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  1. Hi Dave! I don’t know if you just want to buy from B&B or not but I have found the best price for epoxy is from a company in Texas, they sell a marine epoxy that is a 2 to 1 mix. They are called epoxy kings out of Texas I just bought a 6 gallon kit for 330.00 usd and free shipping. They also have kits in other amounts .
  2. Thank you all for your input this will help me in the future care of my skin health I use gloves when I Remember to and since the COVID-19 problem I noticed that gloves have doubled in price but I guess what price do you put on your health thank you all
  3. Thank you for your answer I rechecked the net and said that it is safe BUT the vapors if  in a confined space will irritate your eyes&lungs this is of course is the net saying it not me to add a ps it works with two part paints also

  4. build of hull 24 i know many of you have been using epoxy for years but while surfing the net I came across an article about thinning epoxy. The article said that denatured alcohol will thin your epoxy without doing anything to the chemical compound after it evaporated. So later that day I tried that method to thin some first coat epoxy the next day when I checked the epoxy it had cured rock hard like it should have. It also cleaned my hands of epoxy without the harsh effects of acetone.while doing more research on the subject I came across an article using 91% isopropyl alcohol to obtain the same results. I found 91% alcohol at Walmart for under 3$ a quart.that makes it much less costly than acetone and safer to use. So if anyone has a take on this please respond I would like to hear what others think
  5. ? being a new boat builder I have lots&lots of questions, but the one I have is about finishing bright work as with others they use varnish to finish but with the improvements of uv stabilized epoxy why would you not use epoxy once and be done instead of varnish which has to be refreshed every couple of years. iam really envious of those who have completed their boat and started to enjoy the fruits of their labor, I hope to be sailing buy September and get to mess about this year
  6. This is where if your lucky enough the grandkids come into play
  7. Todd i was thinking the same thing and have been doing some research try looking into gennaker a cross between a spinnaker and a Genoa which is a multi purpose sail
  8. Build of hull #24 hello everyone first I’d like to say that I think we have rounded the corner on COVID-19 and hope we will be sailing like normal this year. Ok I have totally recovered from the staff infection and once again back to work on the ?. I have gotten the seat tops down , got most of the cooler completed and have been going over the plans and have decided to install a rub rail screwed from the out side, I will be glueing the backer block to the inside of of the hull at the shear, so here’s the question I have to you what are the dimensions of the rub rail, also should the rub rail follow the angle of the hull or should I cut the back side so the rail is 90degs to the hull.
  9. Alan and Taylor. congratulations on the launch of your fleet my their be many more launches in your future, and that there fair weather and calm seas . He is absolutely darling looks like an admiral to me. all the best mark and Barbara
  10. Todd hi! I guess I got lucky on my bow sprit tube it came off fairly easily but I did use some blunt force to get it off the mold. I cut a block of hard wood to use as a tapping block placed it at the end of the tube and hit it with a dead blow hammer driving the glass tube off also a strap oil filter wrench will allow you to turn the tube without application of pressure at any one spot while your tapping it. But to go back a step when I made the mold I wrapped a couple layers of duct tape around the mold wit a wrap of Teflon tape on top to keep it from sticking. Back when I was working we made one off parts out of styrofoam glassed over them and then to remove the mold we poured acetone into it and it dissolved the foam leaving the hollow shape
  11. 0Well it’s been snowing for the last couple of days and with my wife’s health issues I have not been in the shop for several days but things have gotten brighter and I went back to work installing the main tabernacle and mast and bowsprit tube
  12. Ok fine the link shows me what a pig stick is for live stock but why do they call it that for a nautical term why not just call it by what it is a short flag staf ?
  13. Nice work bench the floral arrangement adds a nice touch ? HAPPY HOLIDAYS ????
  14. Welcome to the group and best of luck in your under taking be sure if you need any advice their are many years of combined experience out there. mark
  15. Hello! that sounds like a question for Alan Stewart or graham, and welcome to the community mark
  16. Well the boss calls it TURQUOISE and their is no arguing about it and since iam not a naval architect I don’t always get the boat parts named correctly.
  17. Well the boss calls it turquoise and I will probably finish the sides up to the roof and paint the top white trimmed in turquoise with some non skid stuff mixed in for good measure
  18. Hello, hope everyone is staying safe and that this will end soon. Quick update installed the rudder/tiller and the port side seat top will be working on the ice box to get ready to glue down starboard seat top and the cockpit floor. stay well mark
  19. Hi, and hope everyone is well I am about at the point that you are the bottom of the hull is done rolled her back over made the new hull support and once again started working to finish the inside I have built and installed the rudder/tiller assembly and just yesterday glued down the port seat top the starboard side is still under construction with the ice box being built . Your boat looks great and unless you have built one you have know idea how much work it took to get there. Hope to see next mess-about I’ll try to be there. mark
  20. You just can’t trust the printed word anymore mark
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