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I enjoy wood.


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Mike what is the fill you are using between the bulkwork sides?  She is sure coming a long nice  :cool: :cool: :cool:


Thats Divinicell foam with scrim which allows it to conform the curved shape. You can conform the solid sheets with a heat gun but I had this from another project long ago.

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Merry Christmas to one and all. Yes thats right, I have not yet learned to say anything other. :lol: But anyway, one year ago I began to build my last boat with preapproval from the commander in chief. [knock off the chuckling from behind that screen]. I have now come to this point and used the last of my longer teak that has eluded my saws for a long time. I striped the covering boards and plan on varnishing the wood using high gloss to build up and then clear coat satin which has been sucessfull on my last two boats in deck.

I installed a double sink in the cockpit lockers and will use one for a dry sink and the other for a wet one. I plan on using fresh and salt water washdown mounted on the panel just too the outboard side shown in the shot.


I installed valances and veneered them with white cedar and will trim out and also varnish them out. I will use indirect lighting behind them along a panel already installed for nighttimes when needed.


I trimmed the edges of the cabin sides with laminated trim and plan on continuing the trim down the coamings too.


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Me neither Steve, but the float is a ways away now as the more I do, the more I do. :shock: You probably know what I mean about that too. LOL!

I got all the house mouldings on and trimmed out the covering boards and sealed the teak for now.  I used the rest of my one remaining piece of teak and resawed it and made bookmatched and tapered strips since it was not wide enough to do a simple two piece resaw. I scrolled the mitre because of the changing of the angles which I hope will eliminate the issue of a straight mitre over time. Its probably more mental, but I like it anyway.

The tackle drawers are glued up and sitting in place, with a door across the fronts to keep any water from getting inside of them.

The overhead light box trimmed with the same veneer as the interior which will also be trimmed out.



A fisheye view of the profile.


Happy New Year to one and all.

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Yea, an article of a sinking ship upon launching built by an demented dust bucket.... :lol: Thanks for the confidence. If the weather will only cooperate, I could get some paint on the other bits and pieces.

I finished all the trim and got two coats of sealer in the covering boards. The seats are roughed in as is the motor well. The well area is reinforced and tied in with bits and pieces woven in to the sides and will get the front later sealing things up. I did not build the transom solid but framed the motor area along side and just reinforced the transom where the motor will be installed. There was no real reason to have such a massive transom. The cap also makes things stiff.




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Within the past month or six weeks photobucket seemed to have changed its format with what appeared to be a new and seperate albums. All of a sudden I was loading into a new album and could not get to the old album. In the process I had to change my e-mail address which somehow thru the dang thing out of wack when atttempting to get on it and I could not get on the thing after numerous attempts to contact them and get it fixed. I now have the new album with a handfull of shots and have not messed with it anymore as life is in the way right now. We still take care of Pops partime which broke his neck so our priorities has been rearranged too.

. I have not spent much time on the net in my spare time for several reasons thats not worth going into at this point. But the short answer is I have not launched it. The weather stinks and has been one hellava winter to get any finish work done. I do have it ready to hang the engine but will still need to do a bunch more work if it will ever get warm and sunny.

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I was able to load some updated shots today after sorting out some shots. I have duel steering helms. I have all the teak sealed up. I have the cabin sides painted but not the decking and kick panel. The trunk worked out super and with the height guests can get foward and sit foward with a measure of safety. I used opague white plexiglass so that the sun will not beam down in the foward area but will create some margin of natural light fixture. 8-)

The cockpit seating is also super confortable and snggly and perfect for momma to view the horizon. I added a fold up swim platform which needs to get the piping adn hardware on it. I changed the hullside color because I got a deal on Ivory Toplac for five bucks a quart. So thats the color for now.

I have also rigged the cabin for additional sleeping quarters, a full sized bunk that will store foward within itself, hinged in three places. The inside is all finished with topcoat and after the seatrial will install the windows and trim all the way around. The top needs to be trimmed and will be done when finishing the front windshield.

The cockpit station has two sinks and three storage drawers which will get a front door. The galley counter is all wooden veneer and folds down to convert to a comfortable double seating inside. I hope this catches folks up with where the boat is now.





If you look closely you will see a white ledge running along the cabin bottom edge which is there for the topside bunk. This continues on aft and across the foward bulkhead across the dinette and seating. The bunk has a sea rail across the front which stiffens up the bunk with a yet to be installed cleats at edge end and the stiff arm along the raised decking in the middle.









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  Looking beautiful there, Captain Oyster.  I still marvel at the efficiency of the space you've designed into that boat.

  Is it an optical illusion or are the port and starboard topsides different colors?  I like the color in the picture that shows the rearmost planking on the port topsides.

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The yaller is all gone. :lol: Gold? The only gold in these projects is fools gold which is clearly the color of all of these projects.  :P:lol: That was  a photo in the construction phase of the platform when I was fitting it and is now removed until I can get the rigging in place. Ken I conceded, you win the yaller contest! :-P

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