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  1. A few more pictures added to the gallery. Rolled out of the shop and with masts! Wow that is such an awesome boat. I would join PadrePoint in saying it looks like it would fit my needs perfectly. Please keep us updated with availability/plans/kits as you can.
  2. What are the particulars or the general schedule of events, for those who have never been? Also, what is the weather there like at that time of year?
  3. Wow Graham! I'm not great with diagrams or plan, but boy that thing looks awesome!
  4. Thanks, Peter, for the Belhaven information. I really do like that open cockpit look.
  5. Steve! Great to hear from you, and I appreciate the comparison of the boats. Just to clarify, I wasn't thinking of sailing routinely with 7 on board. The goal would be to have both boats (Sea Pearl and potential other small boat) at the same time.
  6. PadrePoint, piquing your curiosity is just the first step in my master plan to convince you to build a boat for me ?
  7. Hello all, I've really enjoyed reading this forum over the past few months. The expertise in sailing and building discussed here is staggering! Early last summer I purchased Steve Warfle's Sea Pearl from him, and my family has enjoyed many adventures on it. I saw from a distance, but didn't appreciate, Steve's CS 20 MK3. The Sea Pearl is great, but a family of 7 is a little crowded on it Thus, assuming the admiral of the treasury and the driveway space could be convinced, I'd be interested in purchasing a second boat. The CS boats check a lot of boxes for me: easy to trailer, capsize recovery, fast, and cat-ketch rig. For space purposes I would choose a CS 20. Because most of our sailing is daysailing, I would prefer the open version, not the MK3. So, here are my questions. First, could the CS 20 be built with the centerboard offset even further, so that it right next to or aligns with side benches? A great attribute of the Sea Pearl is that the middle is open (due to the leeboards). Christopher Cunningham has a great article on moving the centerboard on his Caledonia Yawl (among other boats)(https://smallboatsmonthly.com/article/out-of-line/). I think, but can't quite tell, that maybe the MK3 version does this. Has anyone tried in in an open version? Second question, there's no doubt the water ballast and self-draining cockpit of the mk3 are desirable features. The inability to recover from a capsize is the biggest flaw of the Sea Pearl. Could those features be added to the CS 20 mk1? I think, from reading the B&B site, that they were part of the now-abandoned MK2 design (which I really like that design). Stated otherwise, perhaps I'm asking if anyone has built an MK3 without the cabin? And to follow up, would it be worth it? The CS-20 looks pretty stable and recoverable as-is. We sail in cold water, but our crew is healthy and good swimmers. I apologize if these have been asked before, I searched the forum and didn't see anything, and I can't find pictures on the B&B site that answer the questions. I'm also still squarely in the tire-kicking stage, but in my experience that's never kept anyone from discussing boat design on forums like this!
  8. I'm not familiar with the Spindrift rigging, but it looks like you have horizontal sail battens. These would have to be removed to completely wrap the sail around the mast. A sea pearl has two sail plans. Most have no battens. A larger set of sails has vertical battens to allow the wrapping around the mast. A second thought is that unless you make something super-engineered, you're going to be rotating the mast by hand, I assume. Is the boat stable enough for you to be standing at the mast in a chop?
  9. Man, that is awesome. So many of the oar/sail/camp crowd go solo, it's awesome to see families together, "all in one boat" as they say!
  10. I thought I would link it because the pictures look more optimistic than your description! A great deal for someone nearby who can do the work!
  11. I assume this is the link, with pictures: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/snohomish-bb-core-sound-17/7370127629.html
  12. Thanks, Paul and Reacher, for the answers!
  13. I'm learning more about this boat. With all lines running aft and the double sheeting there is a lot of line and hardware around. Does that interfere with passengers seating area or enjoying the ride?
  14. I saw this in your facebook post on the cat ketch group this morning, and it sent me googling about this organization. How awesome!
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