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  1. Amos et al, to be honest, I've read a bunch about the mk3 and i still don't fully understand the water ballast system. How do you access the tanks for storage of stuff? I've seen only a couple 6" ports. What are you planning to fit down there?
  2. Ok! this sounds promising. My sailing experience is limited to off-the-ramp dinghy sailing at summer sailing school, so I know how to move the boat, but some of the cruising skills I've never done. Very helpful. Thanks, Graham, for the calculation. I have lots of custom details imagined for my fantasy boat, but as yet no plan to move out of the city so I can build it..... patience....
  3. OK Thanks! Good advice about the dinghy. I was hoping you guys would say that. But how do you anchor for the night? Swim to shore? I would want to leave a good buffer of clear water before the rocks, surely. I guess I could just plan to sleep aboard and leave the other folks in the tent? I'm accustomed to canoe and kayak trips, so perhaps I can stay within that level of luxury... thanks for the responses, keep em coming!
  4. Hi All, I've recently learned about the B&B family of designs and I am very impressed. The CS20mk3 is pretty much the kind of thing I have been searching for..... I think. I'm looking for some guidance as to whether it will satisfy all of my hopes. Mostly I want a trailerable boat for day sailing solo or with a couple guests. Something exciting enough for me, but also predictable enough to stay dry in moderate conditions. So far so good, I gather. But it would be really nice if that same boat could be used for occasional camping trips with my family. Right now we have one child, but may one day have another. I am wondering if it could handle loading up camping gear for four and food for a week to 10 days for camping on Georgian bay of Lake Huron. I picture us loading up and sailing to a campsite on shore, setting up camp and using an inflatable of some sort to putter about and get back and forth to the boat. Is this realistic? I see some potential problems with my plan. For one, designed displacement is only 1500lbs, but I would like to be able to know that it can safely handle bumping that to 2000. (500 people, 650 boat, 350 water ballast(?), 100 inflatable etc, 200 camping gear, 200 food). I've done my share of backpacking, but prefer boating for the ability to bring luxuries along, like fresh food. I suppose we could pare that down, but you add in an outboard etc. etc. and it seems like a realistic number. Can I be safe with loading it up? Two, the whole inflatable tender idea seems fraught. Hopefully we could find a place to pull up and unload to shore directly from the CS20-3, but Georgian bay is very rocky and beaches might not be available. Anyone have experience to help me here? Perhaps heresy to ask on this forum, but are there other boats I should consider? All the other designs I look at seem a different breed of craft - most seem to have 2000lbs of lead or some such thing. I guess that could be ok, but I don't want to lug that around if I can help it. I want to be able to get it off the trailer and rigged quickly by myself. I really like the simple, forgiving and low maintenance nature of the cat ketch rig (from reading only). I would like to build it, but I don't want to take years doing so. I like the idea of a complete kit. So far I have never seen that from another supplier. If faced with the prospect of building a more elaborate or heavy boat (Dix Cape Henry or Cape May for example), I think I might just buy a used keel boat and call it a day. Maybe Graham is thinking of putting together a lightly ballasted Core Sound 22/24 with accommodations for 3 or 4?? Hint/nudge? Thoughts anyone? Thanks!! Ian
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