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  1. 2017 Perdido Wooden Boat Show

    Hey Folks, I just entered the Wooden Boat Show at Pirates' Cove in Josephine AL. This is the 20th show and it is being advertised as the LAST show. The dates are May 6 & 7, 2017. Take a moment to come visit us. There are always lots of interesting boats and folks there! If this truly is the last of these shows, this needs to be the best show! I'm a little sad about this, but I intend to have a good time there. this is a shot of a couple of the boats in the 2009 show. Steve
  2. Sharpie Egret

    Oyster, I would like for that fellow building the sport fisherman to contact me. It would be nice to see that build as it progresses. Steve
  3. Sharpie Egret

    I think Ivan is planning to keep this one where he will not have to step and un-step the mast very often. I get the impression he wants to use it to mess about in the general area of Cedar Key most of the time with an occasional trip to other areas. I also have the impression that he intends to day sail with the cabin used like a cuddy shelter as opposed to a living cabin. We will have several discussions about this as Graham's designs fulfill most of those needs in a somewhat lighter and more nimble design (not to mention stitch & glue vs. plank over frame construction). I don't want him jumping off on a given design without a lot of thought, as one has to live with his decisions for quite some time. It's nice to be contemplating construction of another boat. I'm not sure whether this one will be attempted, but the mental excercise is good anyway. It's also good to be back on the forum again. Steve
  4. Sharpie Egret

    PAR, At this point I don't know. I talked to him this morning and he will be getting the plans back from where they are stored sometime next week, or the week after. Somehow, I'm thinking it is a Monroe. However, that is just a guess, based on what he told me. I will be patient as this plays out. Blessings, Steve
  5. Sharpie Egret

    Hey Guys, It's been a long time since I was up on the forum. Lot's of other things cluttering up my life lately. I was at my 50th High School reunion this past weekend in Delray Beach FL and one of my classmates approached me about possibly building a 28' Egret Sharpie. I don't know a whole lot about the parameters of the contract and/or build, but I was intrigued enough to do a bit of research on the boat design(s). He wants to do it with marine plywood and that is a medium I happen to have a bit of experience with. He tells me that he has a set of plans. We'll see where this all takes us. It could be a lot of fun. In any case, I'm going to try to get on the site now and again to see how y'all are doing. Anybody have an Egret (derived) Sharpie out there? Steve
  6. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    Larger prop is not a possibility! There is about 1/2" clearance to the hull. The fairing did not increase top speed measurably. There seems to be less vibration, but that is entirely by feel and not verifiable quantitatively. We are not going to be able to increase her speed without more horsepower. We will continue to look, but we are going to use the boat as she is and enjoy it. It is really cool to go across the shallows where no one else goes. We have more fun watching peoples eyes bug out when we do that. Steve
  7. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    When I trimmed it this time, I was running into air on the inside of the hull at the forward end of the stern log. I figured that was probably far enough to go on this attempt. I made the necessary repair and applied epoxy and cloth to strengthen it and fair it as much as practicable. If I make progress with this modification, we'll look at what to do next, if anything. The prop does not have a whole lot of clearance between it an the hull, but larger diameter may be a possibility.
  8. Hey Steve Day

    Hey Jeff, I have not been able to establish a contact for marine plywood in the area. Every time we have gotten a bunch of plywood it has been from World Panel over in North Carolina. My partner in the Minor, Wally, has found a source for mahogany wood that he is using in the Gar Wood project, but I'm not sure where that is at the moment. I will ask him when I see him Sunday (if I can remember to do so). However, I might be persuaded to take the kayak down from the garage ceiling and paddle a bit if you come down. Steve
  9. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    Just haven't been near a scale near water to weigh the rig with and without the boat. We'll get around to it one day. The plywood is 3/8" vice the 3/4" called for in the plan, but we left the frames in. The weight is probably around where it should be. The fairing may help. If not we'll use it as is. Another option is to put more horsepower in it, but we don't want to go there right now. Besides, it's kinda fun to try different things to see what helps and what does not. Gives us something to do in the off season. Steve
  10. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    Got quite a bit done today. I took all the wood I dared to take off the stern log and shaped it the best I could. Got it smoothed out and the first layer of glass on it. Here are some shots of where she is now. You will note the cross-section at the stern is reduced a considerable amount. I hope it will help our speed.
  11. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    Here we are after a couple of hours laying out and sanding with my new 7" sander/polisher. Not quite there yet, but well on the way. Other obligations are keeping me from continuing this afternoon, but I'll be on it again tomorrow. I'm hoping to be ready for epoxy when the weather warms up on the weekend. Supposed to be around 29 degrees tonight here in Lower Alabama.
  12. Rescue Minor Corrective Surgery

    Hey Guys! I haven't posted in quite some time as I have been busy with things other than boatbuilding. We have been using the Rescue Minor out on the Mobile Bay Delta and other places in the area, but we have been disappointed in the top speed of the boat. After thinking about it all of this time, I came up with the idea (duh) of tapering the stern log to better get "clean" water to the propeller. As you can see from the photos attached, only the outer part of the propeller is in "clear" water when we are up to speed. I will be working on the area to taper the area immediately in front of the prop to get better flow. We'll see what happens. Steve
  13. Morningstar is for sale.

    I was wondering what happened to you and your project. We haven't heard anything from you for a long time. I'm sorry you are not going to complete the boat, as I would have loved to see it finished. Good luck selling her. I hope you can find someone who wants to finish her and will post to this board with the progress. Steve
  14. Rescue Minor Under Construction

    The boat show is a success and I enjoyed meeting several of you today. I had a trip as captain of the Delta Explorer this afternoon and had to leave the show. I will be back tomorrow morning to finish the show. We will probably put the Rescue Minor in the water tomorrow, if the weather permits. Several people have asked us to put it in the water. Steve
  15. Perdido Wood Boat Festival

    It's a good show with a great crowd. One more day, so come on down! Steve

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