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  1. Amos et al, to be honest, I've read a bunch about the mk3 and i still don't fully understand the water ballast system. How do you access the tanks for storage of stuff? I've seen only a couple 6" ports. What are you planning to fit down there?
  2. Ok! this sounds promising. My sailing experience is limited to off-the-ramp dinghy sailing at summer sailing school, so I know how to move the boat, but some of the cruising skills I've never done. Very helpful. Thanks, Graham, for the calculation. I have lots of custom details imagined for my fantasy boat, but as yet no plan to move out of the city so I can build it..... patience....
  3. OK Thanks! Good advice about the dinghy. I was hoping you guys would say that. But how do you anchor for the night? Swim to shore? I would want to leave a good buffer of clear water before the rocks, surely. I guess I could just plan to sleep aboard and leave the other folks in the tent? I'm accustomed to canoe and kayak trips, so perhaps I can stay within that level of luxury... thanks for the responses, keep em coming!
  4. Hi All, I've recently learned about the B&B family of designs and I am very impressed. The CS20mk3 is pretty much the kind of thing I have been searching for..... I think. I'm looking for some guidance as to whether it will satisfy all of my hopes. Mostly I want a trailerable boat for day sailing solo or with a couple guests. Something exciting enough for me, but also predictable enough to stay dry in moderate conditions. So far so good, I gather. But it would be really nice if that same boat could be used for occasional camping trips with my family. Right now we have one child,
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