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  1. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Unfortunately everything I do on the deck has a soundtrack set by my wife since she's closer to the stereo, so it's either some kind of weird techno music or Scandinavian punk rock. Really getting down to the wire on this thing...hope to hoist it off the roof next weekend.
  2. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    The ongoing saga of fiddly bits, as told via the instagrams
  3. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    I love those nostalgic moments of boating history. So many things you couldn't do today because some committee of henpeckers would demand a law. There's sometimes a justification but so often it just deprives the world of a specific form of anarchic beauty... One day I'll write down all the stories I remember from growing up poor in a coastal town, at a time when people were walking away from their homes and rowing boats because a dollar a gallon was too much money to fuel a ten horse Johnson, but the whole area wasn't overfished and almost everyone respected the limits and the size, so even if you were broke you could eat like a king and we ate salmon steaks, kelp greenling or ling cod most nights because catching them from a rowboat on homemade lures and cheap spinning gear was practically free. We didn't have a high-speed beach launch option but there was a sheltered spot my dad would run the leaky old 12' Springbok into, then drag it up the gravel, stand it up and carry it on his back up past the breakwater to the street and load it onto the car, which was a '68 Volvo sedan. The outboard would go in the trunk, and we'd drive up the street back to the house, which was about a block and a half away; it was just a little too far for him to carry the boat although I recall him doing it once or twice, while I dragged the motor and tackle in a wagon. Beach launches and simple boats...not something I'll ever lose the love for, I don't think.
  4. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Yeah, in the background you can see the tops bits of what is locally known as "Miami Beach" because it is the only actual beachlike area on the island. At low tide, the white (ancient oyster shell) sand stretches out towards the horizon for literally...tens of feet. I mean technically we also have this: (wife in foreground, commuter in background) But it's basically glue, strewn with large rock just under the surface, and it ends in a wall of rock. We rested the bow on it once just to unload groceries...the back half was still floating but I had to lift the bow about three inches to get her back out. Would have waited for the tide to turn, but if it settles, you could have bedrock poking up through the mud and into the hull. This is the real reason for the Catspaw 8: bringing the commuter right up to the shore is a headache. I just leave it out there on the hook and row in with a week's worth of stuff. The only time I bring the big boat to the shoreline is if I have to unload something really ungainly, like new furniture etc. At any rate I'm really looking forward to having a tender that rows well, and sails a bit. Today I bought all the rigging hardware although of course I ended up straying from the plans a bit; I intend to build the spritsail version but wanted a halyard and downhaul for reefing without screwing around, plus ready access to snotter tension via a line to the centreboard trunk. So I have cheek blocks and clamcleats etc on the way. I have been struggling with locating spar timbers of sufficient quality and was getting really frustrated and then suddenly on Friday it occurred to me: I have acres of forest at my island place. I couldn't even guess how many bone-dry douglas fir poles I have at my disposal. The standing deadwood of approximate size alone must be hundreds; I'm pretty sure I have half a dozen actually laid up and dry under the floor which I put up for no specific reason; they were just really straight and I thought I might need them someday. I'll just plane a couple of those down, which I'm actually super excited about. Why not have a mast of your own timber? It's kind of cool. Anyway I'm hoping to get the rigging close before I leave the city again, and maybe mock up a cheap temporary sail so I can get some distance and do a bit of fishing and crabbing. I think I'm stuck in the city for another 2-3 weeks before I have enough accomplished to be left alone for a while, so that might be enough time to get it sail-ready.
  5. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    It would be kind of interesting to see guys with expensive fibreglass boats doing that. That video is about how I've seen it done: soft flat beach, sacrificial boat. Here it would just destroy the boat; might as well drive it into a concrete pier.
  6. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    They must have pretty forgiving beaches! You could do it once here, but just once. I have seen some boats run up on to sand before, but usually either aluminum or 3rd world wood.
  7. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Very west indeed here; rarely a shortage of salmon in PR so that trip has real potential! This is the first hull I've hit with graphite so I'm curious to see how it does. The bay where it will spend most of its life is half oyster and half rock, so it should be a decent proving ground. Will be up and down the beach many, many times. When not on the beach this will mostly be under a cover...it's not self bailing (obviously) and has to live for weeks at a time on the hook so keeping rain out is a moderately high priority. But keeping sun off the black probably isn't a bad idea either, at least a couple of months a year!
  8. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    I thought about it but the only place it'll really be upside down is on the beach at my island place which is really shaded. I'll shoot the trim with an infrared gun maybe this weekend and see how hot it gets but it's coastal Canada after all. I think it'll survive okay. Enough people have graphited their hulls by now that I feel like if it was destroying boats I'd have heard of it. But I do have an infrared thermometer I can always test it with.
  9. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Should be working; instead making progress on the boat. Whole lotta System3 WR-LPU goin' on...non-skid on the deck and lots of linked polyurethane! Not much left but the rigging and the lifetime of noticing everything I screwed up.
  10. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Sorry, I forgot to respond to this. That's a Catspaw 8, built mostly to spec, so I think that was 1/4 ply? I would actually have to look at the plans but whatever the recommended thickness was, that's what I used. A few random bits were thicker because I had a small pile of scraps that I thought would be enough to just buy two sheets of ply, which has worked out pretty well. I think the weight is arould 75 pounds but I haven't weighed it. It's got an extra few pounds on the bottom because I used a sheet of 6oz fabric and a graphite-epoxy mix on the bottom, plus that random deck/coaming assembly, and in general not doing too much of this stuff so slopping everything on thicker than necessary. I'm REALLY excited to try it out; I have a really busy week this week but next week I'm hoping to get it done.
  11. cracked_ribs

    Just want to say thanks

    The Marissa is the boat I'd like to have for fishing from my vacation home. It's not quite enough boat for the big stuff I do but it would be so much cheaper, more fun, and better laid out than my heavy weather pilothouse for the lighter work that I often think about building one and just leaving it up there. If I can get relocated to somewhere with more space and a little closer where the waters are more protected, it would make an awesome summer commuter. Too many boats, too much work, not enough space, not enough time. I love that design though.
  12. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    She was fully leathered up for the crash actually, so not a mark on her skin (which she was very, very happy about). Actually, one of the few funny moments afterwards was her determination to wiggle out of her leathers before the paramedics could cut them off. She got out of the jacket and it was really hot out so she was wearing just a bikini underneath and then when the firefighters arrived they started lecturing her about riding in a bikini and how they couldn't believe she didn't have road rash. Then the paramedics showed up and they were a couple of fairly young women who loved the leather pants so much they spent about five minutes carefully sliding her out of them instead of cutting them off. In fact all the first responders were amazing; the firefighters offered to take her bike and gear back to the fire hall so I could pick it up at my leisure, and about half the people on scene were riders themselves so they really went into high gear. Surgery on the shoulder is tomorrow at 6 am. They're screwing and plating her collarbone because it's pretty much wrecked and won't heal correctly on its own. But she is in good spirits and once they bolt her shoulder back together she should heal up quickly - they said 6-8 weeks to full recovery which is just amazing. I watched her hit the ground and slide past me and I did not expect news that good. One of the rabbits seems to understand her limited mobility or reduced movement or something and keeps hanging around her and licking her ankles and sitting next to her on the couch. I think it is a bit concerned. The other one is totally indifferent but she's basically a wild rabbit so...extraordinarily fast, not very approachable. Kind of a jerk. Somewhat incredibly her bike sustained less visible damage than mine. I broke a mirror because when she slid past me I leapt off, apparently clearing the bars completely and dropping the bike. I have no memory of this but two cars stopped to help and the drivers watched it all and told me later. Her bike was almost perfectly intact, with a tiny bit of rash on the headlight ring and ONE of two filaments in one turn signal broken. That's it. It's so light I think her leg stopped it; it was on top of her and her calf is totally bruised from where it hit. The opposite side mirror stalk was a tiny bit bent because I flung it off of her and it fell over the other way, but that I just bent back for the ride home. Anyway tough to watch and very hard to see her injured but she seems to be recuperating quickly.
  13. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Yeah, she's quite supportive. The bunnies mostly focus on scampering, and (I discovered this morning) tunnelling into the hay storage. A hay bale is for a rabbit is like that far side cartoon about dog heaven where a mail truck made entirely from spam rolls through. It's a home, and it's also their favourite food! The wife is currently recovering from a motorcycle crash - she lowsided her bike while panic-stopping trying to avoid someone turning left across her path and in the process, broke her collarbone. As such she is totally off the hook for rowing duties...a clever ploy. She is furious about not being able to apply makeup with her right hand for the moment but otherwise fine. The driver was oblivious to the situation and carried on as though nothing had happened. That happened yesterday so I've taken the day off to care for her but she doesn't need much pampering so I may do some more boat work if she doesn't need help for a bit.
  14. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Oh also: oars.

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