding, sanding, and more sanding various parts and pieces I’ve epoxy coated.
  5. It was with heavy hearts that we sold our much loved Core Sound 20 “Dawn Patrol” this past Spring. Paul, Alan, and I built the boat in 2007 (I really only did sanding and painting). We started in Nov with a deadline of March’s 2008 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge. Alan was in NC State and would come home for marathon building weekends to help Paul. And yes, they were still working out hardware and rigging on the beach the day before that Challenge. Over the years we’ve had some great vacations, and Alan and Paul continued to sail it (almost) annually each year in WaterTribe events. We think we found it a good home, it sure did look good after it was refurbished, thanks Alan. We’d already decided last year that we wanted to build the updated Mark3. I loved the larger cabin, and many of the other new features are just too attractive. This time we’d build from a kit. Even better, B&B has a new (not yet advertised) service where you can have them put the hull together, with BH1 and BH2 in place along with a few stringers holding it together. This would save us time, and space. The hurricane set us all back a bit, but last week we drove down with flatbed trailer and picked up our hull. We live 3 1/2 hours away from the shop. This weekend we finally got things started. I’ve been router-ing some edges and epoxy coat painting some of the pieces needed next. Paul’s building the center board trunk. We’re trying to get as much ready as possible for this upcoming weekend. Alan and Taylor will be here and I’m collecting on my birthday present from them. We’ve started a new build photo album here https://photos.app.goo.gl/x31T1GQgSfhR7eDz8 and we’ll report updates, questions, etc.... as we go. Stay tuned.
  6. Love the idea of a calendar. Maybe next year folks can submit their best sailing pics of a B&B boat to make it up. Not so sure naked SAILORS works well Dawn
  7. If your interested, there will be some great chatter about the Core Sounds and the EC22 in this years EC, as well as all things sailable on a thread already started on Sailing Anarchy here http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=164096, much of the commentary comes from Watertribers who have completed ECs in the past, and other colourful folks. Also our good friend Steve puts out a blog called Log of Spartina, he sails his home built Welsford Pathfinder, http://logofspartina.blogspot.com. He is Paul and Alan's shore contact and will be blogging a bit about thier challenge.
  8. I am so sorry to hear this. I've followed your website for years (primarily kayaking) and I was really looking forward to meeting you all. Luckily it's an annual event, so should happen again. Dawn
  9. Wes you might get a few takers for a rowing contest at the Messabout. I know Graham and Randy, as well as Paul and Alan will all be rowing thier boats at least 8 miles up the Harlowe Canal during the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge next week. Possibly more miles depending on weather. So they'll be ready! Dawn
  10. Paul is generally a purist about a motor, but when we planned to do the week long 200 mile trip on the NC Coast this past June (with our friend Steve Earley in his Pathfinder), I told him I wouldn't do it with him without a motor. Too much rowing for me in the really hot NC summer days when the wind dies (paddling is different . We had a route and a schedule that we were going to try and keep to within reason. Luckily he acquiesced and Ken lent us his. We had a great time, very little motoring, but helpful when needed. Now of course I'm pushing to buy our own just to have. Paul's attitude is if we have one, we'll use it. Paul's just started a blog to post about our 'Dawn Patrol' trip reports, boat building etc... its at http://cs20dawnpatrol.blogspot.com/. As a statistician he was quite interested in looking at some of the details of our motor use during the trip, and is now writing an article that reports on it, how long, when, benefits, etc... Still no work yet about buying one though Dawn
  11. Paul and I just spent 8 days on vacation at the NC Coast in our Core Sound 20 "Dawn Patrol", along with another boat, Steve Earley's John Welsford Pathfinder named "Spartina". We had a great time. I think I can now call myself a real sailor. And I can't wait for our next trip. Steve is a professional photographer and blogger, he's started posting pics and trip reports will follow at http://logofspartina.blogspot.com/ I too keep a blog and have started writing up the trip at http://sandybottomkayaker.blogspot.com/ We even managed to sail up to Graham's for a short visit when they were painting Marissa before leaving for Maine. Dawn
  12. The issue of motor is one Paul and I have had many discussions on for our Core Sound 20. He prefers not to put a motor on her. He's done WaterTribe challenges which don't allow motor's, he's had success without, and we do have a good set of oars (he's and Alan rowed as long as 8 miles). For our day and weekend sailing (knowing the weather), and as I learn more and get comfortable with sailing, I'm getting fine without a motor, and even enjoy rowing with the oars when needed. But we are now planning longer weeklong (vacation) trips at the coast. These are planned to have flexable (to some extent) routing and scheduling, but it would be nice to have the motor if needed to keep with the plan or at least be able to get home after the week. And for other unforseen times especially for use in areas with high tidal currents, lots of boat traffic (Beufort area), and docking. It's a non-ending argument. But when all said and done, seems a minor issue to me to have it, and just plan not to use it. If it gives me some comfort of mind, makes me more interested in sailing trips together, than it seems a no brainer. Dawn
  13. Oh and don't forget the WaterTribe NC challenges. These are scheduled for Sept 24-26 this year. NCC will be same event 100 miles, the NCUM will follow the NCC to it's first checkpoint, 50 miles. Basic route, Cedar Island up the Neuse River, Harlowe Canal to Beufort, up Core Sound back to Cedar Island. Graham and Randy placed 1st last year in the EC22, Paul and Alan placed 3rd in the CS20. A kayak racer placed 2nd The website has not been updated for this years event, but I'll post information when it is. Does not have to be done as hard core race. Come on Ken! Dawn
  14. There is the NC OBX130 this summer, http://www.obx130.com/ Dawn
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