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  1. Showpiece in development! Looks very nice!
  2. someone with more experience than me will likely be by soon but I think using 45 deg connectors is better for running cables/wires etc
  3. any more pics for those ignorant of how these work? thanks
  4. thanks for the replies - seems to make more sense to me to put rope on top of the fiberglass ,cuz it is sacrificial
  5. Are people still using "Keel Ropes" as a relatively cheap and easy sacrificial keel guard? For those that have used them and liked them, what type of rope is the best to use? I'm using west system epoxy and the hull is okume S&G. thanks!
  6. I live nearby in Mt Pleasant. Bulls Bay is awesome and beautiful place. You may already know this but if not - In April I highly recommend skin-so-soft or your favorite spray for gnats as that is their prime time. They will tear you up and leave you scratching like a mad beast. Oh and they prefer newcomers - fresh flesh.
  7. That looks like something that would make me think "I think we're back in Kansas, Todo." yikes!
  8. First let me begin by thanking all on this site and especially Graham, the designer of these great boats. I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to ask for peoples' opinions for my situation. I live in Charleston and currently have a 1980 Catalina 22, a Shellback (Joel White design) I made, and a sunfish. The catalina is the family go sailing boat and is nice because it is fairly dry, there's a huge cabin for a 20 ft boat, I have an asymmetrical spinnaker which is fun and believe it or not makes the boat really move, I keep the boat on a trailer at the club and launching is a bit of a chore with extending the tongue and dealing with the strong cross currents if the tide is running. Charleston is a great place to sail and we usually have good wind (10-14 most days) although Race Week here this year was uncommonly calm. The harbor also has it's challenges such as strong tides, large ships, lots of boats, and the shifting winds around bridges, buildings and points - which can make it seem like you're close hauled not matter what direction your heading at times. So here are my thoughts on what my ideal sailboat would be like here in Charleston: 1. easy to launch and rig 2. needs a motor to deal with tides and for safety to get out of way of container ships 3. able to go to windward well 3b. able to go fast - hopefully plane on reaches - ability to fly asymmetrical 4. dry enough in cockpit for sailing in "Charleston Chop" 5. able to be singlehanded (I can do this on the Catalina 22 - even with asymmetrical in light airs) 6. typically with family sail we will have 4-6 people on board 7. comfortable to sail Many thanks Bill
  9. When the seas are calm I'm usually trying to go offshore otherwise inshore. Let me know when you're splashing - I'd love to see your boat. Thanks and you should post more pics - your build looks like it's going great!
  10. lookin good! still thinking of doing this build in 18 feet in charleston, SC keep the inspirational pics coming! thanks
  11. Leo - I live in Mt Pleasant and am ready to order some plans and start building the Okracoke 20 - I am waiting for my building permit to be reinstated by my admiral - too much dust and too much time in the garage from my last boat - but I think she's warming up to the idea of this project provided she can pick the color. How's your build going? I'd love to see some pics or your actual build if possible. Thanks Bill
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