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  1. Just bumping this up for rhbush, his Craigslist ad is still up so I assume it is still for sale. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/boa/d/port-charlotte-core-sound-17-mk-iii/7432496280.html
  2. Hirilonde, I get all that and you don't need to apologize for presenting economic and energy facts. What excites me most about an electric motor is the quiet! Torqueedo is still expensive for something that is less power and runs the risk of leaving you stalled. I wish there were more competitors, but the ones I've looked at seem to have zero to little distribution networks set up, and it's frankly confusing on how I would purchase one if I wanted to. Hopefully some of these competitors can get better organized so there is price competition. Of course, I could always row, but that's not quiet due to the muttering, panting, and complaining coming from the rower!
  3. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but if you are serious about purchasing and the shipping is the only obstacle, depending on your location in Canada there are lots of people on this forum who like to help out. If you reach out you might find someone willing to take a shipment or drive a bit to help you out.
  4. The short shaft is about 24.5 inches (62.5 centimeters). The long shaft is a bit over 29 inches (75 centimeters). One thing to evaluate is whether you whip out the motor in gnarly conditions--I know I sometimes do, especially to windward. In those instances of higher seas, your motor will be more prone to cavitate as the boat rocks. Small boats don't have a lot of inertia, so there's a chance you get nearly stuck in the waves as the prop cavitates out and you lose momentum. It's frustrating, and a little scary, to have the system failing (somewhat) just when you need it most. I personally would take the hit on efficiency/range and go for the deeper prop if you are in between sizes.
  5. I'm just chiming in as a Sea Pearl owner. I would echo the comments about giving your new boat some more time. As you might guess, I'm here because I really like the Core Sound design, either in addition to or in replacement of my Sea Pearl. In case you are serious about switching boats so soon, here are a few things to consider. The Sea Pearl would need some work to get up on the davits, too. Yes, there is a bow eye fore and two cleats aft, but it's also narrower, pointy on both ends, and four feet longer than the CS 17. On the SP21 message board there are posts about using davits that you would want to consult. Regarding the leeboards, yes they are exposed and easy to see, but there are also ramifications in sailing ability to consider. That may be good for you or not. Plus, with the Sea Pearl, yes you can see the leeboards, but if the universal joint is broken, you cannot replace that with plywood and epoxy. There are pros and cons to both. If I can be blunt, you're making a mountain out of what is in reality a once a year inspection issue. You bought the boat to sail, not inspect the centerboard. Take a peek, make sure it's solid, fix or alter it if you want, and go sailing. If you don't like the CS 17 after that, give me a ring and I'll tow it north from my spring break trip for you
  6. Have you looked into just buying brown snaps to match the gunwales? I've thought before that open gunwales with spacers, like you see on canoes with wood gunwales, makes a lot of sense for small boats. If I had a friend down south, I think a north-south boat sharing arrangement would be great. May-October up north, November-April down south. It seems a shame to have a boat sit around unused for half the year.
  7. Geez, didn't even think about where the float would be when reefed. Good point!
  8. If you search there are some floats (either permanently inflated or foam) for Wayfarers and Flying Scots that tuck into the top of the sail, "like a pita" as one of them described. That to me seems to be the best balance between looks, performance, and safety.
  9. Is Avocet going to be re-painted Badger red to match the rest of the fleet?????
  10. Don, I think you're making the right choice with the whole-boat tent and your point about organization is spot-on. I've done more land camping than boat camping, but when I was out on the boat I realized how much mental energy I was expending trying to remember where everything is. I think it's because, like you, I had to move everything from its sailing location to its camping location. That thing you need isn't where it was for the past 10 hours of sailing, and the boat is only 20 feet long, where can it be, WHY AM I SO STUPID AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!?
  11. What a great looking boat! I just wish it was 3 feet longer!
  12. It was a great article! It inspired me to do some googling and I ended up reading some of your blog posts, and I enjoyed those also!
  13. Yeah, good luck with the co-skipper! I do consider that placing against bigger boats to be a good showing. This past summer they started a similar race near me, about 15 miles. Open to all comers--it was small, but they had large keelboats, trailer-sailers, a few kayaks, and it was one by an outrigger canoe setup. I was too late to enter my Sea Pearl but really want to race it next year (in a Core Sound, possibly, if a suitable one comes up for sale). It got me thinking--what would be the optimal wind conditions for a Core Sound to win such a race? My thought would be most of the race on a beam reach so you could plane. Then for part of the race the wind dies completely so you can row your way past the large keelboats and the multi-hulls? Or, perhaps, very low wind, just enough to keep the other sailboats slower but enough to let you beat the small craft that rows better?
  14. If my internet research (aka stalking) is correct, you were 22 of 35 boats, great job!
  15. I agree, that was a good article! A great photo of the CS-20 is the main header picture of the issue. If you are not a subscriber to small boats monthly, give it consideration, it's a great resource and enjoyable reading.
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