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  1. Yes, you should keep looking until you find insurance, specifically a marine policy. First, not all auto policies will pay for damage to a boat while it is being towed. My guess is that situation is when you are most likely to encounter heavy losses (via an accident). Second, many marine polices cover rescue and salvage. An "easy" recovery (by which I mean a disabled boat still floating) is probably going to be $1,000 or more. A salvage of a sunken vessel in deep water is extremely high (here in Grand Traverse Bay the Coast Guard is making a boat owner resurrect a powerboat becaus
  2. Reacher--thanks much for the invite. We haven't set a lot of plans for the summer yet but we often make it to the UP and if we do I will send you a message. Steve W: Yes, still very much enjoying the Sea Pearl, and yes, she's still named Wildcat! Your improvements/inventions are much appreciated. She made it into lakes Michigan and Huron last summer, I only need to add Superior someday to complete her list! And you are right about buying instead of building, the kids grow too fast.
  3. Thanks for the offer--I'm only 97 miles from Marinette as the crow flies. How ironic that the complicating factor in me getting over there to see a boat would be a large body of water ...
  4. I am interested in sailing a Core Sound. I am located in northern Michigan. I've read a lot about them but I've never sailed one. I currently own a Sea Pearl 21, so I am familiar with and really enjoy the cat ketch sailplan (actually purchased from Steve W who post here, and I've seen his beautiful CS 20 mk3). I am considering adding another boat to the fleet to accommodate my large family (how cool would two boats camp0crusing be?!). My preference would be a Core Sound 20 mark 1, but I would be satisfied with testing out any of the core sound series. If anyone has
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