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  1. J hi’ this is the product that i am using .i here by do not endorse or promote the brand but the content is right stuff mark
  2. J I am by no means a pro but the process of installing my bow eye or any other bolt or screw are to use a non hardening bedding compound, for bolts I drill the hole slightly oversized to allow the compound to fill the void, with screws drill your pilot hole screw in your screw dry remove fill the hole with compound also apply compound to the part to be installed and a little on the screw and install and you should have a little squeeze out. This should prevent any water intrusion and if you should need to make a repair at a latter time it will make it easier to remove the faster.
  3. Build of hull#24 well I have been making slow buy steady progress on ol #24 and have temporarily installed bow and stern hold downs while waiting for the boarding ladder to arrive, that was a teadious choice there are somany to choose from but I left It to my wife because in the end she had to be comfortable with the Ladders design. Ok fast forward a couple of days the ladder arrived and as shown in the pictures this was the final choice a nice little fold up made out of 316 ss the question that I have is , does the ladder extend low enough into the water in the down position? the reason for the present location is so the ladder will hopefully be out of the water when in the stored position. I need some input to this topic as I never had a boat with a boarding ladder before
  4. Hello again I have been busy most everyday out in the boat shop, after putting in the chain locker floor I turned my attention to putting in the bunk compartment bulkheads to me this was quite a chore, but got it done in several days. While the bulkheads cured I would work on the ballast tank. I will be using two bait tank live well pumps to fill and empty the ballast tank But since these pumps are not self priming the fill pump will be mounted directly in the ballast tank as far away from the access port as practical to be able reach it for service , the wires will exit through a small hole then sealed with silicone the pump to empty the tank will be located in one of the storage compartments and using bulkhead fittings to enter the tank. The tanks have been Coated with two coats of devthane 379. While all other parts were curing I built the locker lids an Frameworks .when the paint dries the cockpit floor supports will go in as always stay safe and keep on building mark
  5. Hey bill ! dont need the track but I live in Spokane area and I am building a cs20mk3 and would like very much like to get in touch with another BandB owner/builder. Email me if you would like to talk a little shop @ downadirtrd@yahoo.com mark
  6. Ok! So it’s a land yacht! And with all that’s been going on and her being on the front lines let’s hope it keeps her safe. mark
  7. Well! I had no idea that I would step on so many toes I do apologize if I got on somebody’s wrong side, Iam not a religious person by nature and to ask god to just bless America 🇺🇸 Was wrong of me , of course the entire world needs his blessings no mater their faith, at this time of illness and death. As for the extra help it was ment to keep individuals in one household busy I in no way would encourage any person or business world wide with lockdown and stay at home orders from there governments to break the law. Let’s hope that this ends soon and that we can get back to our so called normal lives. mark
  8. I know at times like this we all hope for the best, but look at it this way now we have no excuse to put in extra time on our boat building projects and you might have extra help just sitting around with nothing to do. God bless America 🇱🇷 mark
  9. looks unbelievable but how do put this thing together without finger prints everywhere on my build it looks like my iPad touch screen. lets hope for a quick resolve to this terrible coved 19 so we can get back to our normal life style mark
  10. Are their any updates on sailorman

  11. Thanks for the comments it’s always nice to know that the work I’am doing meets the quality of other much more experienced builders and that I, am on track to having a great looking boat mark
  12. Hello again I have been busy finishing off the void under the chain locker and the forward storage locker all the surfaces have been coated with three coats of epoxy the first coat being cut with about 25% of acetone to enhance the penetration into the wood fibers, each coat of epoxy was sanded in between coats and then two coats of total boat single stage polyurethane paint. After all surfaces were painted I cleaned the edges down to bare wood again to get a good bond when I glued down the floor. The next thing will be to glue down the forward storage locker top. From this point I will be working on installing internal supports. As always any help will be greatly appreciated. mark
  13. Build of #24 spent a couple of hours going over all the information out there on the internet and your recommendations and came up with a 50 watt semi-flexible solar.panel, 30amp charge controller, and a 35 amp-hour agm battery to start off my power supply if I need more storage the batteries are small enough I can add an additional one quite easily. The next thing will be the switch distribution panel, more time on the internet
  14. Still not able to work on the boat much due to life happening, which gives me time to plan ahead with the electrical requirements of the boat. While I may not compete in costal events I still want to rig the boat for them anyway. The boat will have electric bilge pumps too fill and empty the ballast tank, she will also have all the standard running lights, with some interior lighting. All of the lights on the boat will be LED so they will be low amperage draws the bilge pumps will probably have the most draw. She will probably have some kind of GPS and radio. I do plan to use AGM deep cycle batteries but do not know how many amp-hours I should get? I will do as many others have done and install a solar panel on the front hatch cover to keep the charge up. The question I have is how many watt panel should I use and a good starting point for how many amp-hours the batteries should be given the requirements I have. As always I thank everyone for supporting me in my build of hull#24. IMG_0196.MOV IMG_0196.MOV
  15. I have posted some photos of my progress and a further description what’s going on is in the other post I made on build of hull #24 as a reply to my own topic I still cant seem to figure out how to continue a topic and just add pages to it.
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