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I enjoy wood.


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Thanks, the work is slow but progressing along. I got both cabin sides and the aft bulkheads finished with the white cedar faux T&G. The cabin is also insulated with closed cell foam, divinicell which hopefully will keep the cabin cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The top is also done in the same manner which hopefully will stop and sweating with the temperature changes.

the windows are trimmed out with the back one being fixed and the foward ones sliders. Thats a bit tricky since the sides are curved. But I have that also worked out with the tracks and sizes. The windows will be all plexiglass to save weight and costs from genuine laminated or tempered. I buff out the plexiglass from the beginning which can help keep the scratches down over time and to help clean the salt off without scaring them.



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A mental boost while awaiting for some materials to be had and while things here are in a bit slack with building projects, we took another toy for a cruise this weekend to test the changes that I made from the original one in 12 foot. Fully loaded and ready for the shallows, sunday we celebrated the launching of hull number three in the small ones of the same shape and design. The boat ran with two folks and an abundance of gear a tad under 14 knots. Its very dry in boat swell and handles like a dream. We used an 8 hp two stroke yamaha.




Crusing across the sand flats


Turns on a dime and gives me change.


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You've kept that moveable seat (sweet) :)  I can't see an unnecessary detail on that boat (or an unpleasing curve) - Love it!

I'm in the material-gathering stage at the moment too.

Everything is movable and removable. The new style foward seating is really cool but have no shots of what I did for the queen's throne and seat. If you look closely to the laid over shot you can see the top though. Somedays I even amaze myself but as usual she does not laugh with me, only at me. HEHE!

Materials for that flying boat??? Please expand.

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  I see the top of the forward seat in that shot.  Is it anchored similarly to the thwart you're sitting on?

Materials for that flying boat??? Please expand.

I've been working up a material list so I know how much aluminum to buy for the next steps - Horizontal stabilizer, elevators, trim tab, and ailerons.  I need to make a phone call today to get an idea of what shipping costs will be.  If they're too high I know a place in High Point that can probably order what I need and I'll find a way to pick it up (4x12 sheets, egads!)

  The rudder is mostly finished (no pictures just yet because I can't find my camera).

  I know a guy who can find a rebuildable engine for me.

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Thanks, I waited as long as I could for you to help me launch it Phil. ;) so I went ahead and combined a fishing trip with a new launching. ;D

WHEW!!  That's a relief.  Now that I know it won't sink I'll go float in it!!  ;D

The places you boat in  even with the plug out, I doubt that you will sink anyway. The best you can pull off is a good feet washing and butt that will cool off in the summer time.  By the way, tell us about your Flipmobile while you are here. ;D

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Greetings Capt. I see that you are still killing the grass. ;D I built the foward hatch yesterday, a self sealing no gasket design that I used on the curved top for Popsicle and will add some shots in the next few days. It worked so well and I hate attempting to use gaskets and such and also did not want to spend 500 bucks for one that would make the boat look like a plastic fantastic hull. Stick your nose in and let us know what the statis is on your runabout too. I think its time for you to get it wet again. Don't give up on poking about in boats.

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Hatch and trim in place.

I cut my trim with a mortise and overlapped the decking and end grain. The trimmed out the bottom.



I beveled the top of the hatch trim and back filled the seam with thickened wood fiber and let dry. I covered the wood with duct tape which also gives me clearance for finish work down the road too when done.






I also used the tape and made shims to the crown deck so the hatch seats well to the decking.


Works like a champ. All it needs is the glass and trim now.


more in another post.

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I added a grabrail for the old folks out of wood and trimmed out the helm seat.


This was created using this method. I cut the end and cut a vee groove centerline and install fasteners to lock in the inner core. I leave the heads proud and then drill the core and glue up. Sand flush and then install overlapping cheeks. Then I use a hole saw and drill and clean up with a jig saw. I drill out the center hole to get proper alignment first and drill from both sides to keep the cheeks from splintering out. Run the router and its done. I also overlap the edge mouldings over the grab rails.

Hopefully maybe someone can find some use of all this mess. I guess I did not tell you that I do not like all those metal grab rails, ugly obstacles I say.




Upon installing the cheeks I predrill the cheeks to make sure that I hit the solid wood properly. Then I glue up.





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It's called "the school of hard knocks" right Mike? Takes a lifetime to graduate.

45 years ago I would have wondered the same thing- Now, after messing with the stuff for years, I'm still learning, as I imagine Mike will agree.

You just do it- and if it doesn't turn out right, you pitch that piece and start over, til it IS right.Then the next time you know how.

One quick tip- ALWAYS cut the largest piece first. Then if you screw it up, you can use that to make smaller parts. :D

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The problem with graduating with a master degree is that you are of no value to anyone but the undertaker. ;D :'(  Of course these days you are supposed to feel guilty for any and all knowledge that you have obtained over the years and applied it to your daily lives to achieve too, and many are being forced to forgo what they have worked for too.   :(

I can truely say that I have made all attempts to learn as I go and most cannot be learned in a school, not even all the mistakes. We must use others to teach us and tutor us which also requires paying attention. Thats the benefit of these types of group settings too. We have our own free campus here, thanks to Frank.

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