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  1. Andy Breckenridge

    Advice on motor mount CS17

    Many thanks for the different solutions and pictures! (I like the simplicity and cost of a 2x8 bolted to the transom, but unfortunately the motor would get in the way of one of my deck hatches.) I have a CLC NE Dory I can row, and I can always remove the motor later if I decide it's not necessary. However, my wife was on a crew team in college and she's not enthusiastic about rowing anything but a rowing shell - everything else is too slow. This was Roger Peterson's boat, which was started in 2003. I'm hoping to launch by early July.
  2. Andy Breckenridge

    Advice on motor mount CS17

    I have an aft deck with two deck hatches, so I won’t make a motor well cut into the deck (I see lots of pretty ones on the forum). I think I need a really long motor bracket (to provide clearance from the transom to raise the motor) or a lifting motor mount? Is there something on the market that would work, or do you have pictures of a custom solution? (This is with a Suzuki longshaft motor). Many thanks, Andy (I'm finishing hull #57.)

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