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  1. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Well, I finally have some demonstrable progress: Work continues on the little tender; I have the keel in place and have begun the finishing stages. Here you can see the graphite bottom treatment; that's epoxy with graphite powder mixed in. It's a bit tricky to lay but it went down pretty good in the end. Should be extremely hard and slippery when cured, although once I have the thing in the water I'll need to put bottom paint on a part of it just to keep marine growth off it...it'll be sitting in the bay for months at a time so the actual part that stays wet will get an ablative paint or something. I have a bit lying around somewhere. I'd really like to try this graphite bottom on my Double Eagle. The current running surface is about 40 coats of ablative paint, applied with a spatula or maybe a cat. It's hard to tell. But it'd be a headache to apply. Still, for a trailered boat, a really slippery, wear-resistant surface might be nice to have. Wife still tolerating the project fairly well. The rabbits have been acting out all week though...my wife was away for a week and they were quite annoyed about it and nibbled everything and stopped using their litter box in protest. Strange animals. They seem to have calmed down now, though: their tiny, fuzzy rage has melted away now that my wife is back.
  2. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    That's a really good idea. To be honest that fairing board was a 20 minute project that I just photographed a lot so I'd feel like I was accomplishing something but that rigid foam concept is a really good one. I also have freakishly large hands, so I don't really see a downside. And since most of my stuff is connected to my off-grid place, it happens that I probably have a bunch of rigid foam lying around somewhere, because I have used a bunch of it to make cooler-coolers. I usually draw them up to maximize whatever foam I have available but there's almost always a strip left over, often something in the 3-6"x16-24" range. So somewhere here I probably have a backer ready to go. That's a good idea. Oh, I will also say that elsewhere I was already asked about the spray deflector profile. It's a slightly unusual shape and as such I guess it makes sense that people might be curious about it, and as it happens it is specifically designed to meet a very particular set of parameters. The parameters are laid out below: 1) I had a piece about that shape and even though I planned on making a more conventional, rounded shape, I thought this looked kind of interesting so I just smoothed it up and left it.
  3. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    I apologize for the lack of updates; it's a mix of being really busy, and the fact that most of what's left to do is a bunch of subtle incremental changes so the pictures never look any different than the week before. Construction is basically complete; I'm really just prepping surfaces for finishing now. Here's the current state: I didn't plan on leaving much more than trim in bright but the further along I get the more I am tempted to leave a lot of visible wood. This is slowing things down because I need the epoxied surfaces to be fair, I can't just throw putty on it to fix things. But some larger surfaces may look good enough to leave a bit of wood out. I have ordered the WR-LPU as a couple of people have suggested; it's impossible that they know less than I do about brightwork so by definition they know more and I'll give that a try on everything that stays bright. It will be more than I originally intended but we'll see how that goes. I'm not committing to very much yet! I have at least gotten it to the point that it feels like a boat awaiting paint, rather than half a boat. I'm really, really looking forward to splashing her before too long.
  4. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Hers is a parallel twin but I LOVE the 350four. Super cool little machine.
  5. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Well, back to work on the plywood piranha. I work two jobs, one of which is cyclical in nature, so for two weeks I didn't touch the thing because I was barely sleeping, let alone boat building. But as of Sunday I am clear again for a few weeks, and the boat is again getting attention. There's not much to show, I guess, because all of the changes are pretty tiny. I added another coat of epoxy inside, and it's about as waterproof as I think it's going to get now. I've been slathering glue on all the various trim bits; they're getting pretty close. I got sick of looking at that one rubrail that cracked which I then repaired, so Sunday afternoon I ripped it off and replaced it. What else...I got the permanent centre frame parts cut out, although I think I'm going to trim the plywood gussets down some. I roughed in the "deck" bits from plywood scrap; you can get a sense of where that'll go. I think the only other thing is that I got the daggerboard trunk partly figured out. Other than that it's just been coats of glue.
  6. cracked_ribs

    "There be whales Cap'n...!"

    That's really cool. Seeing whales up close is super impressive; I've only seen orcas around here and none recently, although my wife diligently points out anything that could be a whale, anywhere. But you can see the degree to which whale sightings are valued here:
  7. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Really should not have spent any time on it today but got a couple of hours in anyway. Just cutting some stuff to size and mocking up stuff for later. The bump in the bow seat is the really roughly sized mast collar. It's not shaped or anything, I just hacked it out so I could get the seat sized correctly.
  8. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Incremental gains...plywood gussets for the centre frame cut out. Centre seat mocked up. Almost done glueing parts together. Started fairing the interior just a little, taking down the high spots from runs here and there. Stern seat has a pretty good curve to it so I'm weighing it down to flatten it a bit. Need to tape the bulkheads in place but probably won't get to that right away. Need to assemble the centre frame; will probably glue it up in place with saran wrap etc between the frame and the hull so I can keep it free until the fairing is done. Need to think about the bow seat a little; it has to incorporate a mast collar so that'll take some effort. I guess there's no point in just listing everything left to do...I'm only half done at this point and have been at every stage so far and expect to be half done at every subsequent stage as well. Don't even want to imply a planned launch date yet.
  9. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    There's not much to report tonight; I got the last coat of epoxy on the interior and sawed up the wood for the permanent centre frame. I have been slopping epoxy on the parts for the centre seat/daggerboard trunk and I can probably start thinking about assembling more on the weekend, although it's getting to be crunch time at work and I won't have much time to do fun stuff. Parts getting slopped: Boat interior during the process of slopping on goop. The tape joints are not actually starved, they just look that way as the result of some kind of surface albedo thing. I hate flash photography. Ensloppination complete.
  10. cracked_ribs

    A Two Paw 7 build, "Catnip" . .

    I BELIEVE that Veritas is Lee Valley's house brand. Nice stuff in my experience and readily available online.
  11. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Yeah, it's not really for the faint of heart. I feel like if I mixed in an ounce of Everclear, it'd be almost the perfect cocktail. Headway continues to be made. Front and rear bulkheads in. Interior solidly glurped with epoxy. Old beater Samsung phone takes pictures that are possibly even worse than the newer LG. One day I'll blow money on a phone. Or, more realistically, buy plywood and glue again.
  12. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Worked all day and about to start work again now, but managed to sneak in a couple of hours before dinner. The patch is in on the rubrail. It creates a couple of extremely subtle flat spots which I think I can remove with careful planing, filling, and sanding. Very annoying though. Anyway... Also getting the rear seat bulkhead arranged. I honestly can't remember if the plans call for the cleats or not but I think it'll just be easier this way. And the only way to find out if they're in the plans would be to read them, and that's CRAZY. Also featured in pic 1: a common drink at the Cracked Ribs city dwelling, the Popeye Michelada. The recipe goes like this: Pint glass rimmed with bacon salt 1 lime 2 dashes worcestershire 1 tsp chili powder 3 tbsp sriracha 1 Modelo fill with clamato I created this variant myself, but it wasn't until tonight that I named it the Popeye Michelada. To get the full effect, you take the sriracha out of the fridge and set it on the counter next to the stove where your wife is making dinner. Then you get the rest of the ingredients together, and when you are about to put the sriracha in, you shake it up and then get distracted by something and open it right in front of one of your eyes. The temperature change will have pressurized the bottle and blast sriracha sauce into your eye, thereby giving you a distinctive, one-eyed glare. Sailor-grade swearing is optional but recommended.
  13. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    Mostly been catching up with work since I got back to Vancouver but I managed to get a few hours in today. Slightly annoying setback: I guess there was a glue void really close to the centre brace where I epoxied the gunwales to the hull; I woke up the other morning and the rubrail was broken in two right over the centre frame. So I cut about three feet of rubrail out, planed the surface down, cut six or eight inch scarfs into the rubrail and glued in a new section. Also taped all the inside seams which I didn't get the chance to do before I left for the cabin. Tomorrow I'll mostly be working again but I might try to get the inside surfaces fully encapsulated. Then it'll be bulkheads, seats, and not really any way to avoid fairing, so hopefully the weather cooperates a bit. Test fitting: And glued.
  14. cracked_ribs

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    That is in fact a treadle machine and it does work although I need to replace the drive belt. Probably do the sails on it and just the other day I decided I wanted an eisenglass curtain for the big boat so it'll be getting some use before it gets relocated to the cabin. We're off grid up there so a treadle machine makes some sense. I am not all that handy with it but my wife is very capable, although she prefers to knit and crochet. But I expect that when we get to the sail stage, yeah, the old Singer will be stepping up.

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