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The Building of Old Codger

Chick Ludwig

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Old Codger was complaining to me that no one has commented on his trip to the messabout that he told y'all about in the Boating and Cruising Stories part of the Forum. He named it: Old Codger Attends the 2020 B&B messabout

I told him that maybe no one noticed it down there.

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thanks Chick for reminding me. Read yesterday and enjoyed it very much.

Please give my regards to the Old Codger who seems to be quite young at heart - in spite of his name. Maybe like his creator and maybe like most of us???

My dear wife at least was a bit surprised to hear that others speak with- and about their boats like that too ( she herself is a master in wording our dog’s thoughts though)

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Awww, Don. Ya jut don't understand the relationship of an old cracker-boy and his boat. All the time conceiving, building, finishing. Nights lying awake working out the intimate details, fretting, and lavishing time and love eventually imbue the boat with a special "sole"---a life of it's own. Maybe only Southern boats reach such a high level of conscientiousness.

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