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A Sam Devlin Duckling 14

Don Silsbe

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In case anybody’s actually following this build, I’m here to say that I have applied my second coat of white on the interior.  I’m using Devthane, an industrial two-part polyurethane.  It cost as much as Interlux Perfection, except the you get a gallon for your $80 instead of a quart.  




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Today, I flipped her over, and made most of the cuts for the keel and skeg.  The line from the two looks “notchy”.  Not sure what to do, since it looks ugly.  The waterline is where the skeg meets the transom.  I am reluctant to reduce the skeg profile, even though that is the logical solution.  Thinking about a double-tapered shim underneath these parts where the skeg starts.  Not sure.  Suggestions?


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@Hirilonde— Me too.  I would hate to hear that giant sucking sound, once I got ‘er up to about 50.  The plans called for something similar, but the corner looked fragile.  It wasn‘t going to take an impact well.


I got the keel all glued on today.  I’m encouraged.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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I have been waiting for three days for my top coat of epoxy to cure, and it is still gummy in spots.  When I go to sand it, it rolls into cylindrical balls instead of creating dust.  When I try to sand the chines, you can see them smear.


What caused this?  Not sure, but maybe it was the environment.  I rolled this coat on during a rainfall on Sunday.  I was “semi-outside”, as you can see by a photo below.  On Monday, there was a slime all over the bottom, which I rinsed off (blush?). Could that be it?  Maybe one of my batches had an off mix of epoxy/hardener.  

I really want to fair some spots and apply primer, but I’m afraid to do anything.  I’m dead in the water.  Any suggestions?




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Lots of unknowns here.......


Is the entire top coat like this?

Is it just the top coat?

Was the entire top coat mixed as one batch?


I had a section of coating on my Lapwing not cure properly.  I scraped it off with a pull scraper, cleaned area with acetone and then did another coat.




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It was several batches of Raka Low Viscosity, which I have used for all my glass work on this boat.  I’m chalking it up to weather and maybe weird pumps.  All the pumps Raka supplied are full stroke, so you have to do two pumps to one.  Who knows?  I might have gotten the mix wrong.  Rest assured that I will pump j to a graduated cup from now on.


I tried heat, to no avail.  I ended up stripping it off with acetone.  I’ll go over it with alcohol, once my head clears.


Thanks for the input, everyone.  You’re a wealth of info.


Next time, I’m sticking with B&B epoxy.  Well, time after next.  Next time it’s a kit from CLC, which comes with MAS.  That’s good stuff— I built a kayak with it years ago.

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