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  1. You just can’t trust the printed word anymore mark
  2. Congrats on your wedding 👩‍❤️‍👨 After 51 years myself all I can say is don’t! Go to sleep mad and happy wife happy life that’s all. And iam glad to see that the shake and bake worked mark
  3. Well it’s done the bottom and lower sides are as far as iam going Togo. Also the roller tray awaits the trailer. The next step is let the paint cure for a couple more days before I put any pressure on the hull when I turn it over and continue the build. I just finished in time the weather finally turned and we have had some freezeing weather at night. mark
  4. That’s good just don’t rush it you might have to do it for two days or so mark
  5. Set up a tarp over the entire boat and put a small heater under it and heat it for a day
  6. WOW! that’s a lot of information to digest but iam hungry for information (pardon the pun) on the trailer thing. I did buy a trailer secondhand made for a power boat, this trailer only has bunk rails my roller tray will be a nice addition to the ease getting the boat off/on the trailer. I haven’t spent much time looking at the trailer till now though I would build the boat first and worry about the trailer last. I probably will strip the trailer down and fit everything to my cs 20mk3 I will go out and look more closely at the trailer today and see if it is the right candidate for a make
  7. Steve this is something I need to work out, I to will probably be in fresh water most of the time their are so many nice lakes in this country and on my other trailer I put side rollers at the stern to guide her in the trailer and I don’t mind getting my feet wet.
  8. After watching the post from Pete I went out on a parts run to get the stuff to make the roller tray here in Spokane they make EZ load boat trailers so I went by the service center to find out about rollers and to my surprise they had a barrel full of these rollers and at 2.50 each I could not pass them up they aren’t v’s so I’ll have to come up with a way to center the boat on the tray later when I go to mount it on my trailer. I think the bow hook will handle the front I just need to center the stern. The tray will be disassembled the edges will be rounded over and a bottom board will be ad
  9. In the construction of my mk3 keel I used a keel strip of laminated mahogany 3/4 wide with a 3/4 oval brass cap purchased from on line metals not to bad of a price if you keep the length short I needed 18’ so I ordered 3lengths 6’ long.
  10. Pete! Thanks for the response that link is just what I am looking for to construct my own tray it will be very useful. mark
  11. Hello out their ! now that my keel is finished I want to build a roller tray and I know that someone has already built one I would like to know the post that it was on or contact the author mark
  12. Guy, thank you I must constantly remind myself that it’s a boat not a fine piece of furniture or I’ll never be satisfied with the outcome. The mk3 kit is a great kit mark
  13. Guy, this was a mod that Alan made to his mk3 so I just ordered the kit with this mod and I really like it because I will be using. A boomkin and this gives me a clean stearn
  14. Hello Guy yes it is Alan Stewart has done his boat the same way
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