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  1. Happy Mothers Day to all of our partners in our hobby who without their cooperation could not be possible !
  2. Hello again for the keel strip I used 1/2 round 3/4wide brass
  3. Samantha don’t sweat cutting the trunk opening drill a hole in the center then you can use a hand router with a bushing this will also round over the edge.
  4. Samantha also living in Washington state I have to worry about those also if you use the bailers you could put screens over the bailers.
  5. Yea high everyone i built a roller tray with nine rollers and placed it down the center line of the trailer that I had retrofit to fit this boat the boat keel makes full contact from about bulkhead 1 to just forward of the motor well also installed bunk pads to keep her steady
  6. Who built your wishbone sprits and how do you like them over the stock straight spirits
  7. Alt 12 mark rendelman here hull#24( aka Barbara Kay) I purchased a set of plans to help with construction because I wanted to make the solid wood out of something other than pine they are quite helpful since they are full size templates when I built my boat i chose to raise the seat tops because I have just the opposite of you iam 5’6 .if you call Alan at the shop he can look up the height from seat top to roof on his cad drawings as for the finger joints they can be re placed with normal scarf join If lall you have is a jig saw to cut out the parts it will make this build very challenging you should at least have a table saw
  8. HAPPY HOLIDAY one and all and sail on️ mark rendelman
  9. Yea and you got everyone hook line and sinker
  10. Ok thank you for your advice I will ponder the problem for a while I have plenty of time to work this out and will take all results into consideration, keep them coming
  11. Supposed I could put the light on the mizzenmast instead
  12. Yes it will be a 360 degree white anchor light on the main
  13. The mast head float is one of those things I think you need to have if you mainly sail single handed But this now has me re thinking the 360 degree masthead light I had planned to mount it directly to the wood plug at the top of the mast.now if I. Install this I need to figure out how to mount the lightl any thoughts on this
  14. Update build hull #24 at long last I have chosen a name for hull#24 from this time forward she will be affectionately know as The Barbara Kay after my wife and best friend of 55 years. Without her support this could not have happened
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