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Modifications to Avocet

Don Silsbe

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I found a board stretcher machine that I’ll purchase to add the desired 10” to the centerboard. It’s called the DuhWalt BS 1000 (for “Board Stretcher” I guess.)  


Just a few passes through the compression rollers will make the centerboard longer to take advantage of the increased trunk length. 😁

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This morning, I did the operation that I have been dreading.  Gluing the inboard side of the c/b trunk.  After discussing it with Graham and Alan at the Messabout.  The key was leaving a flap of glass on the inboard side of the plate, and attaching the plate to the boat while the epoxy was still green.  The blue tape covers the picot hole:ACF85B54-C9DD-4C1F-9714-0364158AC4A9.thumb.jpeg.43ede0d4e909c045c14336dd5a29e47c.jpeg


Now, the tape and glass have been cleared away.


Clamping the flap to the trunk was a big concern.  It would be easy to eat up the clearance between the board and the trunk.    

Here is my clamping system:AEC38893-A796-4B8A-B58D-DD7970CDB728.thumb.jpeg.cca35842311be3158baff796837eb26c.jpegWedge/shims on slides.  (It’s resting on a treated 2x6.)


The parts are all gobbed up with glue:BE543FC6-9997-4129-A702-7C2F94DF18CD.thumb.jpeg.97236ba11a814a900674485bfd16eae3.jpegBB2F95D2-1CEA-4E0C-85FD-13BE25CFC9D2.thumb.jpeg.aa14e4422901540aca14dde0301a9349.jpeg


I‘ll know tomorrow if the c/b will still fit in the slot.  Fingers crossed!94095D9B-5DC9-40CD-928F-809701A22D45.thumb.jpeg.7f3aebfae1611a80ae79ffdfea358572.jpeg


The three little screws are locators, and will be removed, when I glass the cap.  Tonight, I need to fillet and tape. 


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On 12/23/2022 at 12:26 PM, Designer said:

Chick is right. The CB was in place just for a test fit. Installing the board later is easy but it it is better with two people. The key is the permanent marker X that you can see in the photo. My assistant raises the board flush with the bottom and as far forward as he can. I am looking through the pin hole with a light for my X. I can then direct slight movements watching the X until I can see the hole. I am ready with an awl or #1 phillips screwdriver to poke into the hole. I can then wriggle the screwdriver to properly align the holes. I have the pin ready, I holler to my helper to not move the board and quickly withdraw screwdriver and replace with the CB pin.

I used this method to install a centerboard in a Tartan 34, working alone. I found it useful to draw directional arrows along the lines of the X. When a guide line came into view the arrow told me which way to the hole. This might also pertain to Avocet.

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It is going to work!  I took the clamp out of the slot, and inserted a stick as wide as the c/b is thick.  It moves freely in the slot.  My fear has been that the buildup of materials would make the slot narrower than the c/b.  Not a good thing!D6382406-569E-4B83-9229-A884D6570D7C.thumb.jpeg.5276fca98861c72c4712ca9b22c89d03.jpeg


Here’s a better shot of my slot clamp.  The bottom piece has packing tape on the outside of it.  It released easily, btw.  The top piece makes up the difference for the slot width.  In the middle are a pair of shim/wedges.  I used a glue gun to stick the shims to the sticks.  This worked like a champ!DA77197B-AA68-4045-A7A6-36E9054D23EB.thumb.jpeg.d22fc6e4384acca101b5a7334e224aad.jpeg


Finally, I filleted and taped everything.  No photo now, maybe later.


Oh yeah.  And yesterday, I picked up the bunk cushion from a trim shop.  It needed a chunk taken out of it, to make room for this extension.5964381C-7E6E-4A34-811B-EDBFBE841C1D.thumb.jpeg.8a23220c0ef9948536fba041aa23317e.jpeg

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I’d suggest that paint, especially the underside, is NOT important. The fish might appreciate seeing a nice white finish but I’m not concerned about the fish view. The inside painting?, Only if it’s really irritating to your eye. 
I kinda like the look of the new modification wood being the epoxy finish… maybe just touching up the white that was removed.  The goal, for now, is to get things set for your great sounding trip with Avocet to Florida for sailing adventure. Paint can wait. Just saying’.

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The bow roller is finished, and just in time!  Ted bought a sexy new anchor— a Rocna Vulcan.  I am so excited to try out this new toy!  I think I’ll add a rope tether, since I just don’t trust rubber.26226D4D-47D9-4C7F-B556-5DDD0C55FB24.thumb.jpeg.a6f5f5646702aa08b0d16040df5c1b91.jpeg3CE3EFF2-C694-4DE8-8BCA-1B1087D03A25.thumb.jpeg.db289d05a1a1af5575dee8e0029b8fa2.jpeg


She also got a first coat of varnish today, to cover the new work below as well as the exterior brightwork.D2A7F99F-F2A4-4EC4-BB78-4D652C3352DF.thumb.jpeg.1b9afbea3e2ce36691dc515d797729a7.jpeg

On rainy days, I work on these add-on panels for the inside of the companionway.AE40457C-E3B0-4385-A7F7-D874CCEA567D.thumb.jpeg.a5c961fff32265ad8cd638db0b6319ba.jpeg

And the keel rollers are now in place on the trailer.  She’s setting a little cock-eyed on the trailer.  I hope that launching her will make everything align properly.088DFE5D-233C-4722-BAEB-7EF6C82D3DDE.thumb.jpeg.60b0b8a40d9aba6dc60366d7f606a387.jpeg  

I take her to Florida in 12 days.  I think I’m gonna be ready.  Maybe.  I hope.


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Thanks, Amos. Working on this boat has been good for my marriage.  I want to build something, but The War Department wanted to know which boat I was going to get rid of.  It didn’t make sense to me, but I did sense that the answer was no to the new boat build.  Making improvements to Ted’s boat has fed the Beast.  I’m good until next fall.  We’ll see how that shakes out.


I’m hanging out with the WCTSS in Florida.  Here are their cruises.  
4580719C-FFC1-4DD0-B56F-F079CCF41FDA.thumb.jpeg.00082980459ab40afe53e4e78ebb1a47.jpegI’m going to all their Feb. and Mar. events.  Check out their FB page,  by searching for “West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron”.

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Here’s the latest.  The c/b is back in, and it looks like it might actually pivot! (No photo.)


The companionway storage units are all done, and in place. 

The forepeak storage is also done.


Tomorrow, I finish the runner on the trailer for the c/b.  Then it’s time to start packing!

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