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  1. For Sale 17' Cedar strip sea kayak, Water tight hatches fore and aft, Custom wooden paddle Weighs 47#. Design by onceoceankayaks.com Expedition Sport. Used 2 times and presently hangs inside the home in the entry....dying for use! Sacrifice at $2500 OBO Please use e-mail in my profile, not the one on my website.
  2. Excellent stuff! Ken had me cracking up! All too true at times. To become proficient with knots, you need to tie them at least monthly, preferably weekly. We use almost all of those and a few more here at work. It really shows when we haven't trained on them for a while. I know a really fast way to tie the bowlin, one hand, but I wold never be able to put it in writing......I could show ya. LOL Now go practice! :D
  3. What a cool story, John. Thanks for sharing and taking along!
  4. That's funny! 'If' it snows( that is heavy on the IF) it won't be until December or January. If I still had mine, I would be interested; but alas, I sold it... Good luck on your adventure!
  5. Barry's friend now has my old WE. I made a furler that worked AWESOME! The sail was sewn to the wire. I made the spool out of round stock nylon (about 1 1/4" dia) with flanges of UHMW. Set screws to the wire (inserted through the drum). Swivels on both ends. You must also use a forestay, the swivels will not take the added load and hold the mast up. Total cost was about $50 if I recall. I am pretty sure there are still pictures of it on here somewhere. There were several past threads dedicated to this topic as well.
  6. Ah, I wish I could be there; my old stompin' grounds! I grew up in Boulder and know Longmont well. Have fun!
  7. What? A serious post from Konrad??? No dog butts? No motorcycle antics? No things getting blown up? No diaper bag funnies?
  8. That is a VERy nice video. I miss my WE now.....
  9. Looking great, as usual!
  10. capt jake


    Konrad and logo in one sentence.....sorry, I thought it had to do with dog butts..... BTW, I agree about the snow flakes.
  11. We just finished our celebration a day late. I had to work on Christmas, but that is the way it goes. My youngest daughter just got engaged! It has been a great day!
  12. Finally hit 40 here today. 1st time on over a week it broke the freezing mark!
  13. You just have me wondering what your handle is over there now. I couldn't find that thread.
  14. It finally broke 32 degree today and my frozen pipes thawed out. Colder than......well you know. we had the high winds earlier in the week when the front first came across the border. Snow in California has begun taking a toll on the Mandirin Orange crop already. Mom has snow outside of Sacramento. Konrad, you pictures remind me of my childhood in Colorado! Weather here is reminding me also!
  15. I changed my mind...I like eating the chocolate ice cream while watching Oyster build. Now THAT is the top!
  16. Yes, it is better. Nice job!
  17. I saw that is was a resurrected thread yesterday. I could have swarn that Russ' post was from yesterday. 'twasn't I that searched it out! :)
  18. Ahh, Russ, you take all of the fun out of it! :)
  19. That would be a kick in the keester (sp?).
  20. Done right, you shouldn't go over in a WE, but it could easily be done.
  21. Ever so briefly, I have had my WE out in 2 small craft advisories. Those are the advisories that tell you NOT to go out. One of the outings was with a rather large fellow that served well as rail meat. He had a grin plastered on his face that you couldn't remove! I had a cramped hand and finger indentations in the rub rail from trying top keep the boat upright (at least my hands thought that). Never went over, but I carefully placed said rai8l meat. One other time was a little hair raising. With Joel from Gig Harbor; again we never went over, but had the rails in the water a few times. Just point to he wind! You can only let out so much sail until it hits the shrouds anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed sailing my WE, but honestly, I want something a bit larger and with more space if I am going to continue sailing. Sailing in the Puget Sound can have the challenges of very rapid changing conditions and there were a few times where I simply doused the sails and motored in. I felt much safer that way. I am contemplating a sailing dinghy though. One that is easily righted. By a wetsuit and then just plain let r rip!
  22. Just wait young man, just wait! I was the same, once upon a time..... ;)
  23. I'll have to admit, that is my favorite dog trick of all time! Never gets old!
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