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  1. From Orlando Craigslist, in Avon Park Florida. A 2005 Core Sound 17. Recently repainted and trailer spruced up. Comes with a staysail and a tent enclosure. No motor. $5,500. I emailed the owner and he's responsive. One of the pictures was from an old posting of the boat for sale in 2016 when it was listed for $6,200, for sale in Morehead City, North Carolina. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/boa/d/avon-park-core-sound-17/7599441465.html
  2. Bumping this question up, I think it's a good one.
  3. I am assuming the CB was down because the wind on the beam was making leeway? Otherwise there would be no reason to have it down while motoring? I have the luxury of a relatively sandy beach next to the launch I use most frequently. In windy conditions I just point for the beach and then get out and wade the boat over to the trailer. It's so much easier than trying to angle for the wind and coming in to the trailer and dock at speed on a diagonal.
  4. We've all had our share of comedy of errors. My family kids me about my "hey, grab that thing and move it over there. Not that one, the one by the other thing. Hurry up!" language on the boat!
  5. Not a Core Sound series, but B&B and too pretty not to share. Here's a Lapwing 16 for sale near Tampa, Florida. 2016, with trailer, $14,500. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/boa/d/wimauma-lapwing-16/7582665280.html She's beautiful! Edit: The listing says Lapwing 3, so according to the B&B builder's log, Hirilonde?
  6. I can chime in a bit here. I sailed with Avocet while Don (I think) was at the helm. I was in my Sea Pearl, which certainly does not point high. We both made a tack and pointed toward the boat launch to get back. Avocet could not hold that line, she kept slipping away and I could see them struggling to keep her on a safe course, much less an efficient one. I would say this change is necessary for that boat.
  7. Hey Paul, just checking back on this thread. Mona Lake looks interesting? Is it passable from Mona Lake under those two bridges and out to Lake Michigan?
  8. Has anyone created a guide for buyers looking at used CS boats (15, 17, 20, and the MK3 versions)? I know these are common on other boat class forums but nothing came up when I searched. When I bought my last sailboat there was a very comprehensive guide an owner had put together that was a great help when looking at used boats, both online and when picking it up in person. Most of these guides mention issues known to the design or build, as well as different options on different boats/years. Here would be my crude starting point, mainly gleaned from topics I've read here. Options: Aft deck or aft bench Sails: sleeved or not; roached or not rowing set up any tent/dodger/bimini set up Bench lockers or access ports Lead ballast on end of centerboard Areas of concern to evaluate: Centerboard too aft/weatherhelm (I think early CS17mk3 only)(see Don Silsbe's current modifications) Length of sprits Swim/recovery ladder Mast base: wood plug/aluminum (see "CS 20 Dismasted" topic by David Hughes on this forum) "upgraded hatch plans" (not sure what this is but Graham mentioned it in a post). What else should be on this list? And what should a potential buyer look for regarding the areas of concern?
  9. Happy new year to all! Possible resolutions to consider: Schedule a sailing trip Do one upgrade on your boat or trailer Do one thing to increase the safety of your sailing (upgrade to boat, practice a skill, or buy some gear) Take a person sailing for the first time
  10. Is this just the plywood kit, or more?
  11. I don't want to hijack this thread but I am curious about the centerboard modifications. As background, here is what I know: I sailed with Avocet this summer. We had a pretty difficult reach back to the boat launch, with strong winds and waves intersecting from two directions, slowing boats up. My boat doesn't point well, but I realized Avocet was doing worse that we were. Don's a good sailor and he mentioned over the radio that they were having some issues. He explained later that the centerboard in early CS17mk3 models was too far back, and that in those conditions they were having a hard time keeping on line. To my eye (and Don and Ted can verify or deny) it seemed that not only were they not able to avoid drifting to leeward, they were also slower than I would expect). My question is how does the position influence leeway. I know that generally centerboard placement affects lee or weather helm, but I mainly sail by feel, not by numbers, so more of an explanation would be great. I'll never turn into a marine architect, but I'm hoping to use this to increase my knowledge of how a cat ketch responds to wind forces.
  12. Thanks, Don. I caught one of the Coquina videos on the way out the door. I'm not a builder so the detailed build video series don't interest me. I'm bummed, it looked like they were going in a great direction when I started, but ran into a niche already filled by woodenboat. I love their spirit and I hope they can get back on track. You can access their dreamboat harbor without a subscription, though that hasn't had anything new on it for awhile either.
  13. Does anyone here have an Off Center Harbor subscription and could tell me whether any good new videos have been posted in the last 2 months or so? I had a subscription the past 2 years and loved it, but in the last six months or so they barely posted any videos that were not related to boat building. If there are some good sailing videos being put up there I would happily renew.
  14. Geez, Blue Duck is a great looking boat! I love that color.
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