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  1. Silly you it should have read "Excessive Spam from this ISP Contact secretary@byyb.org" It has been fixed, sorry Chris... Craig
  2. Chris you haven't been baned. I have stopped taking new members from your IPS due to excessive spamers. Upwards to 50 per day. I have better things to do than delete all this stuff. You were most likely dropped for not posting or logging in for more than 365 days. We do cull the non participating members at times. Or it was just a mistake on my part. If you will haul in your horns and send me your desired user name and the email address you use I will gladly put you back in the data base. As far as being out these I never noticed. Were you? As for your indignation keep it, it is misplaced.
  3. Looks like she is coming along just fine Peter. I am living vicariously through others builds until I can get out of PHX and back to Florida. Please keep the photos coming. 8) 8) 8)
  4. Frank it never seemed to bother my Honda 9.9. When I sold the boat I kept the motor. I love it, especially the electric starter. Over winter gas never seemed to her it either. 8) 8) 8)
  5. Loose rivnuts (acft term) can sometimes be tightened by staking the flange with a center punch. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  6. Sweet Mike, real sweet. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. Craig

    Pat Mellama...

    That would be nice. Should I look for you?
  8. are you coming out for the BEER this year? Would love to see you. :cool: :cool: :cool: And any one else interested!!
  9. It took me about three weeks to toss out the pumps. Usless and can't mix very small batches. Weight or graduated cups are the only way to go. My goo fav goo is a 2:1 mix so pouring both parts and looking at what I have insures I get the two parts correct. I buy in gallon cans or plastic bottles and transfer into cleaned softner bottles. Blue cap for resin and red cap for hardner. Just make sure the Mate knows what those bottles are!!!
  10. Hank the BEER is held out of the ShipYard on Chico Bayou in P-Cola. Here is a source of detail. This would also be a good event for you. http://www.beercruise.info/ 8) 8) 8)
  11. Some time back in Fla I built a hardtop for a friend's 52'er. Doug fir supplied the ply and the solids. ( Ya I know, there is a lighter way but that was what he wanted) To bend the curtian rails we made patterns out of 2x stock for the forward curves and cut down the 90 degree bends at the back so they were ~16" long. At the 90s ( not 90 but curved through 90) we used a 3 peice lamination and backed it with aluminum strips left over from another project. A steam box of sewer tube, radiator hose, and a steel gas can made up the jenny. We molded the corners wet and epoxyed them when dry and shaped. Then we trimmed to fit. Wonder of wonders all 7 peices fit like we planned with a minimum of straining to fit the back corners. These are fun projects when they go right.
  12. Scott are you really going to put a sail onthat duck boat? 8) 8) 8) 8)
  13. MIke did I miss the final photos of your boat?
  14. My aids will say "Battery" when the voltage is low thirty minutes later is it "Battery, shutting down". The dealer neglected to tell me that and it scared the hell out of me the first time I heard it. K-Rad after careful consideration and consultation with Bruce I think the issue is a problem between the headset. If you would go immediately to the garage/shop/or what ever you call it and start a woodworking machine the tones will go away. Running some wood through said machine will help much much more. While you are doing this; to rid yourself of the nagging tones you hear, you might as well build another boat so to not waste the electricity or wood . This will also go a long way toward restoring Lisa's confidence in your sanity as well!! Then again she would know best. :cool: :cool:
  15. Thirty eight degrees this morning. Obviously nearing breach of contract! I would rather have my ass whipped than be cold! :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. For many years I have had the rule that I don't travel north of I-10 from 15 Oct until after 15 May. That worked very well. Now, living about 15 miles N of I-10, it rains like all holy hell for half the night and blows dirt the rest(if and when it ever rains). The truck looks like it rained mud!!! Still better than snow. Sorry guys; though dual qualified, my red neck genes are overpowering those of the hill billy bent so I'll stay south (see rule one above) if at all possible. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  17. Craig

    I enjoy wood.

    Mike what is the fill you are using between the bulkwork sides? She is sure coming a long nice :cool: :cool: :cool: Thanks
  18. Craig

    I enjoy wood.

    I only get to work for beer! And even at that Brian drinks it all before I get there :-( :-( :-(
  19. Arr, what Dave said. Who the hell has determined that wood is not high tech? This plastic boat stuff, like Jet engines, just ain't going to catch on, mark my words, Arrr. 8) 8) P.S. that boom looks a bit sucky though......
  20. Jeff that transom detail has problems. The plan calls for the recess but then the angles don
  21. Craig

    I enjoy wood.

    Thats right his son is stationed over there Steve. Greg I waved to you as I went by the other day on the way up to Muskegon. Couldn't see you wave back going down either. Got a chance to take my brothers boat out. He docks her in Mich City. Cold wind that day. Actually not bad wx while we were in Muskegon. Saralee's mom is sick, nearly 90, so there was really no time for anything but getting mom's situation straightened out. I'd like once to go up there when it was a real vacation. Like that third week in July when it is warm. :cool: :cool:
  22. Craig

    I enjoy wood.

    And the project has moved along how far since I have been gone???? Mikey I can't SEE it!! :cool: :cool:
  23. Do you remember "Cooperate and graduate"? YOU are 100% correct Konrad but you have to play the game. They have played so long that there is no going back now. Yes Sir, my squad killed 500 dinks during this mission!!! Yes Sir, that is an accurate number, on my honor!!!! Sorry, just an old mans ramblings.......
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