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A Sam Devlin Duckling 14

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About two months ago, I decided to build a new rowing “shell”.  My old friend and mentor Don Rausch and I have been lusting over this boat for many years.  Five years ago, maybe seven, we even cut out the forms.  Finally, I bit the bullet, and ordered a new set of plans.  (Couldn’t find the old set!). I’ve been cutting out patterns and panels.  The last couple of days I finally got to wire the panels together.  Here’s a photo of the boat I’m planning to build, and some build photos to get you caught up.







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I took these this morning.  I still need to sand the seam and panel closest to the sheer.  She is only draped onto these molds, and lifts right off.  They help to eliminate twist and other nasties.

Don, that is really nice!  Beautiful lines and with your perfect finish you will have a show piece.  (Which will give an excuse not to go rowing very often.)

Ya musta missed the part about the big Merc 150 he's gonna hang on it.

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 By the way, I cannot afford $650 for a Piantedosi drop in sliding seat, or the Dreher oars at $530.  I’ll be building a sliding seat system from Angus Row Boats in Vancouver, and building my own oars.  That comes second, however.  For starters, It’ll be a fixed seat and my 8’ oars.  In the meantime, I’m rowing a friend’s Sam Devlin Bella 10.  It has been so much fun, that I got four foot fever!




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I am moving to a community in Florida with some man made ponds that they allow unpowered boats on.  I am considering a row boat of some kind for exercise, and, well, errr, an excuse to build another boat. Will likely go with a classic, but will be following your thread.

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I’ve got nearly all my exterior seams feathered in nicely.  All the while I was working the ROS, I was thinking about Chick Ludwig’s immaculate seams.  It inspired me to work extra hard on them.  I still have the uppermost seam to sand down.  I’m hoping to sheath the exterior with fiberglass this Tuesday.



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I’ve flipper her over, and have installed the breasthook & quarter knees, and taped all the seams.  I’ve made the rough cuts for the sliding sear.  I’ll use this to help position the center bulkheads.  I’ve also made the scarfs for the gunwales.  Now, we will go camping, and the boat will rest for almost a week.







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This is where I am, before I go camping.  The bulkheads are wired in, and the glass tape partially sanded.  I used the sliding seat frame to locate the center bulkheads.  There are two center bulkheads, so a center seat may be used.




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