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  1. I have posted some photos of my progress and a further description what’s going on is in the other post I made on build of hull #24 as a reply to my own topic I still cant seem to figure out how to continue a topic and just add pages to it.
  2. CS20mk3 hull #24 build Well Christmas and new year have come and gone I hope all is well with everyone, I have been busy out in the boat house, to solve the cold problem with building in the shop I built a make shift tent out of plastic sheet and use a MR heater to warm it. Its not hard to keep it at 64 or so. But I have a 220,000 btu heater being delivered at the end of the week this should heat the whole shop along with the wood stove. I have installed the cockpit sides and some of the major bulkheads so I can walk in the boat but even with that it still a little spooky feeling the hull flex under your feet. Once I have the cockpit sides glassed in I hope it will stiffen it up, after that I will be moving to the bow and working on completing those compartments and getting them sealed and painted the chain locker and the storage locker will get painted. Well I guess that’s all I have now and will post again when I have made some major progress.
  3. Hey steve

    nice to know someone else is building slowly with the cold weather here and honey do’s it’s hard to get much done.




  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR well it’s a new year and a the beginning of a new decade best wishes to everyone and hope all of your dreams come true and your projects get completed as you want them to turn out .Good health to all and your loved ones. KEEP ON BUILDING , CALM SEAS, AND FAIR WINDS from my family to yours HAPPY NEW YEAR Mark Rendelman Hull #24
  5. Build of hull #24 when you lay down the biaxial tape on cs 20 mk3 keel fillet I assume that the mat side goes down on the fillet. Please let me know if that is the proper application, I have never used this type of material before with a course weave on one side and os mat on the other, so just let me know mark
  6. Since my last post I have made some progress I have glassed the center board trunk, wired the hull tight fit bh 1&2, also installed hanging knees, along with bh 3.at that point I removed bh 1&2 so I could apply the fillet in the bow then glassing according to the build sheet. After the bow glass job cures I will refit bh 1 and spot glue it in place, The next thing will be to remove the transom so I can place the scaffolding in the boat so I get to keel and start the fillet process iam sure this will take several days to complete. I don’t know why you can’t just cut a filler piece on the constant angle and glue it in I do plan to build floor slats to fit the cockpit floor anyway any feed back will be helpfully appreciated. mark
  7. Well today was a milestone for any of us stitch and glue boat builders I was able to go 3D this took some work but with the help of a neighbor and my wife and the winch of my side x side we did it. My wife’s first words were it looks like a boat, everything went well and the panels lined up evenly but I do have issues with the #1 bulkhead that will be addressed when I come back from California to visit my grandson.
  8. Well things have moved along nicely I glued the stringers on all 4 hull panels using a tent with a space heater over night worked out nicely, after removing the blocks and rounding the corners I am ready to glue the side and bottom panels, after dry fitting a pair of panels together I did have some problems with the joint at the bow. No matter how much I tried to bring them together they would not tighten together. looking past the stitch seam the area just behind was butting tight and not allowing the stitch seam to come together so I removed a little material with a block plane to bring it together after trying this process several times I got it as close as the rest of the panels allowed because at this point the first square cut stitch was hitting hard against its matching notch. After blocking the stitch seam down with the glass tape and epoxy I moved my attention to the 95 11/16 “ dimension at the back of the boat, now that I have done it I found that the stitch seam at the bow really does set the distance at the back of the boat.with just a little pressure I was able to bring the 95 11/16”%to 95 3/4” and that’s all I’ll say about that. Tented the work area and left a heat lamp on to keep it warm. During the previous days I did work the transom center doubler and bulkhead #1 doublers in anticipation of going 3D in a couple of days.
  9. Yes thank you but that’s not what I needed help with I need to know how to post and not to open a new topic but list under another post like the others I see that have multiple pages under one post
  10. Hay frank I need help with the forum could you call me 5092587238
  11. Mark yes I understand that I will need to use epoxy for the glassing and fillets and I am going to tent the boat once it is in the cradle the tent will be made of 6mil clear plastic 10 ‘ wide by 24’ long 8’ high. I am working in a 40’x48’ shop with 14’ wallsI do have a large wood burning stove in the shop and can get up to 68 while iam out their working it the evening time when iam not out their to keep the stove hot and it cools down to 40 this stops the cure of the epoxy to snails pace but to glue the stringers I thought that I could use the plastic resin glue it will cure much faster in the cold
  12. Well it been a few days since my last post and I have glued the hull panels together and I have attached the stringers for dry fit, I know that most of you use thickened epoxy to glue your boats, but due to temperature I would like to use plastic resin wood glue because it will cure at colder temperatures. My question is is this glue strong enough for boats I have used it for years to build furniture with no problems. I believe that this is what was used before the invent of epoxy. mark
  13. Yes I hope to connect with the boat owner so if you are reading this write me also yes 5gallons is a lot of mess but gravel is abundant on my property so use what you have right
  14. Today is the first full day of building my CS20MK3 after waiting what seemed like months to get the kit I did an inventory of the parts yesterday and started to glue the hull panels together, this will take me several days to complete
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