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  1. Ok thank you for your advice I will ponder the problem for a while I have plenty of time to work this out and will take all results into consideration, keep them coming
  2. Supposed I could put the light on the mizzenmast instead
  3. Yes it will be a 360 degree white anchor light on the main
  4. The mast head float is one of those things I think you need to have if you mainly sail single handed But this now has me re thinking the 360 degree masthead light I had planned to mount it directly to the wood plug at the top of the mast.now if I. Install this I need to figure out how to mount the lightl any thoughts on this
  5. Update build hull #24 at long last I have chosen a name for hull#24 from this time forward she will be affectionately know as The Barbara Kay after my wife and best friend of 55 years. Without her support this could not have happened
  6. I hope everyone will enjoy this day with the ones they love and be thankful for what we all have mark rendelman and family
  7. Hi jay mark here since the start of building my cs 20 mk3 I had the same problem of finding a good source of hardware that would not send you to the poor house, locally west marine has a good variety but at a cost, but then I found a better supplier that has pretty much what you want most of which is 316, you can buy either one or a full bag or box . Prices are very reasonable. I don’t know if they mail order, the name Tacoma screw 509 5360229 you might give them a call if they have what you need and don’t mail order get a hold of me and I will be more than happy to arrange for shipment from my end
  8. nice to here from you its a lot of work to build a cs boat they do a very good job in their design and production and their hardware package is second to none. I haven’t sailed a cs boat, or any other for many years it will be a great learning curve once it’s done, there are many options to take into consideration I chose to raise the seat tops in the cabin which gives you a little deeper locker but my wife and I are well under 6feet tall so it didn’t affect us. Well just have to see how it goes. If you have any particular questions please don’t hesitate to call or write the forum were all here to help any way we can. I don’t know of many boats here in this part of the country most seem to be on the east coast or off shore
  9. Well let’s see here bigger is better, but cost is also a factor for me I wanted a boat that would be great to sail single handed and have the capability to sleep in the cabin and of course it needs to have room for a portable head.I am still building the boat this year this month will be two years into the build. I think that in order not to highjack this topic we should move our corespondents to the build of hull 24. And 3feet is a lot
  10. Hi can I call you Sam? That would be great to talk to you about our builds and my wife and I are retired have a large home with a queen size suite if you wanted to make a road trip and spend a day or two we would love to have you
  11. Would a CS20MK3 in Spokane do you any good hull #24
  12. Well if that’s all it is I personally would pull in the gap and fair in the miss match with fairing compound and once it’s painted only you know its there
  13. If I may ask a question how far does this condition exist along the joint
  14. Well I finally have the cabin top installed and the hatch cut outs in the next thing was to install the companion way sliding hatch side rails,and forward hatch parts.
  15. If I may ask a question how far does this condition exist along the joint
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