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  1. Well I just finished the center board and iam not really happy how it turned out, the problem is that the contour on one side is real close to the drawing profile, BUT the other side is a little flat through the center, since I will be finishing it bright, faring compound is out of the question I could build it up with glass when I glass the whole center board.My question is what will happen ito the performance of the boat if I just leave it alone , iam just going to sail for pleasure. This is an edit to the original post when I said it’s flat on one side it’s also undersized to the cross section.
  2. Since this area takes such abuse I would cut back the affected area do a good scarf joint and replace with a piece of white oak or maple these woods are water resistant due to the tight fiber cells they will stand up longer than any of the pine tree varieties.
  3. Well it’s been a few days now and I have been working on the tabernacles, and the center board contour, the tabernacles are done as far as possible until the installation. the rudder is ready for glassing, after talking to Alan Stewart I was told that they will shoot for August 20 to ship the kit. Till then I will continue to make parts that I will need to use.
  4. Thanks for the input since I have a good table saw I think I’ll go with Amos’s idea. I did just finish the rudder which I did with a small block plane, belt sander and orbital sander, not hard but time consuming.
  5. Does anyone have a good method to contour the rudder/center board without the cnc work
  6. Mark Rendelman

    Mark Rendelman

    build of my CS20mk 3 Hull #24
  7. Today Sunday I got my feet wet with the glue up of my rudder I had some vertical grain Doug fir left over from when I built my home cut that up and alternated it with African mahogany I will do the center board the same way. And finish bright the epoxy that I will be using is uv restistant. Here are some pics
  8. CS 20 mk 3 Hull #24 Today is my 50Th wedding anniversary and their will be no work on HER today .(the boat) that is ( HAPPY WIFE HAPPY SAILING) Mark Rendelman
  9. Cs20mk3 hull# 24 I have chosen to fill and empty my ballast tank with electric bilge pumps in looking at the information on plastic fittings and they don’t recommend them for below water line. I see no reason not to use them since our boats don’t spend extensive time in the water. If anyone has a spin on this make a post, also I have been building the collars for the masts having only 8” between them that’s not much bearing surface how do you make sure that they are straight,I used a 6’ level to make them level and a string line on the adjacent side to see that they were inline,I will not epoxy them till later on.i don’t need 21’ masts just laying around.
  10. Try making the cheeks that attach to rudder a little thicker and taper them forwards to keep the same contour as the tiller is now, that will strengthen the weak point at which it broke and still have the slim handle.
  11. Hello my name is mark rendelman and I just purchased a core sound 20 my 3 this week I am looking forward to building this kit boat and I am sure that in the coming months I will have many, many questions.Hope to here from anyone who’s out there on any advice that can be offered. I will be posting pics on the progress of the build.I was going to build from plans but after receiving the templates chose to go with the kit less the solid wood parts. This choice was for time reasons not complexity of the job.
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